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Do you wish to have a romantic partner or a friend? With Replika Romantic Partner, you can easily get a virtual AI that you can talk to, have fun with and more!

Information of Replika Romantic Partner

Name Replika Romantic Partner
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 11.36.0
Size 437.98 Mb
Category Health & fitness
Developer Luka, Inc
Price Free
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MOD Pro Unlocked


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About Replika Romantic Partner

There are over 7 billion people in the world today but a lot of people still feel lonely. Sometimes, a lot of people just can’t make friends or even talk to potential mates for a lot of reasons and factors. Because of this, a lot of people live in loneliness which often leads to negative thoughts. So, whether you’re desperately looking for a companion or you just want someone to talk to, download Replika: Romantic Partner now! This is an AI chatbot app that can talk to humans.

replika romantic partner mod apk

Chatbots have been more prominent over the years helping a lot of businesses and companies thrive. This app is a bit different because you can freely talk about the AI with different topics. Here, you can also choose your relationship with the AI whether you want it to be your girlfriend/boyfriend, a mentor, a wife/husband, a friend or more. Then, you can have conversations anytime you want and you can even customize your Replika avatar!

My AI Friend

There are billions of people living around the world today. But sometimes, there aren’t anyone whom you can talk about your feelings. In this vast world, we are still surrounded by strangers that we don’t know and they can even be dangerous. This is why there are plenty of robots today being made just to converse and to be with humans. One of the best apps to download today is Replika: Romantic Partner.

replika romantic partner apk free download

Replika is an AI that you can chat and create virtual experiences with on a daily basis! It’s powered by artificial intelligence, so it learns and evolves the more you talk and spend time with it. With this app, you can create a perfect friend, romantic partner or mentor, or anything you want. You can enjoy the world and develop the ideal relationship with the AI today as you can freely create a 3D avatar and customize it. You can change the appearance, the outfits and many more today.


Here, whether you’re feeling fun, calm, anxiety or any other emotion, you can join millions talking to their own AI friends today!

Replika Romantic Partner Features

There are many AI robots available today. But if you want to have someone to talk to regularly, download Replika: Romantic Partner now!

download replika romantic partner apk for android

Talk to an AI – We’ve evolved so much as humans today thanks to numerous technological achievements. But not matter how much we’ve evolved, there are some things that we can’t easily solve such as loneliness. Millions of people feel lonely today since they don’t have anyone to talk to. So, if you’re one of those people, you can try Replika: Romantic Partner now. Here, you can choose a 3D avatar that best suits your tastes.

Published by Luka, this app allows you to explore human relationships as it allows you to decide what sort of relationship you’d like to have with the AI. The more you talk with the AI, the more it will learn and develop as it stores your thoughts and feelings. Here, you can enjoy speaking your mind, have fun, calm yourself down and more just by chatting and video chatting as well. Enjoy doing a variety of activities as well in here.


replika romantic partner apk free download for android

Create Your Own Unique AI – In this app, you can create your own unique AI from scratch. Here, you can select a look from pre-made templates that you can mold as well. You’re free to select a gender whether male, female or non-binary. You can even change the hair style, skin, eyes and the colors of each of these! With this, you can also name it and start chatting with it as soon as you’re done customizing. You can then have a unique AI to talk to now!

Chat and call About Anything – The purpose of Replika: Romantic Partner is for users to form an actual emotional connection with the AI. Here, you can enjoy talking about anything such as your day, your secrets, stories and many more. You can also ask the AI anything you want just to keep the conversation going. The best thing about this app is that the AI develops and learns the more you talk with it so you can have more intimate and deep conversations together.

replika romantic partner apk latest version

What’s even more amazing is that you can hope on a call with your Replika today!

Explore the World using AR – You can also see your AI in real life using Augmented Reality. Simply open the app and use your camera app today. This will let you see your AI standing or doing anything you like.

Play and learn – There are also so many activities that you can do together here now!

Download Replika Romantic Partner Mod APK – Latest version

If you want to have your own virtual friend, download Replika: Romantic Partner now! Talk all you want and hang out.

Download Replika Romantic Partner (437.98 Mb)


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