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In the Carrion Game APK, you will play a reverse horror game where you assume the role of a scaring amorphous creature. Stalk and consume everyone who imprisoned you!

Information of Carrion Game

Name Carrion Game
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version v1.0.5.589
Size 4 MB
Category Action
Developer Fauji smile
Price Free
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About Carrion Game

Nowadays, horror games have gained huge popularity among gamers. Why not, when they are offering exciting gameplay? The recently released horror game that has taken the gaming world by storm is the Carrion game. This game comes with a horrifying storyline and heart-pounding gameplay.

Carrion by Phobia Game Studio is a reverse horror game where the gamer will play the role of a dreadful monster that hunts and terminates everyone who imprisoned him. It would be more exciting for gamers to chase instead of being chased!

carrion apk android

Assume the role of an amorphous creature that is ready to stalk and consume those that imprisoned you! Spread endless fear and panic throughout the underground facility. Evolve, grow strong, and tear down this prison. Acquire more shattering abilities on your journey to retribution! Download Carrion Free and enjoy the gameplay it has to offer!

Revenge and Dismantle All Humans

If you have even watched a horror movie and thought it would be pretty cool for you to become such as monster, this is the right game for you! Carrion action game offers an inverted horror game concept where you will be playing the monster instead of being the victim. This exciting new horror game is designed to unleash the monster in every player. During gameplay, you will cast yourself as a tentacled monster to murder as many humans as you can before escaping the research facility.

At the beginning of the game, the monster is small and with a tiny sensitive coil of tendrils. As you continue terminating and eating humans, it can gain mass and the tentacles grow longer and stronger.

carrion free

That’s not all! As you gobble up scientists and guards inside the maze facility, you will gain new skills that will let you reach various unexplored parts of the complex map. For example, eating several men will enlarge your size and unlock the ability to dash. This way, you will be able to burst through metallic doors and wooden surfaces. Install the Carrion Game APK on your smartphone and experience the horror that this game has to offer!

Carrion Game APK Features

This game comes with lots of amazing features that make it stand out in its genre.

Amazing Horror and Defense Game – overall, the Carrion game gives the horror games genre a new look. The exclusive concept in this game is enough to give it a major step ahead of its competition. As much as you will be gaping after every human inside the facility, the humans will also strive to defend themselves. Of course, they will not stay put and wait for you to eat them!

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So, to match your changing skills, the humans will attempt to defend themselves with all their might. You will face armored enemies with lethal assault rifles and suit-clad commandos using flamethrowers. They will all aim to hurt you and burn your alien menace.

The laboratory facility in Carrion is basically a maze with so many rooms designed to keep you locked in. However, you should acquire some awesome abilities that will help you break out. If you are eager for a session of a disgusting massacre, the Carrion game will give you a brutal guilty pleasure that will leave you asking for more.

Not an Ordinary Horror Game – at a glance, the Carrion game appears to be a normal run-of-the-mill side-scroller that is attempting to transform the horror genre of the modern day. However, this game presents a lot going for it aside from its eye-catching pixel art. As you move through each stage, you not only need to consume humans but also to strategize and solve puzzles similar to other platformer titles of this genre.

carrion game apk

The developer of the game couples the gameplay here with a unique art style that intensifies the horror element of the game. Regular horror games have a design that provokes a response from the player like a scared reaction. However, the tables have turned in Carrion. Since you will play as the monster, you will no longer require to watch your back for jump scares. 

Various Levels – the game comes with various levels where the game setting changes into mazes that are more complex. In all the levels offered, you will have to master the mazes, find the human guards and devour them as fast as you can.

Don’t forget that they will not hesitate to attack you with lethal weapons like machine guns, flame guns, and more that will slow you down. Complete each level to progress to the next one! As you gain more abilities, you will be able to access previously closed sections and even escape the maze.

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Simple Controls – here, players take control of a monster that wanders through various locations, including dark dungeons, a mysterious complex maze and kills terrible people in a revenge mission. You will be able to control the monster easily and without breaking a sweat! With tap-to-play controls, you will tear down this lab cum prison facility in your path to revenge!

Intriguing 2D Graphics – undoubtedly, Carrion was created with intriguing graphics. You will immerse yourself into impressive visuals and momentous gameplay. The movement of the amorphous creature will excite your eyes, thanks to the cool graphics.

Download Carrion Game APK – Latest Version

Download the Carrion Mod APK now and enjoy startling inverted horror gameplay. Unlock various in-game items to gain extra special abilities.

Download Carrion Game (4 MB)

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