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Download ChimeraLand Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version and explore rich open-world maps in pursuit of resources. You must fight off bizarre enemies to succeed in your escapades.

Information of ChimeraLand

Name ChimeraLand
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 2.3.1
Size 1.09 Gb
Category Role playing
Developer Level Infinite
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About ChimeraLand

ChimeraLand is an RPG game offered by Level Infinite. The game is set in a prehistoric & mythical world full of mercurial enemies. You must invoke your creativity and resilience to complete your missions unscathed.

The game boasts high-quality 3D graphics that vividly render the pre-historic world. Your missions will be varied - from building survival shelters to establishing a superior base in the Outerspace!

However, completing these missions will be laden with tough obstacles. You must overcome these hindrances through quick thinking and strategy. There are many ways to die in this game, so be careful!

chimeraland mod apk

If you're looking for a game that can test your tenacity, ChimeraLand is the perfect game for you! It is well-suited for Android 6.0 and above.

A Dazzling Gaming Experience

This game takes you back to a world of mythical beasts and ancient civilizations. It challenges you to craft, explore, and survive in a land full of wonder and danger.

When you begin, you will have very few resources at your disposal. You will have to be frugal and use your resources wisely to survive. The game gives you the option to either follow the main storyline or veer off and explore the maps on your own.

As you explore, you will encounter different kinds of enemies. Some of them will be easy to defeat, while others will pose a greater challenge. You must use your fighting prowess and strategy to defeat each enemy.

Fortunately, you will also come across lots of treasures during your adventures. These treasures will help you survive and thrive in this hostile world. Ensure you build shelters, craft weapons, and establish a base before night falls. This way, you will be safe from the dangers that lurk in the dark.

chimeraland mod apk download

With its captivating storyline, rich graphics, and challenging gameplay, ChimeraLand is sure to give you a gaming experience that you will never forget! Get it now and start exploring the mysterious land of Chimera.

Outstanding Features of ChimeraLand APK

  • Lots of Activities to Undertake. This is an open-world game that gives you the leeway to undertake different activities. You can grow crops, gather resources, craft items, build shelters, and even undertake research activities.
  • Safeguard Yourself from Dangerous Creatures. You must keep yourself safe from the different mythical creatures that wander the land. You will encounter different kinds of beasts, and each one is more dangerous than the last. You can do this by creating an Outerspace base, building traps, and stockpiling weapons.
  • Domesticate Mythical Creatures. Want a new pet? In ChimeraLand, you can tame different kinds of beasts and make them your loyal companions. These creatures will help you in battle and make your journey more fun!
  • Customize Your Animals. How does it feel to have a horse with wings? In ChimeraLand, you can customize your animals to make them more unique. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to make your pet stand out from the rest!
  • Endless Possibilities! ChimeraLand is at your fingertips and is waiting for you to dive in and explore! You can use your pets to devour enemies, make new friends, or go into fierce battles. Choose your path and create your own story!


chimeraland mod apk unlimited money
  • Close-Quarter Fighting. This game requires you to harden your heart and be ready to face fierce enemies head on. Use your fists, weapons, or beasts to take them down! Whether it is blades, gunslinger, or X-bows, choose your fighting style and decimate your foes!
  • Change Your Form. In this game, you can be a Jellyfish girl, Werewolf, or even a Dragonborn! The choice is yours. Choose your ideal creature and progress with an immersive gameplay.
  • Beautiful Graphics. The game's graphics are nothing short of astounding. From the detailed character models to the vast and gorgeous landscapes, everything is rendered in beautiful 3D.
  • Immersive Sound Systems. This game features adrenaline-pumping sound effects that will get you pumped up for battle. Additionally, the sound of nature and the cacophony of creatures will make you feel like you're really in the thick of things!


Unlock New Features 

This game is quite progressive. The more you play, the more new features and locations will be unlocked. There are also side quests that you can undertake to further improve your experience.

chimeraland mod apk latest version

If you want to accelerate your progress, you can use the in-game microtransactions to buy items and resources. However, this is entirely optional, and the game can still be enjoyed without spending any money.

The in-app purchases are affordable ($0.99 to $129.99). You can use them to buy new weapons, unlock new features, or get resources.

ChimeraLand MOD APK Download 

Are you looking for ways to quickly advance in the game without spending real money? If yes, you should download ChimeraLand MOD APK for Android. This modded version is loaded with unique features that make the gameplay more breathtaking. They include:

  • ChimeraLand MOD APK Unlimited Money. You will have an unlimited supply of in-game currency to spend on anything you want. This way, you will never struggle to unlock new features or get resources.
chimeraland mod apk 2022
  • All Weapons Unlocked. ChimeraLand MOD APK 2023 gives you access to all the weapons in the game from the start. You don't have to wait or grind to get them. Just equip yourself with the best gear and go into battle!
  • No Ads. One of the most frustrating things about free-to-play games is the constant bombardment of ads. They disrupt the flow of the game and can be quite annoying. However, with this modded version, you will no longer have to deal with them!


ChimeraLand is your ultimate destination for mythical creature taming and customization. It features beautiful graphics, immersive sound, and endless possibilities. The game is also quite progressive, with new features and locations being unlocked as you play.

If you want to get ahead of the competition, you can download ChimeraLand MOD APK for Android. This modded version gives you access to unlimited resources, all weapons, and no ads. Download it now and enjoy the game to the fullest!

Download ChimeraLand (1.09 Gb)


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