Cyberika Mod APK 2.0.14-rc672 (Unlimited money)

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Do you love playing cyberpunk games? If you love futuristic settings, Cyberika Mod APK is the best open world RPG game out there. Enjoy the fast-paced action today!

Information of Cyberika

Name Cyberika
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.0.14-rc672
Size 251.93 Mb
Category Role playing
Developer Kefir!
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Cyberika

If you are looking for the best action-adventure games, there are a lot of them in today’s world. There are plenty of open-world games and many more that have been made over the years. But the best ones today that you can play is Cyberika and it’s a wonderful game to play. Here, you get to enjoy an interesting story where you will find the people that made the chip on your head. To do that, you’ll need to find clues, fight people and go to different places.

cyberika mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

Do you ever want to take a sneak peek at what the future holds? Often times, we try to play futuristic games that offer high-tech gadgets, high-rise buildings and robots. At the rate that the technology is going today, we’ll get there in no time. But in the meantime, you can enjoy this game from Kefir which is a cyberpunk open world game. Go complete every quest there is and explore the vast city as well as enjoy your home!

Futuristic Setting

If you’ve heard of Cyberpunk 2077, plenty of people were overhyping it months and even years before its release. There were plenty of people who pre-ordered the game only to be disappointed when it released recently. Love it or hate it, you can enjoy a new open world experience there where you can do anything you want as a cyborg. But if you’re looking for the closest game on mobile, Cyberika is the best one yet! This game lets you explore the open world full of incredible tech all around you.

cyberika mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

Here, you will enjoy a fun game where you will need to complete quests to move the story. The story starts as you search for the missing scientists who were responsible for the chip on your brain. You must find the scientists since you’re having nightmares that you can’t explain. Now, it’s your mission to go out there and go on a journey to find the truth. Here, you will enjoy a funky location where you can enjoy a fun game.


Enjoy the city today where you can go around and do anything you want. The police are useless so you’ll take matters into your own hands!

Highlights of Cyberika

In a world where the corporations have taken control of everything, you must go out in Cyberika to find the truth!

A Futuristic Experience – In the world, there are plenty of cyberpunk games you can enjoy. These are fun games that feature futuristic settings and experiences that you’ll certainly enjoy. These games are fun for everyone since they allow us to explore and do all things. These games usually feature technology-heavy items and weapons for us to use. In Cyberika, you can enjoy all of these things in a fun RPG game.

cyberika mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

Here, you’ll be doing a variety of tasks such as fighting the guards, finding evidences, going to different places, and finding out the truth! You’re also free to use your car and enjoy a futuristic driving experience today. You can get different components you can use to assemble yourself and your car today. Follow the interesting story today and meet many new people. Do what you want in this fun cyberpunk game today.

Create your own character – Here, you’re free to create your own character. You’re responsible in choosing the gender, facial features, hair color, hairstyle, skin color and the outfits as well. You can also select the random option which will generate a random character for you. You can make it look like yourself or make it look something else!


Survival of the Fittest – In this game, the police have abandoned you and you’re the only one responsible for your survival. You must then follow the story and talk to the voice in your head. Find out the truth about what the scientists have done so you can get your life back to normal. But first, you’ll need to complete a variety of quests such as repairing the computer, and many more! You can also access the shop to buy different equipment, creds, kits, resources and many more.

cyberika mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

Advanced combat system – This game introduces a unique fighting system where you can punch enemies and use a variety of weapons. From bats, to pistols to even laser swords – there are many that you can pick up or buy! Enjoy these weapons to their limits now and fight numerous enemies that are also equipped with weapons. Here, you’re free to beat up plenty of people from ninjas to bosses!

Go to your home – You will also enjoy upgrading your home or just relaxing there. You can eat, take a shower, sleep and fix important equipment there. This is your safe haven so you can upgrade it as you want.

Download Cyberika Mod APK – Latest version

Have you ever tried playing cyberpunk games? Enjoy Cyberika now and play an incredible game full of fights and futuristic tech.

Download Cyberika (251.93 Mb)


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