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Download X Plane Flight Simulator Mod APK All unlocked Latest version for the most realistic flight simulation on mobile. It has 3D airports, authentic physics, and many airplanes.

Information of X Plane Flight Simulator

Name X Plane Flight Simulator
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 12.1.1
Size 40.96 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Laminar Research
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD All unlocked
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlocked

About X Plane Flight Simulator

Plane Flight Simulator APK is a super-immersive flight simulator game offered by Laminar Research. It allows players to experience flying various aircraft in different real-world locations, including ones from the military and commercial industries.

The game features 3D airports, realistic flight physics, multiple control options (including joystick support), and a large selection of airplanes to choose from, ranging from small Cessna planes to massive Boeing 747 jets.

x plane flight simulator mod apk

Players can also customize their flying experience with different weather conditions and varying day and night cycles. This way, you can truly test your flying abilities in any situation.

Highly Immersive Flying Experience

Have you ever wanted to experience what it’s like to fly a plane? X Plane Flight Simulator APK offers an incredibly realistic flying simulation where you can pilot various aircraft and explore different locations on the globe.

You will create a flight model and adjust various factors, such as the tilt in your landing gear, the flex in your wings, and even the weight distribution of your plane. This level of customization allows players to truly personalize their flying experience.

Additionally, this game has desktop-quality graphics. The FAA-certified airport layouts, 3D buildings, and realistic skies make the game feel even more immersive. You will even experience turbulent weather conditions, ensuring a truly challenging flying experience.

3D Cockpit Views

In X Plane Flight Simulator APK, players can also customize their view within the cockpit. This includes selecting your preferred instrument panel layout and adjusting the viewpoint to make it feel like you are truly inside the plane.

x plane flight simulator mod apk download

You will see the landing gear physically lower, the flaps adjust, and even the propeller spin as you take off. This near-realistic experience gives you an unforgettable flying experience.

The hundreds of buttons, gauges, and switches within the cockpit will be confusing at first, but as you become more experienced in flying, you will learn how to operate them effectively. The game also includes a tutorial mode to help players get accustomed to flying.

Various Planes and Locations

X Plane Flight Simulator APK offers numerous aircraft for players to choose from, including commercial airliners, military planes, and even helicopters. Each plane has its unique specifications and flight qualities, allowing you to have a different flying experience with each aircraft.

At first, you will start with free Cessna 172SP + 4 liveries and Cirrus Vision SF50 with 5 liveries. These will introduce you to basic flying mechanics before moving on to more advanced planes.

x plane flight simulator mod apk all unlocked

Once you have mastered the basics, you can unlock more aircraft through in-app purchases or completing missions. These include a Boeing 737-800, Airbus A319, Bombardier CRJ200 Regional Jet w/ 3 liveries, A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog) Fighter, Sikorsky S76 Helicopter w/ alternate livery, and McDonnell Douglas MD-80 w/ 3 liveries.

Other aircraft include Douglas DC-3 Airliner, Piaggio P.180 Avanti, F-4 Phantom II Fighter, Beechcraft King Air C90B, F-22 Raptor Fighter, Beechcraft Baron B58, Piper PA-18 Super Cub, and Boeing B777-200ER Airliner. All these planes have unique controls and handling, making each flying experience unique.

In addition to the various aircraft, X Plane Flight Simulator APK offers numerous real-world locations for players to explore, including Grand Canyon, Seattle/Tacoma (Washington), Innsbruck (Austria), Oahu (Hawaii), and Juneau (Alaska). This way, you will experience a diverse range of terrain and environments as you fly.

Beautiful Graphics & Terrains

This game features breathtaking graphics, with highly detailed airport layouts and 3D buildings. The terrain will also dynamically adapt to your aircraft’s altitude, allowing for a more realistic flying experience.

x plane flight simulator mod apk latest version

The terminals, hangars, jetways, and other airport structures are based on their real-life counterparts, making the game feel super authentic. The terrain includes various landmarks and geographical features, such as mountains, lakes, cities, and forests. This way, you can explore various parts of the world as you fly.

Additionally, players will experience realistic weather conditions that can affect their flying experience. This includes turbulent winds, thunderstorms, and even hail. You will adjust to these changing conditions to complete your missions or reach your destination.

Other Features of X-Plane Flight Simulator APK

  • 37,000+ Airports. This game has highly detailed airports, including real-life runways, taxiways, and navigation aids. It also features a realistic ATC (Air Traffic Control), allowing players to experience realistic air traffic communication with ground control and other planes in the airspace.
  • Many Emergency Scenarios. The game offers various emergency scenarios, such as engine failure, structural damage, and mid-air collisions. It also includes a realistic failure system that simulates aircraft malfunctions and requires players to react quickly to prevent accidents.
x plane flight simulator mod apk for android
  • Multiplayer Mode. This premium feature allows players to connect with friends and fly together in the same airspace. You can also engage in air battles or complete tasks as a team to increase the level of excitement and challenge.
  • Highly Interactive Cockpit. The cockpit controls are highly interactive and adjustable, allowing players to customize their flying experience. This includes changing the view angle, control sensitivity, and even failure settings. All the buttons and switches in the cockpit are realistically labeled and functioning, making for an authentic experience.
  • Full Startup Procedures. The game allows players to go through the full startup procedures before takeoff, including checking the fuel levels, engine start-up, and communication with ground control.
  • 9 Free Tutorials. The game includes 9 interactive tutorials to help new players learn the basics of flying and using the various aircraft controls. You will learn helicopter controls, traffic patterns, takeoffs, landings, and emergencies.
  • Day/Night Cycle. This feature allows players to fly both day and night. You must adjust your flying techniques accordingly and use the cockpit lights to navigate in the dark. Be careful not to get disoriented or lost in the night sky.

X Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK Download

The X Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK for Android offers all the premium features for free. It eliminates the need to use in-app purchases ($0.99 – $49.99 per item). Here's what you'll get:

x plane flight simulator apk
  • X Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK All Unlocked. This game includes multiple aircraft, airports, and weather conditions. With the MOD APK version, all of these features will be unlocked for you to enjoy without restrictions.
  • Unlimited Money. The game allows players to purchase upgrades for their aircraft or access new planes with in-game money. With the MOD APK version, you will have unlimited resources to make all the upgrades and unlock new planes without any limitations.
  • No Ads. The MOD APK version also eliminates ads, allowing for a smoother gameplay experience without interruptions.


If you are an avid fan of flight simulation games, the X Plane Flight Simulator APK is a must-have. It allows you to fly various aircraft and experience realistic weather conditions, emergency scenarios, and communication with ground control.

The MOD APK version offers all the premium features for free. You can now enjoy unlimited money and unlocked features without ads. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the game and become a skilled pilot.

Download X Plane Flight Simulator (40.96 Mb)

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