Cargo Simulator 2021 Mod APK 1.18 (Unlimited money)

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There’s just something oddly satisfying about driving a truck. In Cargo Simulator 2021 Mod APK, you can drive different trucks in an enormous map! Enjoy full controls now!

Information of Cargo Simulator 2021

Name Cargo Simulator 2021
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.18
Size 176.53 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer smSoft
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Cargo Simulator 2021

You’ll see trucks in every country all around the world. These vehicles are essential to the community and to the country as a whole. Without them, we can’t buy groceries, we can’t buy cars, we can’t move houses and so on. They are underappreciated by many but they can be fun to drive. If you’re one of those people who appreciate driving these gentle beasts, enjoy Cargo Simulator 2021 now!

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In this truck simulation game, you’ll be able to drive all kinds of trucks from fuel tankers to those with foods and even concrete! Transport all kinds of cargos today in various places thanks to the huge map in the game. You’ll be able to enjoy a realistic driving experience today complete with the steering wheel, various POV, mirrors, accelerators and breaks. Aside from that, you can access the horn, headlights, lamps, hazards and many more.

Carry Cargos

There are a ton of car games that are available right now. But the simulation ones are taking over the world as of today. In the real world, trucks are all over the countries as they help deliver different cargos such as food, cement, vehicles, fuel and many more. These are essential items that people need every day regardless of their locations. This is why you’ll see trucks in almost every part of the world so long as there’s a civilization.

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However, trucks aren’t getting the recognition they deserve as they’re not as flashy as sports cars. They are big and slow and they can be a nuisance on the road for other passengers. But there’s a certain charm to driving trucks that not many people can feel. If you’re one of the few ones who appreciates trucks, then you must download and play Cargo Simulator 2021 today and experience something new. This is a game from smSoft that lets you experience realistic truck driving today.


Here, you will appreciate the huge map which is a small version of Turkey! Drive different trucks today with different cargos such as fuel, food, machines and many more. Here, you’ll earn money by driving to different places today!

Cargo Simulator 2021 Features

Being a truck driver isn’t an easy job. In Cargo Simulator 2021, you’ll experience this challenging yet rewarding occupation!

Drive Trucks and Earn – There are so many trucks in the roads today. Even with the pandemic, we can see trucks all over the world as they transport essential items. Being a truck driver isn’t an easy job as you need to be skilled, patient and resilient. If you think you have what it takes to become one, try your skills now in Cargo Simulator 2021. This is a realistic game that lets you drive trucks in long distances.

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Enjoy traversing long distances with nothing but your truck today. Here, you’re able to transport different cargos today such as fuel, food, forage, machines, chemicals, concrete and many more! You must be careful in driving as the distances you’ll cover will be long. You’ll earn money by driving successfully to different locations today. But be careful not to damage your truck as that will decrease your income!

Drive Trucks – Have you ever driven a truck in real life before? You must know how challenging it is as it’s a huge vehicle compared to normal cars. When you’re driving trucks, you must have double the patience and skills as it’s not an easy job. But there’s just something satisfying about being able to deliver something to its destination in the game. In here, you’ll be able to drive different cargos in various destinations!


Various Cargos – In Cargo Simulator 2021, you’ll be able to drive different cargos using your truck. Here, you will be able to drive fuel, chemicals, foods, machines and many others! You might even drive excavators, loaders and dozers today which are heavy items. Here, you must deliver the cargo to their respective destinations to earn money. Can you do the job properly? s

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Huge Map – Cargo Simulator 2021 features a scaled-down map of Turkey complete with traffic and the real-life roads and buildings. Here, you’ll drive to great lengths in order to deliver the cargos. Enjoy the different locations and destinations today as you’ll be able to explore the cities!

Real-time multiplayer – You’re also free to enjoy the real-time multiplayer mode where you can play with friends online! Enjoy driving together on the same map today and do challenges together. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing that your friends are there as you drive for hours.

Full controls – You’ll be able to enjoy different camera views today including the first-person one. Here, it’s as if you’re really inside a truck! You also need to follow the traffic rules!

Download Cargo Simulator 2021 Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Interested in driving trucks? Enjoy Cargo Simulator 2021 now and earn money as a trucker today.

Download Cargo Simulator 2021 (176.53 Mb)


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