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Download Logify Mod APK Premium unlocked Latest version and manage your children's device usage. It gives detailed online time reports, allowing parents to pick weird patterns.

Information of Logify

Name Logify
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 8.2
Size 8.82 Mb
Category Tools
Developer UNQ Apps
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Premium unlocked
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About Logify

Often, parents allow their kids to use their smartphones and tablets, not realizing the potential harm that can come from excessive usage. The obsession with social media and online games can lead to addiction and neglect of responsibilities.

Logify APK for Android helps parents monitor their children's online activity, giving them control over the time spent on device usage. It sends notifications whenever your child surpasses is online & keeps track of the cumulative time spent on WhatsApp.

logify mod apk

If you're wondering how to tame your child's screen time addiction, Logify APK is a valuable tool. Download now and take back control!

Why You Need Logify APK

Did you know that sleep deprivation is a major side effect of excessive smartphone usage? By monitoring your child's device usage, Logify APK helps prevent the negative impact on their health and overall well-being.

Additionally, it can detect any unusual patterns in app usage that may indicate potential dangers, such as cyberbullying or online predators. As a parent, it is critical to take proactive steps in protecting your child's safety.

Don't wait until it's too late - download Logify APK and start managing your child's device usage now. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing they are safe and healthy.

Benefits of Using Logify APK

  • Easy to Install & Use. This application was designed with simplicity in mind, allowing for easy installation and use. You will not have to deal with any complicated technicalities. As such, you can start monitoring your child's device usage immediately.
logify mod apk download
  • Detailed Reports. Logify APK provides comprehensive reports on the time spent online, broken down by specific target usage. This allows you to understand your child's online habits and address any issues effectively.
  • Get Notifications. Whenever your target is online, you will get notified to keep track of their usage. This way, you can ensure that your child is not spending too much time on their device. This can help avert potential addiction and health problems.
  • Clutter-Free User Interface. This application has a clean and organized user interface, allowing easy navigation. You will not have to deal with unnecessary distractions or complications in managing your child's device usage.
  • Super Versatile. While this app is specially meant for parent-children use, it can also be used for managing other people. For example, you can track your wife's/husband's online usage or even employee's device usage in the workplace. However, this use requires consent from the other party.
  • Monitor Sleep Patterns. In most cases, people chat on their devices before bedtime. While this may appear normal, it carries a significant risk of sleep deprivation. With this app, you can always ask your target to put down their device and have a good night's rest.
  • A Truthful Partner. It is nearly impossible to lie about online usage with Logify APK, as it provides accurate reports on the time spent on WhatsApp. It also shows real-time online/offline status, ensuring honesty in usage.
logify mod apk premium unlocked

Overall, Logify APK is a valuable tool for parents to monitor and manage their child's device usage. It helps prevent potential addiction, health issues, and safety hazards. Download its latest version and take control now.

Upgrade to Logify APK Premium

If you want to further enhance your user experience, consider upgrading to Logify APK Premium. This upgrade has exceptional features, including:

  • Unlimited Real-Time Notifications. With this upgrade, you will receive unlimited notifications about your child's online status. This allows for even more accurate and consistent monitoring of their device usage.
  • Customizable Use. In the settings, you can change and customize how Logify APK functions for your specific needs. This includes setting time limits and receiving notifications.
  • Extended Reports. The premium version provides extended reports on device usage, including a weekly and hourly overview. This allows better understanding and management of your child's online habits.
logify mod apk for android
  • Last Seen Reports. This feature shows the last time your child was online, providing an even more thorough analysis of their device usage. Fortunately, you can see whenever you get blocked by your child, enabling a more open and honest conversation about device usage.
  • Accurate Log Times. Besides knowing the cumulative time spent online, the premium version also shows the exact start and end times of device usage. This way, you can evaluate the usage based on the time of day, enabling more targeted and effective management.

Upgrade now to take advantage of these exceptional features and ensure a healthier and safer online environment for your child. It is a simple process that involves monthly or annual subscription payments. You can cancel anytime.

Logify MOD APK Download

The Logify MOD APK Premium Unlocked version is also available 100% free of charge. This version has all the features of the premium upgrade, but you do not have to pay any subscription fees.

logify apk

Additionally, the Logify MOD APK download is free of ads. The clutter-free, user-friendly interface is even more enhanced in this version. This way, you can focus on managing your child's device usage without distractions.


If you are a parent concerned about your child's device usage, download Logify APK now. It is a valuable tool for monitoring and managing usage, helping prevent potential addiction and safety hazards.

You can also upgrade to Logify APK Premium or download the MOD APK version for enhanced features and a better user experience. Take control now and ensure a healthier online environment for your child.

Download Logify (8.82 Mb)

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