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Download Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK All cars unlocked, moonlander unlocked latest version 2024 for hilarious uphill racing. It has 20+ vehicles and lots of customization options to personalize your gameplay.

Information of Hill Climb Racing 2

Name Hill Climb Racing 2
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.61.2
Size 205.39 Mb
Category Racing
Developer Fingersoft
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD All cars unlocked


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb is the second installment of the popular racing game franchise. Whereas the original game was more focused on delivering an arcade-style driving experience, this sequel ramps up the realism and offers a more comprehensive gameplay experience.

The player takes control of several different vehicles as they race their way up hilly tracks, performing stunts and collecting coins. The player can also customize their vehicles with a wide range of upgrades and modifications.

hill climb racing 2 apk

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a free-to-play game, but it does contain in-app purchases for things like premium currency and vehicle upgrades. However, these are not necessary to progress through the game and can be ignored if desired.

Why Hill Climb Racing 2 is Unique

The original Hill Climb Racing was a bit of a sleeper hit, garnering a large following despite its simple graphics and gameplay. The sequel looks to build on this success by offering more realistic graphics and physics.

One of the most notable additions is multiplayer races. These allow players to compete against each other in real time, adding an element of competition to the otherwise solo experience. It features a dynamic leaderboard system that keeps track of the best times for each track.

Additionally, the game features more challenging tracks, more detailed graphics, and a wider selection of vehicles to choose from. There is also a greater focus on customization, with a large number of different options available to personalize each vehicle and character.

hill climb racing 2 mod apk

It also adds hanging bridges, sharp turns, and other new obstacles to the mix. You must be careful not to crush your vehicle and break it into pieces as you attempt to navigate these new challenges.

Despite its increased realism, the game still retains a sense of humor. The character animations are exaggerated and the physics are often intentionally unrealistic, which helps to keep things light-hearted.

Those who enjoyed the original Hill Climb Racing will find plenty to like in this sequel. It builds on the strengths of the original while adding new features and generous rewards. All these serve to make the game more varied and interesting.

How to Play Hill Climb Racing APK 

Hill Climb Racing is a physics-based game, which means that the laws of gravity apply. This makes the game more challenging than your average racing game.


The player must use their skills to navigate their vehicle up and down hills, around bends, and over obstacles. The goal is to collect coins, reach the finish line, and become the ultimate hill climbing champion!

Your first assignment will be to customize your vehicle. You can choose from a wide range of different cars, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to select the right vehicle for the task at hand.

hill climb racing 2 apk free download

Next, you’ll need to get to grips with the controls. Fortunately, they are facile and easy to comprehend. Pressing the screen will make your vehicle accelerate while letting go will cause it to brake. Tilt your device left and right to steer.

Once you’ve got the hang of things, it’s time to start racing! The game is comprised of a series of levels, each more challenging than the last. You must invoke all your skills to reach the finish line and collect as many coins as possible.

There are also numerous power-ups littered around the tracks. These can give you a temporary advantage, such as invincibility or increased speed. Use them wisely to help you get an edge over the competition!

Lots of Cars to Unlock

As earlier mentioned, this game is not short of cars. In total, there are over 20 vehicles to unlock, each with its unique characteristics.

You’ll start with a modest selection of cars but as you progress, you’ll be able to add more and more to your garage. It’s important to choose the right car for each level.

Some unique vehicles include tanks, sports cars, one-wheelers, crazy rotators, scooters, and even monster trucks! Always be on the lookout for new cars as they can help you reach places you never thought possible.

Unique Features of Hill Climb Racing APK

  • Unique Character Customizations. This game offers a degree of customization that is unseen in most mobile games. You can change the appearance of your character and vehicle to make them look exactly how you want. This includes clothes, hats, and even paint jobs!
  • Upgrade Your Vehicles. The better you perform, the more coins you’ll earn. These can be used to upgrade your cars, making them faster, stronger, and better able to overcome obstacles. The game features 16+ unlockable parts to explore.


hill climb racing 2 apk unlimited money diamonds
  • Collectible Items. As well as coins, there are also a variety of collectibles to be found on each track. These include gas cans, which extend your fuel supply; nitro tanks, which provide a temporary speed boost; and tires, which enable you to travel over rougher terrain.
  • Perform Stunts, Wheelies, and Flips. This game is not just about reaching the finish line; it’s also about doing so in style! You can earn bonus coins by performing stunts such as wheelies, flips, and more. The more daring you are, the more rewards you’ll receive!
  • Weekly Events & Cups. To keep things fresh, Hill Climb Racing 2Introduces a selection of new events and cups every week. These provide the perfect opportunity to try out new cars and put your skills to the test.

Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK Download

The Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK 2024 is a modified version that offers a more improved gaming experience. It has these extraordinary features:

  • Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK All Cars Unlocked 2024. This game is all about cars, and with this MOD APK, you will have access to all of them from the start. You can choose any car you want and upgrade it to your liking.
  • Unlimited Money & Coins. Perhaps the most significant advantage of this MOD APK is that it provides an unlimited supply of money and coins. With this, you can upgrade your vehicles to the max and purchase any item you want without having to worry about the cost.
download hill climb racing 2 apk for android
  • Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK Moonlander Unlocked. The Moonlander is the best vehicle in the game, and with this MOD APK, you can drive it from the start. It’s fast, agile, and has excellent handling; everything you need to dominate the tracks!
  • No Ads. The Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK for Android also removes all ads from the game. This means you can play uninterrupted, without watching any annoying commercials.


Hill Climb Racing 2 has over 20 vehicles to unlock, 16+ upgradeable parts, and a selection of new events every week. This makes it one of the most comprehensive and exciting racing games available on Android.

The Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK for Android offers several benefits over the standard version, including unlimited money and coins, unlocked cars, and no ads. If you’re looking for an edge in this game, download the MOD APK today.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 (205.39 Mb)


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