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Download Harry Potter Magic Awakened MOD APK latest version and explore Hogwarts as you learn wizardry techniques. It features single player & multi-player options.

Information of Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Name Harry Potter Magic Awakened
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.20.21960
Size 3.13 Gb
Category Role playing
Developer Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Price Free
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About Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Harry Potter Magic Awakened is a unique fast-paced game that combines card collection and role-playing to yield phenomenally enthralling gameplay. It is the latest entrant in the Harry Potter game series, making it a must-try for any fan of this mind-stimulation series.

The game requires players to enroll at Hogwarts and build their team of wizards. They must then battle against other players in a magical card battle game. You can also collect cards to expand your team with powerful characters, spells, and items to gain the upper hand against your opponents.

Besides, the game's multiplayer mode allows you to engage with other players globally. This way, you can unleash the power of your wizard squad with magical fights and spectacular spells. You also need to strategically deploy your moves, equipment, and items to win the battle.

harry potter magic awakened mod apk

In addition, Harry Potter Magic Awakened features various single-player events. For example, you can fight dragons and explore the open world of Hogwarts hassle-free.

Its multiple gaming options, exciting storyline, and exquisite graphics make it an ideal choice for learning the magical arts of Hogwarts. Download Harry Potter Magic Awakened MOD APK for Android and become the best wizard at Hogwarts!

What is Hogwarts?

If you're a fan of the Harry Potter universe, you may already have heard of Hogwarts. It is a fictional school of witchcraft & wizardry that is the setting for much of the action in the Harry Potter series.

Students at Hogwarts are taught numerous magical subjects, such as Transfiguration, Herbology, & Charms. It also houses several magical creatures, such as dragons, unicorns, & phoenixes.

The school is divided into four houses, namely Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, & Slytherin, each containing different characters. In Harry Potter Magic Awakened, you can join one of the four houses & build your team around their distinctive attributes.

Overall, the world is mystical and captivating. You can now explore the world of Harry Potter easily on your smartphone.


The gameplay of Harry Potter Magic Awakened MOD APK 2023 is a harmonious fusion of strategy, role-playing, and card collection. The heart of the game revolves around collecting cards, each possessing its unique magic spells and creatures, which you can summon during battles. These cards can be scaled up, enhancing their power for the Player versus Player (PvP) duels and Player versus Environment (PvE) challenges.

But the game is more than just card battles and spellcasting. Set a decade after the downfall of Lord Voldemort, the game introduces players to a new generation of witches & wizards. These bring fresh dynamics, guaranteeing new mysteries and more enthralling gameplay. 

harry potter magic awakened mod apk download

Additionally, the game fosters social interaction. You can connect with friends online in real time, explore Hogwarts together, and even engage in friendly duel competitions. Whether you're battling a formidable dragon or flaunting your dance moves at the club, the game ensures there's never a dull moment at Hogwarts.

Numerous Activities to Undertake at Hogwarts

  1. Participate in Duelling Club Activities

One of the most exciting activities at Hogwarts is the Duelling Club. This magical arena serves as a training ground for aspiring wizards and witches to hone their card-battling skills.


Whether you prefer to go solo or team up with a friend, the Duelling Club provides a thrilling environment for competitive card brawls. You'll engage in real-time PvP action, strategize your moves, and face off against other skilled wizards.

The fast-paced battles require quick thinking, precise card selection, and coordinated teamwork to achieve victory. Additionally, players can access real-time magic points, enabling them to cast spells, summon creatures like Nifflers and Dragons, & unleash powerful attacks while avoiding the opposing wizards' onslaught.

  1. Learning Activities/ Attend Lessons

While the Duelling Club offers exhilarating battles, Hogwarts is also a place of learning and knowledge. You'll attend classes to expand your magical repertoire and gain new magic cards.

Each class provides a unique opportunity to delve into the depths of magic. For example, you can brew potions in the potions class, where precise ingredient combinations and stirring techniques can yield potent concoctions.

You'll also immerse yourself in the rich history of the wizarding world where you'll learn fascinating tidbits about Hogwarts & its inhabitants. Each class presents challenges and rewards, allowing players to collect new magic cards, acquire valuable knowledge, and unlock hidden secrets of the magical arts.

harry potter magic awakened mod apk latest version
  1. Adventure/ Exploration 

For those seeking adventure and danger, the Forbidden Forest beckons. This mystical woodland is filled with clues, rare ingredients, and magical creatures lurking in the shadows. Follow the trail of clues, collect elusive ingredients, and fend off dangerous creatures to uncover hidden treasures and face the ultimate challenge: encountering a dragon.

