Burnout Masters Mod APK 1.0043 (All car unlocked)

Icon Burnout Masters Mod APK 1.0043 (All car unlocked)
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Download Burnout Masters MOD APK latest version and showcase your expertise in skidding. You'll enjoy the smoke resulting from your drift on a classic burnout pad.

Information of Burnout Masters

Name Burnout Masters
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.0043
Size 55.65 Mb
Category Racing
Developer Road Burn Games
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD All car unlocked
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Burnout Masters

Burnout Masters APK is an action-packed game that tests your ability to drift and maneuver cars around the burnout pad. The objective is to skid your vehicle around the course as you dodge obstacles and make sharp turns.

The smoke from your car's tires will fill the air as you skid and spin around the track, and you'll be rewarded with points for each successful drift. This realism draws you into the game and encourages you to push the limits of your driving skills.

burnout masters mod apk

The control system is simple and intuitive, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without distractions or frustrations. You can easily drift, boost, and spin around corners with ease; all while competing against other players online in time-based challenges or career mode!

Overall, Burnout Masters MOD APK for Android will bring out the beast within you. Can you prove your mettle and rise to the top of the leaderboard? Download it and showcase your drifting/skidding prowess.

Interesting Facts about Burnout Masters APK (and Background History)

Burnout Masters APK is developed by Road Burn Games. The game draws inspiration from classic arcade racers, but with an added twist that sets it apart from the competition. It features a realistic burnout pad with smoke-filled air and tight corners that test you as a driver.

But what exactly is burnout? Well, this is a maneuver performed by racing drivers where the car performs a series of donuts and spins while going at full speed. It’s an impressive sight that demands skill, precision, and guts.

To achieve this, drivers keep the vehicle stationary while going at full throttle, getting the tires to spin in circles. It’s a technique used by professional racers and featured in Burnout Masters APK as one of its core mechanics. The resultant friction and smoke from the tires make it so mesmerizing.

burnout masters mod apk download

Even better, the game mixes a classic racing style with modern graphics. This unique combination yields a visually stunning and intense driving experience. The graphics and sound effects bring the burnout pad to life, as you drift your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Real-Life Events & Competition 

This game offers undiluted arcade-style racing with a modern twist, featuring in-game events and competitions that mirror real-life racing. Its real-time events add to a great sense of competition as you work to outsmart your opponents.

Fortunately, the game is super rewarding. You'll be rewarded every time you finish a race, drift your way around the track, or get a combo. These rewards will allow you to purchase better cars and upgrade them for the ultimate burnout experience.

Additionally, the Burnout Masters game takes you to real locations. This gives you an authentic feeling of being in the arena. Some incredibly breathtaking pads include:

  • Summernats 34 & 35. This is an annual event held in Canberra, Australia. It boasts some impressive drift tracks with sharp turns and tight corners.
  • Gazzanats. This is a fast-paced event in the Northern Territory. It guarantees a thrilling experience and a super exhilarating gaming environment.
burnout masters mod apk all car unlocked
  • Rappants. This is a drift competition in New Zealand. It’s home to some of the best drivers in the world, and you’ll get to test your mettle against them as you vie for the top spot on the leaderboard.
  • Western Sydney International Dragway. This is one of Australia’s most iconic drag strips, and it features some intense drift competitions. With the help of Burnout Masters APK, you can experience these events from the comfort of your own home.
  • RockyNATS. This is an annual event held in Rockhampton, Australia. It brings together some of the best drivers in the world, ensuring a thrilling and intense racing experience.
  • Red CentreNATS. This is a hair-raising event held in Alice Springs, Australia. It puts your driving skills to the test with some of the toughest courses and most challenging environments.
  • Tropical Meltdown. This is a legendary drift competition held in Cairns, Australia. It features some tight corners and intense smoke-filled air, making it the perfect place to practice your drifting skills with Burnout Masters APK.
  • Motorvation. This is a renowned event held in Perth, Australia. It hosts some of the best drift and drag competitions in the world, allowing you to race against some of the toughest opponents.

Additionally, you will have the freedom factory track featuring multiple layouts, multiplayer sessions, and free-roam areas. This way, you can choose the kind of racing experience that you want.

