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Download Crab Game APK and fight your opponents to be the last man standing. It offers several children-based minigames that you must complete to win treasures.

Information of Crab Game

Name Crab Game
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version 1.0
Size 200 MB
Category Action
Developer Dani
Price Free


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About Crab Game

Crab Game is a first-person multiplayer game that challenges you to complete several missions and become the ultimate winner. While Crab Game Steam has been around for some time, the mobile version was only released in late 2021.

The game features superior graphics and beautiful gaming environments. It integrates immersive sound systems to ensure that you enjoy every moment of the game.

crab game mobile

If you want to challenge yourself against 35 other competitors, download Crab Game APK latest mobile version. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.

How to Download Crab Game

Downloading Crab Game won’t take 2 minutes of your time! It is easy and straightforward. To download the game, you need an Android 4.1+ device and a stable internet connection. You should then follow the following steps:

  • Enable Download from Unknown Sources. The feature to get apps from third-party websites is off by default. As such, you should enable it to download and install applications from unknown sources. To achieve this, you should head to your security settings, then apps, and click on install apps from unknown sources.
  • Search for the Game on Your Browser. On your browser, search a game downloader site. One of the most reliable sites you can use is Inject Server. On the search bar of the third-party site, search Crab Game.
  • Download and Install. Once you identify the game, click download. After downloading is complete, navigate to your apps gallery and click on the just downloaded apps. Confirm that you want to install the app from unknown sources. The installation will start immediately.
crab game apk

After installing Crab Game, you’ll now be free to launch it. However, you may be asked to verify your device through a few actions. Follow the prompts to authenticate your device. Once through, you can access the dashboard and select a game to play.

Exciting Gameplay

Crab Game is an interesting game with unique challenges. You can complete the challenges on the solo gaming version or invite your friends for thrilling multiplayer gameplay. The game applies several principles as below:


  • Gameplay based on children games
  • It mostly features Battle Royale challenges
  • It has generous rewards upon completion

When you start the game, you’ll be approximately 35 players competing for the ultimate reward. As such, you must be creative to outsmart your competition and be the last one standing.

The game has several challenges. All players who survive a stage move on to the next stage. Those who do not complete a round are eliminated.

crab game steam

Essentially, Crab Game is a game that tests your wit and grit. It stresses your tenacity to handle complex challenges while invoking your creativity to come up with applicable solutions.

If you get to the end of the game, you will see a win screen where you can dance and celebrate your victory. Additionally, you’ll see a pop up down your screen showing how much money you’ve won for being the ultimate winner of the challenge.

Type of Challenges Available at Crab Game Mobile

The game has multiple stages with exciting challenges. Some of the common challenges that you can complete include:

  • PvP Games. These games feature many players playing against each other. It has several modes such as Hide & Seek, Tag, Bomb Tag, and Hat King. The games are available on different maps, such as field plays or towns.
  • Survival Games. Unlike PvP games, this mode allows players to play against the map and not their fellow competitors. While you can still troll and tickle your rivals, your primary goal will be to overcome the challenges that the map presents. It has 12 maps and 3 modes, including stepping stone, red light green light, and king of the hill.
crab game online

These challenges have many maps and you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can choose to play in the desert, in halls, in lush plains, or any other skin. You can even choose to play on a lava-filled field! It also has more than 9 game modes to choose from.

Unique Features of Crab Game Squid APK

  • Crab Game Online Multiplayer Feature. This game allows you to play against friends and relatives. It allows up to 4 players to enjoy the gameplay online. As such, it will be fun to see who finishes the game first and the tricks they apply to overcome various barriers. You’ll never be lonely playing Crab Game!
  • Dynamic Maps. Crab Game Android comes with multiple maps that allow you to select one that suits your needs. Some of the maps include playfields, lanky lava, sandstorm, tiny towns, and islands among others. The map you select may directly influence the outcome. As such, you should always consider the nature of your challenge before selecting a map.
  • Superior Graphics. While many people have called Crab game squid game, it is totally not one. It is a better version of squid games with unique challenges and outstanding graphics. The game employs 3-D graphics that make it lively and interesting to play.
  • Diverse Challenges. All the stages of this game come with a unique challenge, thus eliminating any chance of boredom. For example, Bomb Tag allows players to tag other players by throwing a bomb at them while the players in tag mode will tag other players by smacking them with a red stick.


crab game android
  • Proximity Chats. Crab Game allows participants to converse. The feature makes the games lively and entertaining. Be careful not to be smacked by your opponent’s weapons.

Crab Game APK also comes with an easy-to-use control panel. It allows you to set things such as color, screen sensitivity, and sound systems. As such, you can customize this game and personalize the gameplay to suit your needs.


Crab Game APK is your ideal game if you love dynamic challenges. It offers multiple challenges – all in one platform. Each step presents new challenges that require your creativity to solve.

Additionally, the game boasts super-cool graphics. It has lively skins and interesting backgrounds that simulate the real world. As such, every minute you spend playing this game will be worth it.

Download Crab Game (200 MB)


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