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Have you always wanted to use iOS apps? With iEMU, you can easily switch between Android and iOS. Enjoy a variety of apps today without a new phone.

Information of iEMU (IOS Emulator)

Name iEMU (IOS Emulator)
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version
Size 6.3 MB
Category Personalization
Developer CiderTeam
Price Free
MOD IOS Emulator


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About iEMU (IOS Emulator)

Smartphones have brought so many positive things into our lives today that it’s almost impossible to live without one. They make communication easier, playing games more convenient as well as a lot of other things. But today, there are two competing operating systems which is Android and iOS. Both have their own uniqueness and specs but if you’ve always wanted to try iOS, then iEMU is your new companion. Basically, this app lets you use any iOS apps on your Android device!

Iemu (IOS Emulator) Mod Apk Unlocked Free Download Latest version

We use a lot of apps these days that serve different purposes. There’s an app for maps, an app to see all the restaurants, an app to play games, and even instant messaging apps. But if you’re an Android user, there’s a huge chance that you might have been curious about iOS for a while but you don’t have a budget to buy an iPhone. If this is you, you don’t need to worry as with iEMU, you can get an iOS operating system today.

How iEMU Works

If you don’t know it yet, Android and iOS are two of the most popular operating systems today for mobile. Although there are also others like Microsoft and Linux, most people only use one of the two. But we all know how expensive Apple products can be which lets people choose Android instead. So, if you’ve always wondered what it’s like to use iOS, you can get that experience simply by downloading iEMU. This is a simulation app that simulates the iOS system completely.

Iemu (IOS Emulator) Mod Apk Unlocked Free Download Latest version

This means you can now download all the apps you want from the App Store right at your Android phone! This wouldn’t normally be possible since you can’t install two operating systems with one phone. But this app lets you turn your phone into an iOS while you’re using the app so you can still change back to Android whenever you want. But while you’re using the iOS interface, you can get the same experience as with Apple products.


This is a necessary app especially for people who want to use apps and games that are only available at the App Store.

iEMU Features

If you want to use iOS without breaking the bank and buying a new phone, try iEMU! This app transforms your Android into iOS for as long as you want.

Iemu (IOS Emulator) Mod Apk Unlocked Free Download Latest version

Use iOS on Android – We use our phones almost everywhere we go today whether at school, work, public transport, park or anywhere else. We also use a ton of apps that does certain things for us such as call our friends, bank online and many more. But perhaps one of the most powerful apps you can download today is iEMU which allows you to experience iOS right at your Android phone! With this app, you can essentially experience the iOS interface which is just like a real Apple device.

Here, you can get the same interface, app designs and layouts so you can get the full experience. It’s like buying an iOS device without actually spending anything! Here, you can now download and use iOS apps and games even when you’re using an Android phone. You can also revert back to Android once you stop using the app for convenience.


Simulate iOS – A lot of people especially those living in 3rd world countries can’t afford Apple products. This is simply because these products are super expensive whereas Android products can get as low as $150 today. But when you have an app like iEMU, you no longer need to buy any iOS product to get the same experience. With this app, you can get the same view, apps and the layout that you’ve always wanted to try. This app essentially gives you the overall iOS software experience that you want to try.

Iemu (IOS Emulator) Mod Apk Unlocked Free Download Latest version

Download iOS Apps and Games – Having the ability to get the same feeling and experience of using an iOS device is great. But this app takes things to the next level by actually letting you to download iOS apps and games! Most apps and games today are available in both operating systems but there are also a lot of them that are exclusive in one system only. This is your chance to try out these exclusive apps and games without spending anything. Freely play and use the apps as you wish and you can delete them afterwards as well.

Free to use – This app is completely free to download and use today. You don’t need to pay anything and there are no hidden charges.

No need to root – The app also doesn’t require users to root their phone. This means you can retain your phone warranty!

Download iEMU Mod APK – Latest version

If you want to have a go at the iOS experience, download iEMU now and enjoy exclusive apps and games.

Download iEMU (IOS Emulator) (6.3 MB)


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