Botworld Adventure Mod APK 1.16.5 (Unlimited money and gems)

Icon Botworld Adventure Mod APK 1.16.5 (Unlimited money and gems)
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Download Botworld Adventure Mod APK Unlimited money and gems Latest version and use bots to complete fast-paced quests. You must be strategic and fast to maneuver in the game and win.

Information of Botworld Adventure

Name Botworld Adventure
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.16.5
Size 543.60 Mb
Category Role playing
Developer Featherweight
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money and gems
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About Botworld Adventure

Botworld Adventure APK is an adventure-strategy game that lets you use bots to complete missions and tasks. The game is fast-paced and requires you to be strategic to win. You can collect different kinds of bots, upgrade them, and use their unique abilities to complete your quests much faster.

The gameplay is easy to learn, but the challenge comes from the difficulty of the missions. You'll face fierce enemies that can attack you from all directions. As such, you must always be alert and think quickly to stay alive.

botworld adventure mod apk

Additionally, you can get power-ups and boosts to make your bots more powerful. These can give you an advantage and help you beat difficult levels. Try it and see how fun and addictive this game can be!

Botworld Adventure APK - Background Story

In a distant world known as Botworld, there exists an advanced civilization entirely made up of robots. These bots are intelligent and capable of performing complex tasks on their own.

One day, the peace in Botworld was disrupted when a mysterious enemy appeared, attacking and destroying many robotic settlements across the land. To survive, the bots must band together and use their collective intelligence to fight this enemy and restore order to Botworld.

Additionally, the land is littered with treasures and valuable resources that the bots can use to help them in their quest. As you explore, you must consolidate treasures and uncover hidden secrets to aid you in your journey.

botworld adventure mod apk download

Ensure you do whatever it takes to restore peace and order in Botworld. Never let your guard down and be strategic if you want to succeed in this epic battle!

Exceptional Features of Botworld Adventure APK

  • A Huge Open World. This game is set in a vast open world filled with hidden treasures and secret locations. You can explore every corner of Bot world and uncover its many mysteries. However, the journey won't be easy - you must be brave and smart if you want to survive the many challenges ahead.
  • Fast-paced Gameplay. The gameplay is fast paced, forcing you to think quickly and take on enemies before they overwhelm you. As such, your strategy and timing are crucial if you want to win every battle against tough opponents.
  • Unique Bots. You can collect various kinds of bots and use their unique abilities to help you in your quest. Some are powerful attackers and can be very useful in battle, while others can offer healing and support. They also have different attributes and strengths, allowing you to pick the best ones that fit your playstyle.
botworld adventure mod apk unlimited money
  • Different Environments. You'll have to travel through many areas in Botworld, encountering different environments along the way. The landscape is full of mountains and canyons that give a sense of speed when traversing them. In addition, some lakes and forests offer a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Epic Battles. The enemies in Botworld are powerful, and you cannot afford to underestimate them. The secret to winning is timing, strategy, and the right set of bots. Your team must have exceptional fighting skills and coordination to emerge victorious against these threats. For example, the ability to charge, stun, and blast enemies is essential to victory.
  • Customize Your Bots. When you collect rare items in the game, you can use them to purchase upgrades for your bots. This allows you to improve their attributes like speed and damage. 
  • Diverse Characters. This game allows you to choose from diverse characters classified as lizards, cats, buffalo, and dogs. You can choose one that fits your playstyle and best suits your needs. Each character is fun, and unique, and comes with a set of distinct abilities.
  • Create or Join a Guild. When you join a guild, you can team up with other players to tackle difficult challenges. You'll have a lot of fun and make new friends as you work together to conquer Botworld Adventure.
botworld adventure mod apk unlimited gems

With these exceptional features, it's no surprise that Botworld Adventure is one of the most popular mobile strategy games today. Download your copy now and start exploring this incredible world.

System Requirements & Additional Information

Botworld Adventure APK runs on any Android version 6.0 or higher and requires at least 1 GB of free RAM to run properly. It is optimized for mobile devices, featuring simple touch controls that allow anyone to pick it up, regardless of their familiarity with games.

Additionally, its lightweight download size makes it easy to install on most mobile devices. It doesn't require a high-end device to run, making it accessible to users of all kinds.

botworld adventure mod apk latest version

Additionally, you can use in-app purchases ($2.99 - $109.99 per item) to unlock new features or upgrade your bots for even faster gameplay. This way, you can get the most out of your experience with Botworld Adventure. 

5 Proven Tips to Help You Win

  • Always look out for new bots and items to help you in your quest. This will ensure that you always have access to powerful allies who can help you exterminate the toughest opponents.
  • Upgrade your bots and their equipment regularly. This will give you an upper hand in battle, as your bots will have higher damage, armor, and speed.
  • Ensure you form effective strategies with your guildmates and use them to take down the toughest enemies. With teamwork and good timing, you'll be able to win every challenge in Botworld Adventure.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles of play. Each environment, enemy type, and bot has unique characteristics that can offer you new challenges and opportunities for success.
  • Stay calm under pressure and alway
    botworld adventure mod apk for android
    s think one step ahead of your opponents. This will give you the edge needed to come out on top in every battle.

Botworld Adventure MOD APK Download

If you want to improve your chances of winning in Botworld Adventure, download Botworld Adventure MOD APK for Android. Here are the exceptional features that make this mod so popular:

  • Botworld Adventure MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems. With unlimited resources, you'll unlock new features and upgrade your bots without spending real-world cash. This way, you can focus on enjoying the game and dominating the competition.
  • No Ads. With no annoying ads cluttering your screen, you can focus on what's most important: the gameplay. This makes it easier to stay immersed in the action and achieve victory.
botworld adventure apk
  • Bugs Fixed. Botworld Adventure MOD APK removes all bugs and glitches that can interfere with your game. This ensures a smooth, seamless experience where you always have the upper hand.


Botworld Adventure APK is an adventure-themed strategy game that offers hours of excitement, challenge, and fun. It has simple controls optimized for mobile devices, ensuring anyone can pick it up and play right away.

To enjoy the full experience, download Botworld Adventure MOD APK 2023. With access to unlimited gems and money, you'll be able to unlock new features and upgrade your bots quickly and easily. It also removes ads, ensuring you have a distraction-free playing experience.

Download Botworld Adventure (543.60 Mb)

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