The Forbidden Forest tests your bravery, resourcefulness, and magical abilities as you navigate its treacherous terrain. Will you emerge victorious, having triumphed over the perils that lie within?

  1. Socialization / Dance Club

Amidst the magical studies and perilous adventures, Hogwarts also offers moments of joy and socialization. Invite your friends to the Dance Club and showcase your dazzling moves on the dance floor.

This lively gathering place allows you to let loose, express yourself through dance, and impress your friends with your rhythmic skills. The Dance Club is the perfect setting to relax, bond with fellow players, and create memorable moments amid your magical journey.

Why Harry Potter Magic Awakened Mod APK is Unique

Harry Potter Magic Awakened MOD APK download transcends traditional gaming genres, combining elements of adventure games, RPGs, and immersive storytelling. It offers a myriad of activities that cater to diverse player preferences.

Whether you seek the thrill of competitive duels, the pursuit of knowledge in Hogwarts classes, the adrenaline of facing mythical creatures, or the joy of socializing on the dance floor, Hogwarts has something for everyone.

harry potter magic awakened mod apk for android

As you navigate the halls of Hogwarts and partake in its myriad activities, remember to embrace the magic that surrounds you. Unleash your inner wizard, forge alliances with fellow witches/ wizards, & let the enchantment of the wizarding world guide you on an extraordinary journey. Hogwarts awaits, and within its walls, the adventure of a lifetime unfolds.


Other Exceptional Features of Harry Potter Magic Awakened Mod APK 

  • Expansive Card Collection. The game presents an opportunity to collect and level up more than 70 cards. Each card represents unique spells like 'Stupefy' and 'Incendio'. Players can use these cards in battles to cast spells, summon fantastical beasts, or invoke powerful artifacts. These elements add depth to both Player versus Player (PvP) brawls and Player versus Environment (PvE) challenges.
  • A Fresh Storyline. Set a decade after Voldemort's defeat, players arrive at Hogwarts to join a new generation of witches and wizards. This fresh narrative allows players to interact with familiar characters from the Harry Potter series while also meeting new companions for their adventures within Hogwarts and beyond.
  • Personalization and Role-play. This feature enables players to customize their witch or wizard avatar. They can shop for wands, brooms, outfits, and much more in Diagon Alley, embodying their magical persona and showing off their unique style. This level of personalization enhances the role-playing experience, providing a sense of ownership in the magical world.
  • Exploration. Hogwarts and its surrounding areas are open for exploration. Players can discover secret rooms & hidden treasures and unravel the mysteries that this magical school holds.
  • Socialization. The game encourages interaction with other players. You can connect with friends online in real time, engage in duels, or explore Hogwarts together. This social aspect brings a sense of community, allowing players to share their experiences, strategies, & adventures.

Download Requirements and Additional Information

This game (offered by Warner Bros. International Enterprises) is heavy & requires approximately 3.5 GB of storage space. It is currently available for download on Android, with a minimum requirement of 5.0 Android OS.

While the game is 100% free to install, it comes with in-app purchases. These purchases are optional and can be used to acquire additional magical items & special features. Players must also have a stable internet connection to explore the game’s full potential.

Tips to Play the Game Like a Pro

  • Learn and strategize your card usage. Understand the strengths of each card.
  • Level up your cards regularly to enhance their power.
  • Engage with the storyline and interact with characters for insights.
  • Customize your avatar for better abilities and preparedness.
harry potter magic awakened mod apk 2023
  • Explore Hogwarts thoroughly to discover hidden treasures.
  • Connect and collaborate with other players. Share strategies and experiences.
  • Practice regularly to improve your skills and game understanding.


Harry Potter Magic Awakened MOD APK for Android is an immersive game that brings the wizarding world of Harry Potter to life. Players can explore Hogwarts, duel other players, and engage with characters from the series while unraveling secrets and uncovering magical treasures.

Its intricate storyline, engaging gameplay, and social aspect make it a must-play for both established Harry Potter fans and newcomers. Download the game today and start your magical adventure!

Download Harry Potter Magic Awakened (3.13 Gb)


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