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Download Smithing Master MOD APK latest version and save the world from savage monsters. It challenges you to forge sturdy weapons and exterminate the enemy.

Information of Smithing Master

Name Smithing Master
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 0.32.0
Size 311.57 Mb
Category Casual
Developer NGT Games
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Smithing Master

As the name suggests, Smithing Master APK for Android challenges you to become a smithing master. You will be introduced to a world full of chaos where deadly monsters are wreaking havoc.

As such, you must collect the necessary resources, forge powerful weapons, and fight your way against these creatures to restore peace. This game provides unique resources, including coal and iron ore, enabling you to unleash your blacksmithing skills and craft weapons with unbeatable power.

What's more, Smithing Master APK offers a balanced gameplay experience where you can upgrade your weapon strength, increase the defense of your armor, and create powerful battle strategies to take down enemies. This way, you will be immersed in every mission you undertake.

smithing master mod apk

If you've been looking for a game that combines smithing and combat, Smithing Master MOD APK for Android is the perfect match. Download it now and become a master smith to save your world.

Smithing Master Mod APK - A Brief Background

In the intricate world of Smithing Master APK, players find themselves amidst a realm that's barely holding on. The once prosperous kingdom is now in ruins after a devastating war.

To add to the despair, the land is under the oppressive rule of the Seven Deadly Sins, who show no mercy. Monsters now roam the lands freely, causing chaos and instilling fear in the hearts of the remaining inhabitants.

As a player, you step into the shoes of an unassuming hero - a master blacksmith. In a world where survival is uncertain, your profession is more than just a trade. It is a ray of hope for the worn-out populace. Your mission? To bring back peace and order by dethroning the Seven Deadly Sins from their unjust reign.

However, this monumental task demands bravery, resilience, strategic thinking, and a whole lot of smithing. You are tasked with forging hundreds of weapons, each one a masterpiece stronger and more potent than its predecessor.

But fear not, for you have reliable companions. Elves stand by your side, ready to assist in creating an arsenal powerful enough to challenge the reigning terror.

smithing master mod apk download

The gameplay offers an enticing blend of strategy, action, and crafting. As the master blacksmith, you're tasked with merging weapons to make them more potent. Every weapon you create is a step towards victory, a step towards overthrowing the Seven Deadly Sins, & a shield protecting the realm from the relentless monster attacks.

However, Smithing Master APK is more than just about forging weapons and battling foes. It's a story of a simple blacksmith who finds himself in extraordinary circumstances. It's a tale of rising from the ashes, standing up against oppression, & fighting for justice. 

If you're drawn to the idea of becoming a legendary smithing master, ready to confront formidable adversaries, and eager to carve your path to victory, then Smithing Master APK is the game for you. Download it now and unleash your blacksmith skills while engaging in fulfilling battles.

An Immersive Gameplay

Smithing Master APK opens a world where the clang of metal on metal is music to the ears, the heat of the forge is comforting, & the creation of a perfect weapon is the ultimate satisfaction. You become an apprentice blacksmith with dreams as big as the anvil before you - to become a master smith.


As you start the game, a tutorial helps you learn the ropes. It's simple, detailed, and very helpful. It gives you a good grip on the game's basics.

Your first task is to create an avatar. The game offers many options for this. You can select the hairstyle, outfit, and more, ensuring your character truly feels like your own.

Next, you dive into the world of forging. As an apprentice, you must learn to make exceptional weapons and armor. Each piece you create takes you closer to becoming a master and sharpens your skills.

But the art of smithing isn't just about creating; it's also about enhancing. Advancing weapons involves improving their attributes and increasing their power, thus enhancing your chances of victory in battles against fearsome foes.

smithing master mod apk unlimited money

Merging and cultivating are two other well-thought-out facets of the game that add depth to the gameplay. Merging allows you to combine similar items to create something more powerful, enabling you to optimize your resources. On the other hand, cultivating involves nurturing elves who aid you in your quest, from gathering resources to assisting in battles.

Additionally, resource management is key. As a blacksmith, you must strategically gather and use resources that are integral to your trade. You'll spend considerable time mining for ore and collecting coal, each resource crucial to your journey to becoming a master smith.

