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Do you want to practice being the best cheerleader? Download Cheerleader Run 3D now and form the finest cheering crew. Become the best in cheerleading today!

Information of Cheerleader Run 3D

Name Cheerleader Run 3D
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.26.0
Size 77.93 Mb
Category Action
Developer Supersonic Studios LTD
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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  • Unlimited money

About Cheerleader Run 3D

Do you have dreams of becoming the leading cheerleader in high school or college? Worry no more! You can get the basics from the Cheerleader Run 3D game. This creation by Supersonic Studios LTD is a three-dimensional game with simple gameplay. The player plays the role of the captain and controls a team of cheerleaders running on various tracks.

cheerleader run 3d apk latest version

At the start of each race, the player will have only a few girls in their squad. However, their number will gradually increase. In the course of passing a cheerleader race, there are various obstacles. It is worth noting that hitting the girls with these obstacles will reduce the number of girls in the squad.

Therefore, the gamer must move the squad in different directions to get to the finish line successfully. What makes the game more interesting is the unusual 3D effects that make the player part of the game’s environment.

Acrobatic Formations – The Finest Cheering Crew

After trying the Cheerleader Run 3D game, many game fanatics want to play it again and again. The ability of a player to make an energetic and skillful cheering squad makes the game stimulating. Just like any other racing game, the main goal is to avoid traps and risks that can take down the squad’s members. You are required to avoid obstacles as the cheering squad moves from the start to the end.

cheerleader run 3d apk free download

While creating the game, the team at Supersonic Studios LTD ensured that the controls are easy. You can move the cheerleader to move side to side and help the entire team dodge dangerous barriers. In addition, the gamer should help the cheerleader recruit other cheerleaders who link up in acrobatic formations to form the finest cheering crew. The main goal is to get to the finish with as many members of the cheering squad as possible.


Cheerleader Run 3D Features

The Cheerleader Run 3D game is more exciting than any other cheerleader game on Google Play Store. What makes it more interesting? It has features that stand out as compared to other games. Here are some awesome features that make the game a solidly built game.

Make The Biggest Cheerleader Crew – to make the finest cheering crew, you have to recruit more girls as you make the run. More so, you have to maneuver obstacles and collect gems as you continue the race to your victory. The player can recruit more cheerleaders and train them to perfect the team’s choreography. That way you will have several cheerleader characters that you can use to lead the squad to victory! Download the Cheerleader Run 3D game free to make yourself the most skillful Cheerleader Crew!

download cheerleader run 3d apk for android

Various Levels – as you continue winning various levels, the game will get more difficult. While offering us the added motivation of collecting gems along the way, the game offers a chance to explore our creativity. Ultimately, we must lead a bunch of girls to win the cheering events. Certainly, the game may not go down in the archives of videogame history as one of the most downloaded games. Nonetheless, the game will surely come in handy for killing some idle time, entertaining, and chilling out while enjoying showy cheerleader dance routines.


Cheerleading Dance-Off Events – in the game, the cheerleader has the role of recruiting new members! All the new girls that just joined the school and adore being celebrated cheerleaders can join the crew. Perhaps, they can become team leaders at other levels of the game! After becoming a cheerleading squad, you will train your team as you the cheerleading routines. The girls will be grateful to you for teaching them all your great dance moves. During the cheerleading dance-off events against other teams, you will lead your team to victory. With the best coordination and dance skills, you will beat other squads in the cheerleading dance-off event of the year!

cheerleader run 3d mod apk

New Challenge modes – the game presents new challenges at every level. For you to become a cheerleading superstar, you will have to lead a team and show them some great and exhilarating dance moves! As you go up the levels, the biggest challenge is creating new dance moves and making the other girls grasp and perfect them all. Cheerleading dance-off events is the grand challenge you need to win and take home the eventual awards. As the cheerleader, you should get a killer makeover and a stunning hairstyle!

Download Cheerleader Run 3D Mod APK Latest Version – Be the Cheerleader of The Year!

Cheerleader Run 3D Game for Android is a spectacular Cheerleading game. Enjoy all the fun when you are the one leading your team to perfection and victory! Download Cheerleader Run 3D Mod APK Latest Version today and be the greatest Cheerleader of all times!

Download Cheerleader Run 3D (77.93 Mb)


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