Marvel Realm of Champions Mod APK 6.1.0 (Unlimited money)

Icon Marvel Realm of Champions Mod APK 6.1.0 (Unlimited money)
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Immerse yourself into the world of Marvel with your favorite hero roles. Customize & clash in epic battles. Download Marvel Realm of Champions Mod APK Latest Version free for Android.

Information of Marvel Realm of Champions

Name Marvel Realm of Champions
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version 6.1.0
Size 63.96 Mb
Category Action
Developer Kabam Games, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Marvel Realm of Champions

Now is your chance to become a member of the Marvel Universe. Take on the role of one of your favorite heroes and duke it out against other players or through the campaign. These aren’t your regular heroes; this is your new persona.

Create Your Champ

Choose your hero and compete in various arenas in death matches, conquests, and more! All done in real-time multiplayer action!

Marvel Realm of Champions Characters

Like we previously mentioned, you assume the role of your favorite heroes from the Marvel Universe. Instead of becoming one of these characters, you can take on one of the many personas behind the mask. Choose a class and customize them the way you see fit. Here are some of the more notable Marvel Realm of Champions Characters you can choose from, and their abilities.

Marvel realm Of Champions Mod Apk

Super Soldier

First, the infamous Super Soldier. Based off of the leader of the Avengers, Captain America. This character can deal massive amounts of damage and is a true tank of the field.



  • Civil Warrior Arc Shield
  • Vibranium Shield


  • Arc Bash
  • Assemble!
  • Combat Roll
  • Crackdown
  • Shield Throw
  • Freedom strike
  • Force Shield
  • Patriot Punch
  • Unlimited money
Marvel realm Of Champions Mod Apk

Iron Legionnaire

Take one the abilities of the playboy millionaire himself, Tony Stark. Blast enemies into next week with these devastating weapons of mass destructions used from Iron Man.


  • Drones
  • Lasers


  • Arc Reactor Flight
  • Airstrike Barrage
  • Laser Volley
  • Iron Punch
  • Repulsor Blast
  • Repulsor Dash
  • Tri-Beam Blast
  • Sol Ectro-Cage
  • Twin Lasers
Marvel realm Of Champions Mod Apk

Black Panther

This one should be rather obvious. Take your place on the throne and use the powers of your vibranium suit to wreak havoc against anything in your way. The powers of the Black Panther have been entrusted to you.


  • Spear
  • Claws


  • Ambush Strike
  • Hunting Grounds
  • Feral Stab
  • Kinetic Shield
  • Panther Pounce
  • Clawed Slash
  • Feline Leap
Marvel realm Of Champions Mod Apk

Web Warrior

Can you take a wild guess at who this character is based on? We’ll give you one try…Obviously the web-slinging friendly neighborhood has some work cut out for him with this look-alike slinging crime around.


  • Web Shooters
  • Gatling Shooters


  • Powl
  • Thwip!
  • See Ya!
  • Web Sling!
  • Blockbuster!
  • Stick Around!
  • Midtown Kick!
  • Hangin’ Out!

Quite the expressive types of names, huh? Just what you would think from the fowl-mouthed, yet, good-hearted hero.

Marvel Realm of Champions Mod APK Free Download

If you are looking for the best Marvel game for Android, or something close to it, download the Marvel Realm of Champions APK latest version now. This is a game big enough to hold only those worthy of becoming a hero of the MU.

Download Marvel Realm of Champions (63.96 Mb)


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