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Download Settlement Survival MOD APK latest version and build a self-sustaining city. It tests your leadership & strategy skills as you lead your people to prosperity.

Information of Settlement Survival

Name Settlement Survival
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.0.57
Size 567.3 MB
Category Simulation
Developer X.D. Network
Price $4.99
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About Settlement Survival

Settlement Survival is a survival simulator game offered by XD Network. It allows you to build a habitable city from scratch in the world of post-apocalyptic wilderness. You will explore, craft, mine resources, and lead your people to survive in this dangerous environment.

The game is packed with deep strategic elements where you will build/manage resources while maintaining a thriving settlement. You must create systems for water, food, defense, and many more necessities of life.

Moreover, the game is open-ended, allowing you to unleash your creativity & build a unique city with its own culture, architecture, and resources. Brace yourself for a slew of obstacles, from monsters & wild animals to hostile factions & natural disasters.

If you manage your team with thoughtfulness and make wise decisions, success is yours for the taking. It will be a fulfilling experience to see your city grow into a prosperous settlement. Download Settlement Survival MOD APK for Android and test your managerial skills.

Settlement Survival APK - Background Story

Imagine a world where every society has been decimated by an unknown cataclysmic event. You have landed in this post-apocalyptic world with only a few essentials and a handful of people.

Now it's up to you to save them from certain death. You must build shelter and gather resources. You must also discover other survivors, struggling to make it.

settlement survival mod apk

With your quick-wittedness, power, and conviction at its pinnacle, guide them on their mission of reconstructing a bustling city from nothing. Are you able to reclaim this distressed society and get it back up? Download Settlement Survival MOD APK 2023 and embark on an epic journey of survival.

How to Play Settlement Survival APK?

Settlement Survival is a mobile game that has been gaining popularity among gamers due to its unique combination of resource management and post-apocalyptic storytelling. It puts players in charge of a settlement, having them manage resources and build a community while protecting against threats from the outside world. Here's how to play the game:

  • Starting Up

When you open up Settlement Survival APK, you’ll be presented with an overview page that gives you an idea of the game. From here, you can customize your character, choose which items/skills to use, and the type of settlement to build. Once you’ve made these decisions, it’s time to start playing.

  • Resource Management

Resource management is one of the most critical aspects of Settlement Survival APK. Players must balance gathering resources & building structures and defending the settlement. Resources can be gathered by building harvesters around resource nodes such as trees or mining sites.


To use these resources effectively, players need to construct storage buildings, including stockpiles or warehouses. They can then move the resources into those buildings for safekeeping until needed later.

settlement survival mod apk download
  • Building Structures

Players can construct walls, houses, and other buildings to expand their settlement. Buildings come in various shapes & sizes depending on their purpose. For example, a house will require more resources than a barn, which is used for storing livestock.

Players should take care when constructing buildings as they can negatively impact the environment, such as by reducing the number of trees or using up valuable resources.

  • Defending Your Settlement

Players must defend their settlement from monsters, wild animals, and hostile factions. To do this, players can build defensive structures such as walls or towers, recruit soldiers to fight for them, and craft weapons.

Additionally, defensive structures like barricades or trenches superbly protect against incoming attacks. This means it’s less likely for enemy forces to break through your lines and reach your home base.

Other Exceptional Features of the Game

  • An Open-World Game Concept. Players will have the opportunity to traverse a sizable map, featuring varied terrains and atmospheres. This dynamic environment gives players an immersive experience with more possibilities for resource discovery.
  • Settlement-Building Mechanic. You can customize your settlement and assemble it exactly how you want. It's incredibly gratifying as you fortify your base with defensive tools that protect it against enemies. As the area grows more dynamic, so does your sense of accomplishment.
  • A Variety of Foes and Allies. You'll come across a range of adversaries in your journey, from dangerous mutants to rival factions. But luckily, you can also form alliances with fellow survivors who will help fight off enemies and provide much-needed resources.
  • Captivating Storyline and Intense Combat System. As you traverse through the game, an exciting plotline will unravel. The combat system is comprehensive and fast-paced, requiring astute tactical maneuvers & prudent decision-making to survive.
settlement survival mod apk latest version
  • Deep Crafting System and Diverse Resources. You can leverage a plethora of resources, allowing you to create an array of items. The crafting system is highly customizable and lets you design powerful armor or weapons with ease.
  • Diversify Your Trade. Diversify your trade to guarantee the prosperity of your settlement by engaging in various economic activities such as farming, mining, commerce, and building. Trading can also be an effective way to obtain resources or grow your area.
  • Reclaim Land and Sow Crops. You can reclaim your settlement's land by clearing out stumps and stones from the ground. Afterward, plant crops to nourish your people and procure a steady income simultaneously.
  • Balance Your Population. You need energetic and hardworking settlers to help build your settlement. As such, you must ensure reproduction is managed properly and your population remains balanced. Manage sickness, births, and deaths accordingly to ensure your settlement progresses efficiently.
  • Engaging Social Interactions. You can interact with other survivors and factions in the game world. This will give you more chances to learn about their culture, exchange goods, or persuade them to join you.


System Requirements and Additional Information

This APK game is approximately 512MB, making it suitable for most Android devices. It is optimized for Android 5.0+ & requires a minimum of 2GB RAM.

However, the game is premium, and you'll require $4.99 to download the app. Once you do, you won't be bombarded with ads or in-app purchases.

The game has a vibrant community and is regularly updated with bug fixes and other exciting feature additions. Join the game and lead your settlement to prosperity.

Proven Tips for Playing Settlement Survival APK

  • Gather Resources. You must be vigilant in gathering resources to ensure your settlement can withstand the harshness of the environment. Ensure you have ample wood, stone, food, and other materials before embarking on missions or building constructions.
  • Invest Wisely. Your actions will directly impact the success of your settlement. Invest in defensive tools and acquire allies to gain an edge against enemies.
settlement survival mod apk for android
  • Manage Your Population. Balance your population by encouraging birth rates and managing sickness & death rates accordingly. This will ensure that your settlement isn't overwhelmed by too many people or depleted due to a lack of them.
  • Monitor Your Settlers. Keep a close eye on your settlers and their activities. Assess their productivity, and step in if necessary to motivate them to work harder.
  • Exploit Trading Opportunities. Trade with other settlements and allies to acquire resources, grow your settlement, and make extra money.


Settlement Survival MOD APK download challenges players to manage a settlement and fend off enemies. It features an immersive world, an intricate combat system, and a deep crafting system.

You can also diversify your trade, reclaim land, sow crops, balance your population, and interact with other survivors or factions. Download the game to test your tactical skills and lead your settlement to prosperity.

Download Settlement Survival (567.3 MB)


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