The game also lets you merge and synthesize unique materials, giving you the freedom to experiment and create rare, formidable weapons. This feature adds an element of surprise and anticipation since you never know what powerful weapon you might end up forging.

In essence, Smithing Master APK offers a deeply engaging gameplay experience that beautifully blends elements of RPG, strategy, and crafting. Every aspect of the game, from avatar creation to weapon forging, contributes to your captivating journey from an apprentice to a master smith. 

What Makes Smithing Master Mod APK Unique?

Several outstanding features make Smithing Master MOD APK download stand out from other games in its genre. They include:

  • Upgrade the Forging Anvil. As players progress, they will face more challenging tasks and tougher competitions. To keep up with these challenges, they need to continuously improve their crafting capabilities. Upgrading the anvil is a significant part of this process. An upgraded anvil allows players to forge more complex and powerful equipment, giving them an edge in the game.
  • Enhance Personal Strength and Equipment. This feature is crucial for progressing in the game. By improving their strength, players can perform tasks more efficiently and compete more effectively. On the other hand, enhancing equipment helps players become more resilient and capable of facing tougher challenges. 
  • Simple Controls. Despite its complex gameplay and a wide array of features, Smithing Master has simple and intuitive controls. The controls are easy to decipher & respond quickly, allowing players to focus on strategizing rather than struggling with the controls.


smithing master mod apk latest version
  • Eerie Environment. The game is set in an eerie, medieval environment, adding depth to the gameplay. The dark and mysterious setting creates an immersive atmosphere that keeps players engaged. The graphics are detailed and realistic, contributing to the overall gaming experience. Additionally, the sound effects are hypnotic, enhancing the eerie ambiance of the game & making it more captivating.
  • Numerous Quests and Competitions. These challenges allow players to test their skills, earn rewards, & progress in the game. The quests and competitions are diverse, ranging from simple tasks to complex missions (such as the boss world). This gives the game unrivaled twists and turns, guaranteeing high unpredictability. 
  • Hundreds of Weapons to Craft. One of the main highlights of Smithing Master is the vast array of weapons that players can craft. From basic swords to intricate magic stuffs, the game offers hundreds of different weapons to forge. Crafting these weapons requires strategic thinking and careful resource management. This feature encourages creativity and keeps players engaged as they experiment with different combinations and strategies.
  • Resource Management. In addition to crafting, Smithing Master also involves resource management. Players need to mine ores and gems, which are used to create equipment and upgrade the anvil. Managing these resources effectively is crucial for success in the game. This aspect of the game adds another layer of complexity and strategy.

Download Requirements and Additional Information 

Smithing Master is a relatively heavy game (approximately 220MB) and requires a mobile device or tablet with Android 5.0 or higher to operate optimally. You should also ensure you have at least 2GB RAM to enjoy a smooth and lag-free gameplay experience.

The game offers in-app purchases to accelerate progress. However, it is possible to complete the game without spending money. Smithing Master also offers regular updates with additional content & features. Overall, this game guarantees unrivaled entertainment to all 3+ fans.

Tested and Proven Tips for Playing Smithing Master Like a Pro

  • Get Familiar with all the Weapons. Smithing Master offers hundreds of weapons to craft and each one has its unique characteristics. Take the time to understand each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses before crafting it.
  • Use Resources Wisely. When it comes to resource management, don’t be too hasty in spending resources on upgrades. Make sure to plan and use resources wisely as they are essential for completing the game.
smithing master mod apk for android
  • Take Advantage of Special Events. You should look out for special events that offer exclusive rewards such as rare items, coins, & more! Taking advantage of these opportunities will help you progress faster in the game.
  • Upgrade Your Anvil Regularly. Upgrading the anvil is essential as it unlocks higher-tier weapons. Make sure to upgrade your anvil regularly to craft more powerful weapons.


Smithing Master is a great game for people who love crafting and strategy. It challenges players to craft powerful weapons to protect their kingdom from the invading forces. With its gorgeous visuals, challenging missions, and interesting characters, this game promises countless hours of entertainment. Download Smithing Master now and become a knight of the forge.

Download Smithing Master (311.57 Mb)


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