The Big Hit Mod APK 2.3.0 (Free Upgrade, Unlimited money)

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Do you enjoy fighting and racing games? In The Big Hit, you can enjoy this game as you can race in a track filled with dumbbells to collect and enemies to fight!

Information of The Big Hit

Name The Big Hit
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.3.0
Size 85M
Category Arcade
Developer Lion Studios
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Free Upgrade, Unlimited money
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Free Upgrade
  • Unlimited money

About The Big Hit

Fighting and racing games are two of the most popular genres today. These are fun genres to play since they’re easy and enjoyable to play. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, you can play The Big Hit today! This is simply a game that combines the two so you can enjoy a unique gameplay. This game lets you race in a track filled with obstacles and things to collect and to fight.

the big hit mod apk (Unlimited money) free download latest version

A game published by Lion Studios, you just need to race through the obstacle tracks here as you collect various dumbbells to make your arm stronger and larger! At the end, there’s a boss that’s waiting for you who’s a giant and has incredible fighting strength. You must collect as many dumbbells as you can so you can collect as many rewards at the end. Unlock many types of bosses and levels today and enjoy them all.

Race and Fight

There are many fighting and racing mobile games today that you’re able to play. These are games that are enjoyable and fun since they don’t take a lot to play. You just need to focus on the tasks at hand which is usually to outrun the opponent and get past the obstacles. In fighting games, you just need to outmuscle your opponents so you can take them down. These are fun genres to play but The Big Hit combines these two into one game!

the big hit mod apk (Unlimited money) free download latest version

The result of this is a satisfying game that lets you run in obstacle tracks that are filled with a variety of things. There are obstacles in place such as bricks, rotating things, and even enemies that you’ll need to face. Then, there are also dumbbells in different colors that you can collect which allows you to grow your strength to and arm to incredible sizes! The stronger you get, the easier you can hit the big boss at the end waiting for you. Here, there are many levels to complete today and enjoy!

Aside from that there are diamonds you can collect and vegetables to make yourself stronger. You can enjoy a variety of tracks and obstacles in this game today.

The Big Hit Features

Love obstacle racing games and fighting? Why not play both? With The Big Hit, you can enjoy a whole new world today.

Race and Fight – With so many games popping up today, there are a surplus of fighting and racing games. With this, you can enjoy a lot of games that can make you smile. These games are the best ones to play if you just want to pass your time at the train or while waiting at the grocery. But with The Big Hit, you can enjoy a non-stop action today thanks to a combination of fighting and racing. Although you won’t be racing against anyone here, you will enjoy the obstacles prepared for you.

the big hit mod apk (Unlimited money) free download latest version

In each level, you’ll go through a track filled with dangerous obstacle courses such as bricks, moving bricks, spinning things and even enemies. Then, there’s the final boss that you need to hit repeatedly to score huge amounts of cash. But you can only take it down as you collect more dumbbells so you can increase your strength.

Collect Dumbbells – In the real world, we can try to develop our muscles by going to the gym and working out. There are many types of equipment and fitness exercises you can do today to become stronger and larger. But in this game, you can easily become strong when you just collect the dumbbells scattered in the tracks. Here, there are a lot of dumbbells just lying around and they will make you stronger. But be careful to only collect the right colored ones!

the big hit mod apk (Unlimited money) free download latest version

Fight Enemies – Here, there are plenty of enemies that will stop you in each level. These are obstacles in the form of bricks, spikes, and even ziplines. There are also many little enemies along the way that you can knock out using your arms. But at the end of each level, you’ll face a huge enemy that’s practically a giant! But don’t worry as you can knock it out with a lot of hits as you now have large arms.

Unlock levels – There are many levels to unlock and play today in this game. Enjoy different types of tracks with different obstacles in them that you will need to overcome. The game lets you get as many rewards as you can when you knock out the giant at the end.

Download The Big Hit Mod APK – Latest version

In The Big Hit, you can fight many giants and enemies! This is an obstacle course game that’s fun and enjoyable.

Download The Big Hit (85M)

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