Numerous Cars with Different Abilities

When it comes to variety, Burnout Masters has it all. You will be spoilt for choice with its selection of cars. From classic muscle cars to modern sports cars, you will find the perfect car for your racing style.

burnout masters mod apk latest version

For example, UCSMOKE (the Summernats 34 Burnout Championship winner) is a classic muscle car with superior grip and unrivaled traction. It is perfect for drifting around tight corners and narrow sections of the track.

On the other hand, USA502 is a modern speedster with great acceleration and top-notch handling. With this car, you will have no problem pulling off impressive drifts on straights and wide turns.


Even better, the developer is regularly releasing cars with new abilities. You'll also have stock cars and specially tuned rides. This way, you can customize and upgrade your car according to your needs.

Other Unique Features of Burnout Masters APK

  • Lots of Wheels to Unlock. Your performance depends on the type of wheels you use. Therefore, Burnout Masters APK offers many wheels to unlock and customize your vehicle for specific conditions.
  • Upgradable Parts. Race with the best parts available on the market. Swap out suspensions, brakes, engine blocks, exhaust systems, and more to optimize your car’s performance level and acceleration.
  • 22+ Detailed Burnout Pads. Master the art of burning out with 22+ burnout pads. Each pad has unique characteristics, and you will require a different approach to get the best results.
burnout masters mod apk for android
  • Realistic Physics Modeling. Achieve realistic physics modeling for your car in Burnout Masters APK. The acceleration, traction, weight balance, and aerodynamic drag are fine-tuned for a thrilling racing experience.
  • Many Engines Options. You can build the perfect engine for your car with the help of the game’s many engine options. Examples include V6, V8, rotary, and turbocharged options. This diversity ensures that you can create the ideal setup for your car.
  • Intense Multiplayer Sessions. Imagine having up to 8 cars on the pad, all going simultaneously. This is the experience you get with Burnout Masters APK. Compete against other players to become the ultimate master of burnouts.
  • Simple Controls. You don’t need to be an expert racer to enjoy Burnout Masters APK. The game features easy-to-understand controls that allow even casual gamers to get the hang of it quickly. Simple touches and swipes are all that you need to control your car and become a master of the track.
  • Well-Rendered Images and Sounds. From brightly colored visuals to realistic sound effects, Burnout Masters APK will keep you immersed in its world. It features detailed textures and realistic lighting effects, ensuring an exhilarating experience. You'll even get commentary to further sink you into the atmosphere.

System Requirements and Additional Information

Burnout Masters APK requires a minimum of Android 5.1 and up. However, its heavy nature (745 MB) means you will need lots of space in your device. Ensure you have at least 2GB of storage available for an optimal experience. 

burnout masters mod apk obb

Other than that, Burnout Masters APK offers an exceptional experience that takes racing games to the next level. It is free-to-play with optional in-game purchases ($1.99 - $47.99 per item). You can use these to purchase upgrades and customize your car for better performance. 

Besides, you can download the Burnout Masters MOD APK OBB for additional features. With this version, you can enjoy the game without limitations. 

Unique Tips to Play Burnout Masters Game

Burnout Masters MOD APK download is a top-tier racing game offering intense multiplayer action. To ensure you make the most of it, here are a few tips to get started:

  • Start with stock parts and upgrade your car gradually. This way, you can optimize its performance without spending too much money.
  • Purchase upgrades that best suit your driving style. Always focus on getting better tires and suspension parts.
  • Get a feel for the burnout pads before attempting the multiplayer mode. This way, you can familiarize yourself with all the nuances.
burnout masters apk
  • Collect as many coins as possible to unlock upgrades faster.
  • Use the brake and accelerator wisely. A good balance of both is essential to make it through tight corners.
  • Try out different car setups and see which one works best for you. This way, you can tailor your vehicle’s performance to the tracks.


Burnout Masters APK offers an adrenaline-filled racing experience with realistic physics and intense multiplayer action. It features multiple engine options and upgrades, giving you all the tools to become a master of the burnout pad. Download Burnout Masters APK and start your journey towards becoming the ultimate champion!

Download Burnout Masters (55.65 Mb)

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