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Do you want to join the Air Force? In Air Force 1945 War, you can battle against World War II opponents using your car! Shoot down multiple opponents now!

Information of Air Force 1945 War

Name Air Force 1945 War
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 94.0
Size 55.45 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Rendered Ideas
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money
  • No ads

About Air Force 1945 War

Space shooting games became popular in the 80s as arcades had all sorts of these games. Today, people are more drawn to 3D action games such as Call of Duty, PUBG and similar ones. However, if you’re someone who has a taste for something classic, play Air Force 1945 War now. Instead of spacecrafts, you’ll shoot using army cars in this game. Enjoy stunning graphics and changing locations and huge bosses!

air force 1945 war apk free download

In this game, you can move in any direction but you’ll automatically shoot bullets and move forward. This format was popularized by arcade games back then but now it’s been modernized. Here, there are tons of coins, medals and innocent bystanders to pick up. You are also free to use different kinds of guns and cars to carry out your missions. Become the hero that the world needs!

Arcade-Style Car Shooting Game

If you’ve played in an arcade before, then you must have played a lot of arcade shooting games back then. These games are in 2D yet they were so popular and addictive. But in today’s standards, not many games dare use this format anymore since it looks outdated. However, that’s not the case with Air Force 1945 War at all! This game embraces the classic look and gameplay and even sets the game in 1945.

download air force 1945 war apk for android

Here, instead of airplanes, you’ll shoot down the enemies using cars that shoot guns! There are different types of guns that you can use such as rockets, machine guns, lasers and even lightning. Conquer different places with different levels and try to fight bosses! These ultimate cars have a lot of HP and firepower in them so you need to hit them with everything you have. Then, you’ll also enjoy the easy controls which you can play using one hand.


Overall, the game combines all the things you love in classic shooter arcade games and makes a more impressive one. Enjoy the immersive graphics and addictive gameplay now.

Air Force 1945 War Capabilities

In this game, you just need to drive an army car and shoot enemy vehicles that are going against you. Take back all the places that the enemy has conquered.

Classic Arcade Shooting Game – In the 80s up to early 2000s, the arcades rule the gaming world. People would go to gaming centers and play with different games such as fighting, racing and even shooting. But as the technology progressed, arcades were no longer needed. Today, people can play whatever they want with their smartphones anywhere and anytime. Because of this, a lot of people miss playing the classic games that were once popular.

air force 1945 war mod apk

Thankfully, there are still classic games like this such as the one produced by Rendered Ideas called Air Force 1945 War. This game allows you to drive a vehicle and shoot at enemies! In this game, you’ll fight against plenty of enemy vehicles, planes and bosses. This is war so you need to be fast in your reflexes and avoid getting hit.

Use Different Guns – In Air Force 1945 War, you can use different types of guns. There are the normal machine guns and then there’s also laser beams that shoot lightning. Pick up some amazing ammos and use powerful guns to defeat the enemies! In this game, you must use every available resource in your disposal to win. Use lots of interesting guns that allow you to fight against bosses!


Pick up lives, coins, ammos and civilians – This game also allows you to pick up lives, coins, ammos and civilians on the way. There are plenty of these scattered around so you need to be vigilant as well. Become a multi-tasker and manage your surroundings well. In this game, there’s no time to waste as you need to focus on everything that’s in front of you. Can you handle the pressure and save the world?

air force 1945 war apk latest version

Fight bosses – Air Force 1945 War has a lot of bosses for you to fight! They are all big and has a lot of HP and firepower. This means that you need to be careful when you face them as they won’t go down with a few hits. You must continue shooting them until they run out of HP! Enjoy fierce battles every time you face each of them and go to the next level.

Different locations – The game is set in many locations that allows you to have fun. There are different challenging environments to explore such as the runway, the jungle, the desert and more.

Air Force 1945 War Mod APK – Unlimited money, no ads

Miss the old arcade shooting games? Download Air Force 1945 War today and get a glimpse of the past!

Download Air Force 1945 War (55.45 Mb)


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