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Do you love to go to Paris someday? In City of Love Paris, you get to go there and star in an interactive drama. In this sim, you’ll discover love, secrets, mystery and more!

Information of City Of Love Paris

Name City Of Love Paris
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.7.2
Size 60M
Category Simulation
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited energy


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About City Of Love Paris

Do you love watching movies and shows that have romance, drama, mystery and optimism in it? A lot of people do that’s why these genres are popular even in Netflix today. Do you also dream of going or even living in Paris someday? If so, this is your incredible chance to do so in City of Love Paris as you become the star of your own story. Get to know many wonderful people and discover secrets that you didn’t know.

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There’s a lot of choices in store for you in the game where you will need to consider your answers. This is because your responses will have an effect on the characters you meet, your situation and the overall story.

Find Love in the City

We all know Paris as it’s a popular tourist destination worldwide due to the Eiffel Tower. But Paris is also known as the city of love because of the romantic atmosphere it exudes. Here, you will find plenty of romantic places, wonderful people and opportunities unlike any other. That’s why you decided to get a job here and hopefully move in here to find something you’ve been missing. In City of Love Paris, you’ll get to star in your own story.

city of love paris mod apk

This dating simulation game from Ubisoft Entertainment is wonderfully created as you can see from the graphics alone. Here, you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Paris perfect for finding love. Explore iconic locations in Paris such as Le Louvre, Montmartre, Notre-Dame cathedral and many more. Then, you’ll also unravel many secrets that lies within the story. Will you be able to handle the twists and turns?


In this game, you’ll meet a lot of people who will become your friends, co-workers and even potential mates. Work as part of a prestigious lifestyle magazine and discover a new world!

City of Love Paris Highlights

What if you got invited for an interview to work in Paris? Will you jump at the chance or not? In City of Love Paris, you get to decide your story.

Carve your Story – If you’re familiar with dating sims, then you must know how fun it is to meet new people that can potentially be your soul mate. In fact, we play these games in hopes of finding love even just in a game. But City of Love Paris is a little bit different as it involves drama, mystery, and beautiful sceneries. In this interactive game, you get to choose how your story plays out. You’re invited to work in a magazine based in Paris and that’s how your story will start.

city of love paris apk latest version

Then, you’ll be in charge of your fate as you choose your own responses and people you meet with. This game contains plenty of dramatic scenes and mysteries that’s for you to unravel. Enjoy the Paris life and find your true love thanks to the romantic atmosphere of the city. Go out and have fun now in the city of love!

Discover a thick plot – Like many dating sims, there’s always a story that the game revolves in. In City of Love Paris, you’re invited to an interview to Paris’ most prestigious lifestyle magazine. You’ve been invited by none other than the owner itself Raphael Laurent who’s a handsome entrepreneur. It’s up to you to find out what the guy is truly planning as well as other people you meet. There’s a lot of drama, mystery and romance that you can expect in this wonderful game.


Meet many people – In this game, you’ll be able to meet many new people such as Raphael, Loise, Sarah, Kat, Tristan, TJ, Katherine and more! You’ll meet many new friends, co-workers and potential lovers in this game throughout the story. Build your relationship with them and find your best match! In this game, it’s up to you on who to spend time with and who to be wary with. But be careful as there are many mysteries and secrets yet to be revealed.

city of love paris apk free download

Explore iconic places – If you’re in Paris, you might as well explore popular tourists’ destinations such as the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, the Champs-Elysees, river Seine, Notre-Dame cathedral and many more. Share these iconic places with people you’re dating to make it more romantic.

Choose your own responses – This is a simulation game which lets you decide on your responses and actions. There’s no right or wrong answer but your future will be decided by the choices you make today!

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Have you always wanted to go to Paris? Delve deep into the promising story of City of Love Paris and find your one true love!

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