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If you love action-packed games, the Coal Mining Inc Mod APK game is the best game for you. Run your coal-mining factory, hire workers and let them earn you unlimited money!

Information of Coal Mining Inc

Name Coal Mining Inc
Compatible with Android 7.1+
Last version 0.45
Size 94.58 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Dovi Games
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Coal Mining Inc

Are you searching for a fun idle game that where you will have a firsthand experience of being a miner? Download the Coal Mining Inc game published by Dovi Games. In this simulation game, you will get a chance to mine coal, establish and improve a production factory. You will also have the liberty to hire more workers who will be helping you with the daily routine. Besides, you will also enjoy monitoring other aspects of the company upgrading production lines, marketing and selling your products, and more.

coal mining inc mod apk unlimited money

This is undoubtedly a game that you can invest your time in and enjoy the entire gameplay. You will get the opportunity to formalize a mining company, build structures such as new buildings and facilities. There are many upgrades to purchase too like new vehicles and equipment for your miners. However, most of the other routines will keep going on in the background even when you’re not controlling them. Therefore, don’t worry about missing out on any activity since your workers are taking care of business now! Download the game now and be part of over 500,000 gamers who are enjoying this game now.

Become a Coal Miner Tycoon

Today, the idle game genre is among the most popular genres in the gaming world. That is because it offers easy and fun to play gameplay. It doesn’t need too much time or attention and so they’re perfect for quick gaming! Coal Mining Inc is an easy-to-play game with fun activities. In this game, you will attempt to build your way up the ranking of the best mining companies in the world. You will be managing the mining business. Try to maximize mining for more products while keeping prices low enough to beat the competition.

coal mining inc mod apk

That way, you will take over the coal industry and be part of the new generation that controls coal mining businesses. Unlock, and constantly upgrade your buildings, vehicles, and machinery to enlarge your production line. In addition, you can unlock maps, new ways of coal mining, and extra ways to make huge riches. Employ your company managers, build a dream team of efficient workers and create the most efficient production process! If you accept the challenge, download the game now, grow your coal business empire and let the company’s products spread across all mining markets all over the world.


Features of Coal Mining Inc

Complete the challenging tasks in this game and get rich! If you are ready to start a mining company and expand it to be the best coal-mining factory in the world, download the game now and enjoy the following features.

Start a Mining Company – this game offers you a rare opportunity to start a virtual mining company. Once you start up the Coal Mining Inc Company, you will begin with just one mining machine. However, you will be able to purchase more equipment and earn more money. That way, you will instantly increase efficiency and production at the same time obtain higher profits over time. The most interesting thing is that the game will idle mode will kick in automatically once you fill out all of the available slots on the map. Thus, players don’t have to worry about idling anymore!

coal mining inc mod apk free upgrade

The game provides a set of tools to use in your mining activities such as sorting stations, conveyor belts, and more. As you move through advanced levels, the difficulty increases so that even players who are good at this game won’t play it easily! The longer you play in this game without being booted from the server or being inactive, the faster your money will accumulate. Of course, that is perfect if you want to buy extra advanced equipment sooner than later since they can get expensive!


Discover New Technologies – this game has lots of tasks for gamers to accomplish in order to progress through the next various levels. However, there are always rewards that can help you unlock new technologies that allow access to innovative equipment upgrades. If you acquire them, you will help boostproductivity and provide more earnings from coal mined! Take advantage of the new technologies to upgrade your equipment. Besides, it would be best to hire workers who will gradually increase their prowess in operating these new types of machinery.

coal mining inc mod apk unlimited diamonds

Unlimited Money & Gems – every successfully completed game level earn you money and gems. Moreover, you will still earn more money when you sell your coal products. With this unlimited money, you can purchase more tools that will increase efficiency in the production line. You can also hire managers and more workers and assign them tasks wisely to optimize production. The managers will help you take care of production, logistics, and more. Focus on more important things and enjoy the gameplay.

Amazing 3D Effects & Performance – the entire game environment is characterized by outstanding graphics that enable you to explore the outdoors. With these stunning visuals, the game is just what you are looking for. Explore the rich landscapes full of ancient secrets and wildlife. Don’t forget you will also interact with realistic extensive systems, tools, and equipment!

Download Coal Mining Inc Mod APK Unlimited Money & Diamonds

With the Coal Mining Inc Mod APK, you will play interesting gameplay with unlimited money and diamonds.

Download Coal Mining Inc (94.58 Mb)


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