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Do you miss the old cameras? Enjoy capturing moments with analog camera using FIMO Mod APK! With this app, you can simulate using an analog camera and capture photos.

Informasi Fimo

Nama Fimo
Kompatibel dengan Android 5.0+
Versi terakhir 3.11.9
Ukuran 108.72 Mb
Kategori Photography
Developer FIMO APP team
Harga Gratis
Tautan Google Play
MOD Premium Unlocked
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Tentang Fimo

The world has evolved so much thanks to the internet and numerous technologies. Today, we no longer have to do a lot of things manually as we go about our daily lives and work. Right now, we use smartphones to make things easier in our everyday lives as well as when we’re at school or work. Our smartphones are capable of showing the map, contacting anyone, playing games and even taking photos and videos. If you want to take old-school photos, download FIMO today!

download fimo for android

Published by the FIMO APP team, this one lets you capture photos in the look of the analog cameras. Here, you can capture the look of vintage photos which looks as realistic as possible. You can use different presets simulating the look of many classic cameras such as the Pan 100, Joey 100T, Yummy 100, LM Color 100, Business 400, Aesthetic 400, EK80 and many more. There are also details available on each preset today that you can enjoy.

Old-School Cameras

The world today enjoys so many privileges and advanced tools that we can use anywhere and anytime. Because of these innovations, we’ve bridged the gap between countries literally and figuratively. Now, you can go to other countries easily with buses, airplanes, cars and many other vehicles. You can also contact your friends and family using smartphones right now. But did you know that your phone is also capable of replicating the look of old-school cameras?

fimo mod apk

If you want to use that vintage look today, download FIMO and enjoy! This app contains many presets that accurately simulates the looks of different vintage cameras. These include the Aesthetic 400, Yummy 100, EK80, Joey 100T, X-Red 50, Pan 100, Business 400 and many more. Each of these presets accurately mimics the scratches, flickering, light leaks, retro colors and even frame shakes of old school cameras. With this, you can create stunning and vintage photos and videos that you can upload and share today.

Whether you need vintage photos for work, school or for personal needs, you can freely use this app. Go ahead and capture priceless memories that look like they’re from the 80’s!

FIMO Features

We use a lot of apps and games today on our smartphones. A great app to have is FIMO which allows you to make your photos look vintage.

Old School Cameras – We can ‘t deny the impact of smartphones in our lives today. Some people can’t even function for a day without their smartphone in their hands. Today, we can take photos and videos even in 4k which looks phenomenal compared to what we used to take decades ago. However, sometimes we miss the look of old photos and films which creates certain nostalgia. If you want to turn modern photos into classic ones, download FIMO now.

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This app simply lets you capture the photos by simulating the old-school cameras. Here, there’s even an analog camera viewfinder that you can use and many films available today. These films are presets that have been customized to feature different vintage cameras. The cameras you can use here include the Delta 100, RDP 3, Unicolor 125, Gold 200, Pan 100, Business 400, EK80 and many more. Whatever type of vintage look you want to capture, you can easily do so as this app presents a variety of options.

Plenty of Presets – Since analog cameras today aren’t being used widely as they used to, you can’t buy many of them today. They are only available in certain places now which is why there are many collectors scrambling for them. But with FIMO, you don’t need to buy these old-school cameras just to take classic and vintage photos and videos! This app instantly converts your phone into any analog camera you want today. Over the years, there have been plenty of cameras that were made.

fimo apk latest version

Here, you can use 7 signature presets such as the Pan 100, X-Red 50, Business 400, Yummy 100, Aesthetic 400, LM Color 100, EK80 and more! Each of these presets are unique and they present their own light leaks, flickering, scratches, dust, retro colors and more.

Info About these presets – There are also plenty of films that you can use today which includes the Gold 200, TS-E 50, Tri X 400, New Year 2020, Unicolor 125, Delta 100 and many more. You can also select your favorite film set for easy access here. Most importantly, every film here lets you see a lot of info about it. If you’re a passionate photographer, you’ll appreciate every detail that’s in this app.  

Download FIMO Mod APK – Latest version

Get that vintage look you’ve always wanted with FIMO! Capture vintage photos and videos easily today.

Download Fimo (108.72 Mb)

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