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Download Rusted Warfare Mod APK Unlimited money for irresistible real-time strategy gameplay. It has a retro look & feel, yet the gameplay is fresh, engaging, and rewarding.

Information of Rusted Warfare

Name Rusted Warfare
Compatible with Android 2.2+
Last version 1.15
Size 24.31 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer Corroding games
Price $2.0
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Rusted Warfare

Rusted Warfare is a fast-paced strategy game offered by Corroding Games. It features high-octane action and requires players to have quick reflexes and sharp wit.

The game is set in an expensive world with several warring factions. You must bring in your strategies and expertise to win the battles and emerge victorious.

rusted warfare mod apk

There are different types of buildings and units available in the game. You must make use of them to create an impenetrable defense and wage fierce attacks on your opponents.

If you enjoyed playing games like Command & Conquer and Total Annihilation, you will love Rusted Warfare. It has the same kind of frenetic gameplay but with a unique retro feel that gives you a nostalgic gaming experience.

Numerous Missions to Undertake

Rusted Warfare comes with 4 main missions to challenge your strategic planning skills. You can also undertake special missions that appear randomly. The 4 main missions are:

  • This is the main story mode of the game. It features a series of missions arranged linearly. You must complete one mission to unlock the next one. They offer lots of rewards, and you can regularly upgrade your units and buildings.
  • This mode lets you play against the AI in customizable matches. You can decide on the number of enemy factions, map size, and other conditions. The gameplay is unforgiving, and you must make use of every resource at your disposal to win.
rusted warfare mod apk download
  • As the name suggests, this mode is all about survival. You must battle through hordes of enemies and emerge victorious. The gameplay is intense, and you'll be required to unleash your best tactics to survive the attacks. You can also collect rewards by completing different objectives.
  • Regular Challenges. These are special missions that you can complete to earn rewards. They are different from the main missions and can be undertaken at any time. The challenges keep you on your toes and help you hone your skills.

All these challenges will pit you against AI-controlled factions. The AI is quite intelligent, and you must use all your cunning and guile to outsmart them. If you are sluggish and lackluster, you will be annihilated.

Online vs. Offline Gameplay

This game is versatile and can be played both online and offline. In the offline mode, you can play against the AI. The computer-controlled factions are quite intelligent and will give you a run for your money.

If you want more excitement and challenge, you can go for the online mode. This cross-platform multiplayer mode lets you battle over Wi-Fi or mobile networks. The gameplay is quite competitive, and you must always be on your toes.


rusted warfare mod apk unlimited money

Whether you play online or offline, you will enjoy the same level of excitement and challenge. The graphics are impressive, and the gameplay is captivating. You will be hooked to this game for hours without boredom.

Even better, the game saves your multiplayer progress, so you can continue from where you left off. This way, you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience without interruption.

Numerous Maps

There are dozens of maps available in the game. They are randomly generated, and you will never know what to expect. The maps are also well-designed and offer different tactical opportunities. You must make use of the terrain to your advantage and outsmart your opponents.

The maps are also visually appealing and add to the immersive gameplay experience. You will be transported to a war-torn world where you must use all your skills to defeat your enemies.

rusted warfare mod apk latest version

The maps offer a lot of replay value, and you can keep coming back for more. There is always something new to discover, and you can never get bored of the game.

Units and Buildings

There is a wide range of units and buildings available in the game. You can use them to create an impenetrable defense or mount a ferocious attack on your opponents.

The units include infantry, tanks, planes, artillery, and more. Each unit has unique strengths and weaknesses, so you must use them judiciously.

You can also build structures such as barracks, factories, resource centers, and more. These buildings play a crucial role in your success, and you must upgrade them regularly.

Other strategic & tactical opportunities include:

  • Flying Fortress. This is a powerful plane that can inflict massive damage on your opponents. It is equipped with bombs and missiles and can take down even the most heavily fortified structures. You must use it wisely, as it takes time to reload.
rusted warfare mod apk for android
  • These are powerful weapons that can take down even the most heavily armored units. You must use them judiciously, as they are quite expensive.
  • Combat Engineers. These are special units that can construct amphibious jets and heavy jets. They can travel over water and bridges and are very versatile.
  • Amphibious Jets. These are powerful units that attack both land and water units. They are very effective against boats and can also take down land units.
  • Shielded Hovertanks. This is a powerful unit that is equipped with a shield. The shield protects it from enemy fire, and it can also attack other units.
  • Laser Defenses. These use laser beams to attack enemy units. They are very effective against air units and can also take down land units.


When you use these units and buildings wisely, you can achieve victory. The game offers a lot of strategic depth, and you can keep coming up with new ways to use them.

Other Unique Features to Explore

  • No Microtransactions. This game does not have any microtransactions. You can also rest assured that you will not be forced to spend any money to progress in the game.
rusted warfare mod apk 2022
  • No Artificial Wait Time. This game does not have any artificial wait time. You can play it at your own pace and take as long as you want to complete the levels.
  • No Ads. You will never have to see any annoying ads while playing the game. You can enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience without distractions.
  • 40+ Units. This game has land, sea, and air units. They are well-balanced to ensure you have a lot of tactical options.
  • Simple User Interface. This game has a simple and user-friendly interface. You will not have any trouble understanding how to play the game. You can zoom in and out of the maps and see the action from different angles. This will also enable you to make commands easily.
  • Intense Gameplay. This game is designed to be fast-paced and action-packed. You will need to think quickly and make the right decisions to win. The game also has a lot of replay value, as you can keep trying new strategies.
  • USB Keyboard & Mouse Support. This game has full support for USB keyboards and mice. You can connect them to your device and use them to play the game with unmatched ease.
  • Create & Load Custom Levels. This game allows you to create and load custom levels. You can use the level editor to create your maps and scenarios. You can also share them with other players.
rusted warfare apk
  • Beautiful Graphics & Sound Systems. This game uses retro graphics that feel like they’re from the 90s. The sound system is world-class and will help you immerse into the gameplay. You will hear the sounds of guns, explosions, and more.

Rusted Warfare MOD APK Download

The Rusted MOD APK 2023 version of the game offers numerous benefits. Its extraordinary features help you advance in the game quickly.

Besides, the Rusted Warfare MOD APK unlimited money can help you buy the best units and buildings. You will not have to spend any real money to progress in the game.


Rusted Warfare is an excellent game that offers a lot of value. It has many features that make it unique and worth playing. For example, its diverse units and buildings, simple user interface, lack of microtransactions, and more.

You can also download the Rusted Warfare MOD APK for Android to get even more benefits. It will offer unlimited resources that can help you progress quickly in the game.

Download Rusted Warfare (24.31 Mb)


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