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Want to read the latest manhwa? You’re in for a treat as Webtoon Mod APK offers all of the latest ones from all genres be it action, drama, suspense, comedy, romance, fantasy!

Information of Webtoon

Name Webtoon
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 3.3.3
Size 50.56 Mb
Category Comics
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited coins


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About Webtoon

Manhwa is the term used by Koreans which refers to comics. This is used as well to refer to Korean comics that are rampant today. These comics or webtoons as they are known are different from Manga and comics that we’re used to seeing. For one, they are read vertically and are mostly created from South Korea and China. If you’re looking for a place to read a lot of them, try Webtoon!

Download Webtoon mod apk unlimited coin for android

Webtoon is one of the most popular comic platforms in the world. With more than 50 million downloads in Google Play Store the app is used worldwide every day. Although there are other platforms that offer comic reading, nothing is quite like Webtoon where everything is at one place. From the comics themselves to the community, you’ll get everything you need here.

What is Webtoon?

If you’re still unaware of the existence of webtoons, they are basically comics on the web. They’ve evolved so much from the ones we’re used to seeing on print all over the world. As more and more people are going digital, we are seeing more and more comics being published on the web.

Webtoon mod apk unlimited coin free download - latest version

But throughout the years, webtoons have gained considerable traction and popularity. This is evidenced by numerous show adaptations particularly in South Korean dramas. Titles such as “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” has been adapted successfully into dramas. Then most recently, there are a lot of Webtoon comics that are also adapted into anime shows such as Tower of God, Noblesse, Cheese in the Trap, and The God of High School. Then, there’s also a Netflix adaptation of Sweet Home which became trending worldwide. Having said all these, it’s safe to say that there the future is bright for web comics. So, if you’re looking for a place to watch all the latest ones, download Webtoon now! Read on below if you want to know more about what this app can offer.


6 Reasons You’ll Love Webtoon

Webcomics have become so popular over the past years that the demand for them is ever-growing. For this reason, platforms such as Webtoon was created to cater to comic-lovers all over the world. Here are 6 reasons you’ll love this one.

Different categories – A lot of people who love reading comics always have their preferences. Some prefer comedy and romance while others are into suspense and horror comics. But whatever you prefer, you can be assured that you can find the best webtoons in Webtoon. This is because there are over 23 genres here. This includes drama, fantasy, comedy, action, slice of life, romance, superhero, sci-fi, thriller, supernatural, mystery, sports, historical, heart-warming, and horror. But of course, most web comics have 2 or more genres that fit them. So, whether you’re looking for something mellow or as hard, you can find everything you need here!

Webtoon mod apk unlimited coin

Plenty of webtoons to choose from – There are currently hundreds and thousands of webcomics available in Webtoon. From popular titles such as Lore Olympus, unordinary and Tower of God to new ones, you’ll never run out of content to read. Each webcomic passed the standards of Webtoon before they were published to assure every reader that they would only get top-notch quality content. Aside from that, you’ll appreciate the settings inside that allows you to fine-tune every little thing. From setting the Sleep Mode to the Display, there are a lot of things you can customize.

Offline downloads – You can also download any webtoon you like to read it offline. However, it only allows you to store it for up to 30 days. Whatever the reason is, it’s still great that you can read your favorite webtoons offline to save on data. This also means you can enjoy reading whether you’re at the bus station waiting, at the party or anywhere you are. You can also download unlimited webtoons as long as you have enough storage space. You can easily download them in huge numbers easily through the app.


Canvas – There’s also a Canvas section in Webtoon featuring works from authors all around the world. Here, you can make money off of your webtoon. A creator can get 50% from ads displayed on their series. This is provided that you can reach 1,000 subscribers and 40,000 U.S monthly page views first before you can qualify. This is great for up-and-coming creators who want to get a shot at fame. For the readers, this is a great place to discovered hidden gems that you can binge-read! The series here are also categorized and there are hot webtoons that are featured weekly. Overall, you can find a lot of interesting and amazing series here aside from the originals.

Comments – What makes Webtoon such a great platform is that it allows readers to comment, like and subscribe! Much like YouTube, this platform encourages a lot of interaction between fans and content creators to create a haven for comic lovers. At the end of every chapter, you get to comment, read comments and upvote or downvote comments. Just be careful when reading comments as there might be spoilers here.

Download Webtoon mod apk free unlimited coin

Subscriptions – As mentioned, you can subscribe to any series you’d like to keep tabs on. This will automatically add it to your subscribed list. Then, there are also series in the Canva section where you can support the author by subscribing to their Patreon accounts.

Download Webtoon Mod APK – Unlimited Coins

As you can see, you can easily read your favorite and new webcomics in Webtoon! There are a lot of interesting features here that would keep you occupied for hours.

FAQs Webtoon

What is Webtoon? +

Webtoon is one of the most popular comic-reading platforms in the world. It features manhwa or webtoons that originated in South Korea.

How to get free coins on Webtoon? +

 Most of the time, Webtoon hosts a lot of promos on current and new webcomics. You just need to read a certain number of chapters or just log in every day to get free coins.

Is Webtoon for free? +

Yes, it’s free to download and install. But there’s an in-app currency called coins that lets you read fast pass episodes. This will let you read content ahead of the free subscribers.

How to delete Webtoon account? +

To delete your webtoon account, just go to Settings > Account > tap “Delete Account”.

How to download Webtoon comics? +

You can easily download any webtoon you like by going to the series and tapping the download icon on the top. But take note that not all series are downloadable especially those in the Canvas section.

Download Webtoon (50.56 Mb)


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