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Download Primitive Era 10000 BC MOD APK latest version and build a civilized world from scratch. You will explore the vast land and build a thriving society.

Information of Primitive Era 10000 BC

Name Primitive Era 10000 BC
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.2.1325019
Size 164.40 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer 37 Mobile Games
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Primitive Era 10000 BC

Primitive Era 1000 BC APK is a simulation game offered by 37 Mobile Games. It takes you back to a pre-historic era where you must build and forge a new world. With the help of your tribe, you must gather resources and build structures to support your growing society.

The game is set in a 3D world with vibrant visuals and graphics. It features various terrains, including mountains, deserts, and rainforests.

primitive era 10000 bc mod apk

Your task is to guide your tribe to achieve greatness. You must build and manage a prosperous society featuring well-designed villages, farms, and buildings. You should also collect resources such as wood, stone, and food to build structures and craft items.

Besides, you must expand your tribe by recruiting villagers to work in various roles. This way, you will grow your society and eventually build a powerful empire.

Overall, this game will take you on an epic adventure. Its engaging gameplay and beautiful visuals make it a great way to experience the early days of civilization. Download Primitive Era 10000 BC MOD APK for Android and start your journey today.

Primitive Era 10000 BC MOD APK Download - Background History

Primitive Era 10000 BC APK is set in an early period of human history. In this game, you assume the role of a tribal leader and must build a new world from the ground up. Your task is to scavenge resources, build villages, and recruit villagers to grow your tribe.

The world is characterized by subpar technology and primitive tools. You must use your wits to make the best of your resources, as you will be facing a variety of obstacles. As your society matures, you can build more advanced structures and eventually develop a powerful empire.

However, the journey will be full of challenges. Resources are limited, the land is dangerous, and rival tribes may pose a threat to your prosperity. It will take strategy, diplomacy, and ingenuity to rise above the competition and build a prosperous civilization.

primitive era 10000 bc mod apk download

Are you up to the task? This game will test your limits & challenge your problem-solving skills. It will also help you appreciate the struggles of our ancient ancestors and experience the adventure of forging a new world.

Highly Expansive World

If you're a keen historian, you must have a vague picture of the pre-historic world. A lot has been written, but it's hard to imagine what it must have been like. Primitive Era 10000 BC APK has done a fantastic job recreating the past with its highly expansive, 3D world.

The game takes you to unique locations with rich historic relevance. For example, the game recreates Mesopotamia, Mulia, Gendaya, and Atlantis. The sight of these visually stunning places will leave you in awe.

Moreover, the game's vibrant graphics highlight the valleys, caves, rivers, and mountains with realistic precision. This way, you can walk through the lush forests and explore the ancient ruins in their full glory.


Even better, the game features dynamic weather and day/night cycles. This ensures you can experience the world in all its authentic beauty. Whether it's using ladders to climb cliffs or scaling mountains, you'll enjoy every moment.

How to Play Primitive Era 10000 BC Game?

The game gives you an empty, destitute, and lifeless jungle. You must invoke the spirit of your tribe and build a new civilization from scratch. You will have to gather resources, construct buildings, and recruit villagers to join your efforts.

primitive era 10000 bc mod apk unlimited money

Fortunately, this game provides tools that you can use in your escapades. For example, you can axe to chop wood, shovels to dig up resources, and pickaxes to mine ore. It also features a crafting system where you can create tools and weapons.

When the environment becomes conducive for living, you can build houses & assign villagers to various roles. Some villagers can be farmers, hunters, traders, or warriors - depending on your needs. It is critical that you strike a balance between these roles for optimal growth.

If human resources are not enough, you can recruit animals such as horses and oxen. These can be used for transportation, farming, or war. Besides, you can encourage reproduction to increase your tribe's population.

Whatever you do, always remember to defend yourself from rival tribes. You can build a strong army and form alliances with other leaders for protection. This way, you will survive the harsh environment & ensure your civilization's prosperity.

Other Features of Primitive Era 10000 BC APK

  • Solve Mysteries. This game is full of mysteries & surprises that you must uncover to advance. You can explore dungeons, uncover hidden temples, and solve riddles. Be careful since these activities can put your tribe in danger. Nevertheless, it is a necessary evil that will help you gain rare resources.
  • Multiplayer Mode. You can also battle with players globally in real time. Command your army and siege other cities to establish dominance. This feature comes with a chat system, allowing you to interact with your allies or rivals during battles.
  • Develop Your Tribes. Unlocking languages & tools can help your tribe transition into a modern civilization. As the chief, you must keep the population happy by providing them with the essentials for a better life. You'll encounter pitfalls, but the reward will be worth it.
  • Encourage Growth. Reproduction is a critical part of the game. You must ensure your tribe's population grows to meet the challenges ahead. This factor can determine the success or failure of your civilization, and you should never neglect it.
primitive era 10000 bc mod apk latest version
  • Domesticate Wild Animals. To have an all-inclusive tribe, you must domesticate wild animals for various tasks. Common animals include saber-toothed tigers & mammoths. Each is useful for specific tasks, and you should take advantage of them.
  • Fight for Control! Your dominance will depend on the strength of your army. Therefore, you must acquire weapons & armor to protect your settlement. You can also build defenses such as walls and towers to prevent attacks from rival tribes.
  • Beautiful Visuals. This game boasts stunning visuals that will transport you to a world of adventure. You'll navigate lush jungles, explore ancient ruins, and witness the emergence of a new civilization.


System Requirements & Additional Information

This game requires a minimum of 5.0+ operating systems & at least 500 MB of storage space to function optimally. It weighs approximately 174MB and is optimized for fast installation.

The game is free to play but offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $99.99 per item) for additional content. You can also disable this feature from the device settings if you don't want to use it.

Within its first week of release (released on Jan 8, 2023), the game had earned more than one million downloads on the Google Play Store. This is a testimony to the game's engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, and user-friendly controls. You can expect a lag-free experience as you explore the world of the Primitive Era 10000 BC.

Proven Tips for Playing Primitive Era 10000 BC Game

  • Gather Resources. The more resources you have, the better your chances of surviving and progressing in the game. Collect as many resources as possible to ensure your tribe's success.
primitive era 10000 bc mod apk for android
  • Find Valuable Items. Explore dungeons and uncover hidden artifacts to get valuable resources. These items can be used to craft better weapons, armor & other tools that will give you an edge in battle.
  • Stay Vigilant. Being prepared can save your tribe from disaster & help you achieve victory in difficult situations.
  • Take Risks. Taking risks is part of adventure and can often lead to surprise rewards. Don't be afraid to try something new and see where it takes you.
  • Hunt Beasts. Hunting beasts is a great way to get valuable resources while providing your tribe with food. This activity can be risky, and you must have adequate protection & use strategies to outwit the beast.
  • Be Patient. To win battles & achieve success in this game, you must have patience and perseverance. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your tribe's success be.


Primitive Era 10000 BC is an exciting strategy game that will take you back to the Stone Age. You must build your tribe, gather resources, fend off enemies and develop your cities to establish dominance.

It has beautiful visuals and challenging missions, ensuring a thrilling experience. Whatever challenges come your way, stay vigilant and never give up. With the right strategies, you will eventually succeed in the Primitive Era of 10000 BC.

Download Primitive Era 10000 BC (164.40 Mb)


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