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Download 4WD Racer MOD APK latest version and engage in thrilling 3D races against the best. Its top-notch handling mechanics & authentic physics will enthrall you.

Information of 4WD Racer

Name 4WD Racer
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.0
Size 1 GB
Category Racing
Developer Orange Game
Price Free
MOD Unlimited money


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About 4WD Racer

4WD Racer is a thrilling, high-octane racer game that lets you control your mini 4-wheel drive vehicle through tough courses. It’s a thrilling & adrenaline-pumping game with insane jumps, sharp turns, and nail-biting overtaking maneuvers.

The game features authentic asphalt tracks designed to test your handling and driving prowess. You must be agile, accurate, and quick on the accelerator. Ensure you focus on mastering controls to outsmart your rivals and become the ultimate master.

The game also lets you tailor-make/modify the cars to improve their performance and make them look more unique. Give your ride a distinct identity by customizing its colors, decals, and stickers. Download 4WD Racer MOD APK and unleash your inner race driver.

4WD Racer APK - Background Story

Do you have the nerve & skills to become a professional racing champion? This game allows you to enter into the exhilarating world of competitive driving. Put yourself in the shoes of an up-and-coming driver and join forces with globally ranked racers as you strive for first-place wins.

Although the journey will be arduous, you must learn to maneuver your vehicle's distinct handling qualities, optimize its performance capabilities, outmaneuver your competitors, and utilize powerups for an extra advantage. This is the surest way to gain outrace your competitors.

4wd racer mod apk

Additionally, you can use superior racing cars with first-rate customization features. Outfit yourself with state-of-the-art vehicles for maximum performance and victory shall be yours.

How to Play 4WD Racer APK

This game is super minimalistic, and you don’t have to learn complex rules and procedures to get started. You'll just pick your ideal car, modify it, select a track, & hit the gas pedal!

It features multiple controls (steering, tilt, and touch). You can use the joystick to steer your car, tilt your device to navigate tight turns, and use touch buttons to accelerate and/or brake your vehicle. This way, you can use the ideal control scheme hassle-free.

What's more, this game offers a plethora of power-ups spread across the race track that can help you get ahead. Quickly snatch them up to experience an immediate speed boost.

4wd racer mod apk download

Additionally, be mindful of your environment since it is littered with ramps and obstacles that could potentially aid or obstruct you at any given moment. Always remain focused and use evasion tactics when necessary to increase your chances of winning.

Superior PvP Competition 

Can you stand toe-to-toe with some of the best racers in the world? In 4WD Racer MOD APK, you can join thrilling multiplayer races with real players. You will be randomly placed in a lobby of other racers and attempt to outrace them for the top spot and unlock rewards.


This will offer the fiercest competition yet and test your limits as a racer. Everyone will be yearning to become the champion, so you must do whatever it takes to earn those top podium spots every time.

Fortunately, you will have more than 120 vehicles to unlock, including Warthog, Sub Zero, and Storm Breaker. Always remember the vehicle you use will have a major impact on your overall performance!

4wd racer mod apk unlimited money

As such, you must be mindful of the model you choose, its drag, weight, speed, stability, downforce, and torque. If need be, you can customize each car to suit your playing style.

Download 4WD Racer MOD APK for Android and set forth on an intense journey of motorized bliss. Race against real players, dominate the world leaderboards, and become a master driver today! With every victory, you shall gain great honor & rewards that can help you strengthen your position in the world of competitive driving.

Outstanding Features of 4WD Racer APK

  • Create Your Character. The game has many skins and avatars that you can use to customize your driver. You must ensure you equip them with the best gear and outfits to increase their performance and appeal.
  • Numerous Miniature Cars. Racing using small cars is an unparalleled experience. While you'll initially feel somewhat awkward, it won't be long until you appreciate the horsepower & torque these small vehicles have to offer.
  • Unrivaled Customization Options. You can freely modify the performance of your vehicle according to your wishes and inclinations. Customize its engine, speed, nitro boosts, chassis, and car color so that it fits the track you are driving on.
  • Unique Power-Ups & Boosters. Special upgrades including rocket launchers, turbo engines, and jump pads are available to help you beat your opponents & achieve victory. This will give you a huge advantage in challenging races.
  • 250+ Unique Levels (Story Modes). This game features many levels and mind-bending challenges. Each is filled with unique elements, including ramps, jumps, & curves. It also has weekly tournaments and global leaderboards.
  • 7 Game Modes. The game has a career mode, time attack, online multiplayer mode, pursuit mode, free spins, & challenge mode.
4wd racer mod apk latest version
  • Different Camera Angles. You can switch between various camera angles while driving, including first-person, top-view, and third-person views. This will help you plan your route ahead of time & dodge any obstacles that may be in your path.
  • 5 Authentic Environments. The game has 5 unique and realistic environments, including Mountain Night, Farm, Snow, Mountain Day, & City. Each has its unique terrain & realistic traffic system.
  • Automatic/Manual Controls. When playing 4WD Racer MOD APK, you can choose between manual and automatic driving modes. This guarantees unrivaled flexibility and control for a more realistic experience.
  • Save Your Progress. An auto-save feature is available so that you can save your progress at any time and pick up the racing fun right where you left off.
  • Spectacular Visuals and Sound Effects. This game brings out every detail to life with its stunning 3D graphics and realistic sound effects. It is an audio-visual feast that will make your driving experience all the more intense.


System Requirements and Additional Information

This game was designed to work optimally with all Android 5.0+ devices. It is lightweight & takes up very little space on your device, guaranteeing you won’t experience lag or slowdowns.

Additionally, this game offers in-app purchases to better how you experience the game. You can even opt out of this feature and still enjoy the game to its fullest.

Start your engine, join other drivers from all around the world, and race for glory! Get the 4WD Racer MOD APK download now and let the adventure begin!

Interesting Tips for Playing 4WD Racer Like a Pro

  • Hand-Pick Your Vehicle's Features. When customizing your car, ensure you creatively pick the right features and upgrades. This will ensure it performs well on every step of the track.
  • Master Drifting & Sliding. Learn how to drift/slide in tight curves without crashing/losing speed. It is all about controlling your car’s balance (not pushing too hard) when you make a turn.
  • Upgrade Your Vehicle. To achieve the best results, you must upgrade your car's speed, acceleration, and boosts.
  • Choose The Right Power-Ups & Boosters. You must choose the most effective boosters based on your goals and opponents’ strategies.
  • Choose the Right Camera Angle. Choosing the right camera angle for every race will help you plan, see obstacles, & adjust your speed accordingly.


4WD Racer MOD APK is a game with great graphics, intense levels, & challenging opponents. It offers incredible features, including boosters and multiple camera angles.

It also has 5 realistic environments, 250+ levels, 7 game modes, & global leaderboards. Besides, its manual/automatic driving modes and auto-save feature make it a highly flexible game. 

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