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Download Bike Tapper Mod APK Unlimited money latest version and race in tough cycling races. It has many bikes, realistic asphalt roads, and diverse rewards.

Information of Bike Tapper

Name Bike Tapper
Compatible with Android 2.3+
Last version 1.3
Size 48 MB
Category Sports
Developer Merry Dream Games
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • No ads

About Bike Tapper

Bike Trapper APK is a bike racing game offered by Merry Dream Games. It tests your racing consistency, perseverance, and skills. You will use your two-wheeled vehicle to go through different challenging tracks as you compete with other players.

The game features many bikes that you can use, beautiful landscapes, and amazing rewards. The game's physics are super realistic, making the experience even more enjoyable.

bike tapper mod apk

If you love bike racing, download Bike Tapper APK for Android. It is optimized for all Android devices, including tablets and smartphones.

An Addictive Gameplay

Bike Tapper is a highly competitive and addictive game. You will select your bike from a wide range and ride it on different tracks. The tracks are located in some of the most beautiful animated locations, such as deserts, forests, and mountains.

You must be meticulous while riding your bike because one mistake can cost you the game. There are many obstacles on the track that you need to avoid. You also need to be fast because the other players are super competitive.

bike tapper mod apk download

As you progress, you will unlock new bikes and tracks. This is critical as the game becomes strenuous as you advance. Overall, you will have a mind-blowing experience playing this game.

A Highly Rewarding Gaming Experience

Bike Tapper is a gratifying game. You will get many rewards, such as coins, for completing different tasks. You can use these rewards to unlock new bikes and tracks.

This game is also packed with many achievements. You can view your progress in the game by checking the achievement board. This way, you will always be motivated to complete the next task.

Intuitive Controls

 Playing this game is a breeze! The controls are facile and very intuitive. You just need to tap your screen to accelerate. 

bike tapper mod apk unlimited money

When you stop tapping, your bike will automatically decelerate. This is critical as it allows you to take the tightest turns without losing speed. 


Additionally, the deceleration phase helps restore your energy. The controls are as simple as that! You will get used to them within minutes. 

Monitor Your Energy! 

You should frequently monitor your energy levels in the game because they are critical. You need the energy to perform stunts, accelerate, and decelerate. When your stamina is low, you will not be able to perform at your best.

bike tapper mod apk 2022

Therefore, you need to take a break when your energy is running low. This helps restore your energy, allowing you to continue playing the game.

Additionally, you should try to use fellow cyclists to block the wind. This way, you will save energy, and your performance will not be affected.

Unique Features of Bike Tapper APK 

  • Simple Graphics. This game does not have the best graphics, but they are still decent. The developers have focused on making the game accessible to a wider audience. Consequently, the game is light enough to operate on devices as low as Android 2.3!
  • Downhill & Uphill Bikes. The game has two different types of bikes, which are downhill and uphill bikes. The former is designed for going down slopes, while the latter is ideal for going uphill. You should select the right bike for the task at hand.
bike tapper mod apk latest version
  • 27+ Unique Bikes. The game has more than 27 bikes. Each has different stats, such as speed, weight, color, and grip. You should try out many of them to see which one fits your playing style. More expensive bikes will race faster!
  • 42 Levels. The game has 42 levels that you need to complete. After completing each level, you will be rewarded with different items, such as coins and bikes. 
  • Unique Terrains. You will be riding your bike on different terrains, offering picturesque views. The game has deserts, forests, mountains, and many other beautiful locations.
  • Different Tracks. You will be competing on highly diverse tracks. Each track is more challenging than the last one. You must explore each track to find the best routes.
  • Real-Time Multiplayer Mode. The game has a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with your friends. You will race side-by-side with other cyclists, making it super fun!
  • Regular Updates. The developers are consistently working on new content for the game. They release regular updates that add new features and levels to the game. This is critical as it keeps the game fresh and exciting.


bike tapper mod apk for android
  • Cool On-Screen Directions. This game shows the distance and the time left on the screen. This way, you will know when to use optimum acceleration.

Bike Tapper MOD APK Download

If you want to access powerful bikes without a hassle, you should download Bike Tapper MOD APK for Android. This modded version will offer you a significant advantage over other players. Here's how it benefits you:

  • Bike Tapper MOD APK Unlimited Money. This game requires a lot of money to progress. You need to buy new bikes and upgrade the ones you have. The modded version provides unlimited resources, allowing you to buy anything you want without worrying about the cost.
bike tapper apk
  • Bike Tapper MOD APK Unlimited Energy. This game is quite energy-consuming. When your energy is low, your performance will be significantly affected. The modded version gives you unlimited energy, so you can play the game for as long as you want.
  • Bike Tapper MOD APK No Ads. This game has numerous ad breaks that can be boring. The Bike MOD APK 2023 version removes all the ads from the game, allowing you to focus on racing.


Bike Tapper is an excellent game for racing enthusiasts. It offers simple graphics and easy controls. The game is updated regularly with new features, levels, and bikes.

You can also find a modded version that offers unlimited money and energy. Either way, you are in for a treat!

Download Bike Tapper (48 MB)


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