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Download Typoman Remastered Mod APK Full version and navigate a dark & unfriendly world. It features pen & ink graphics, immersive sound effects, and numerous challenges.

Information of Typoman Remastered

Name Typoman Remastered
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.2.17
Size 1.15 Gb
Category Adventure
Developer Brainseed Factory
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Full version


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MOD Features
  • Full Game
  • No ads

About Typoman Remastered

Typoman is a puzzle platformer in which you can use words, as opposed to jumping over obstacles. A hero awakens in a weird world inhabited by living letters that have lost their power and become evil creatures.

You must travel through this land and recover his lost powers with the help of magical signs so that he can return to his world and defeat the monsters that threaten it. Typoman is a very clever puzzle platformer in which you must use your vocabulary and creativity to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and progress through the story.

typoman remastered mod apk

The graphics are gorgeous, with detailed levels full of different features and obstacles. The sound effects are also well done, immersing the player in the strange and hostile world. There is a huge variety of puzzles to solve, all requiring different tactics and problem-solving skills.

However, there can be some frustration when you fail to complete a puzzle after trying many times. If you enjoy challenging puzzle platformers, check out Typoman Remastered APK for Android. It is lightweight & super-optimized for smooth gameplay and high FPS.

Typoman Remastered APK - Background Story

This game was set in a dark world inhabited by evil creatures. You can use letters to solve puzzles and overcome various obstacles. However, crafting words is not simple, and you will use creativity and vocabulary often.

Even then, not all words will be a blessing. Some words may be more of a curse and will damage you instead of helping you. You must, therefore, choose your words carefully if you want to succeed in this dangerous world.

typoman remastered mod apk download

Additionally, this game has been remastered to offer a more immersive and engaging gameplay experience. It has been optimized for smooth performance, high FPS, and reduced battery consumption.

The visual quality, performance, audio, and camera work are all top-notch. This way, you can fully enjoy the dark and terrifying world without limitations.

Highly Engaging Gameplay & Responsive Game Mechanics

This game challenges you to construct words that can help you navigate the levels and overcome obstacles. However, each level has unique rules, meaning you must use your creativity to develop effective solutions.


The obstacles vary greatly, and you will have to look for creative ways around them if you don't want to get stuck. For example, you can find falling platforms, burning blocks, deadly traps, and many other challenges.

typoman remastered mod apk full version

Additionally, the game mechanics work incredibly well. The controls are responsive and intuitive, making it easy to solve puzzles or avoid danger. And if you ever get stuck on a puzzle, you can use hints to reveal the answer and proceed forward.

Unique Features of Typoman Remastered APK

  • Interactive Hint System. This game provides several hints that you can use to reveal the answer to a puzzle. You can even use the hints to learn more about the story and find out more about this dark world.
  • Play the Prologue for Free. The game features a free prologue that allows you to try out the mechanics and fully experience the game. You get access to this content right after downloading the game, and you can start playing right away without spending money.
  • Highly Atmospheric World. The game world is immersive, with detailed graphics and sound effects that will draw you in. It appears surreal and unsettling, providing a unique and challenging experience.
  • Distinct & Beautiful Soundtrack. This game features awesome music and soundtracks that perfectly complement the dark world you are exploring. You can follow the beats as you make your way through the levels.
  • Create, Change, and Destroy Words. This game provides a unique twist on the traditional word puzzle genre. Instead of simply solving puzzles and moving forward, you can use letters to craft words that will give you special abilities or affect your surroundings in various ways.
typoman remastered mod apk latest version
  • Highly Aesthetic Typography. The game uses beautiful typography to match the unique visual style of this dark and mysterious world. The colors and fonts are aesthetically pleasing and will help immerse you in the world of Typoman.
  • Super Crisp Narrations. It comes with crisp, clear narrations that will draw you in and make you feel like you are part of the action. You won't want to stop playing after hearing a few lines!
  • Superior Storyline. The game tells the story of a character named Hero. Hero is trying to make his way through this dark, dangerous world and overcome all obstacles in his path. You can follow along as he makes his journey, learning more about the secrets of the creepy world.


Pros & Cons


  • High replayability gives you endless opportunities for fun and challenging gameplay.
  • Excellent graphics and animations that immerse you in a dark world.
typoman remastered mod apk for android
  • Easy controls that let you focus on the puzzles without distractions or limitations.
  • The dynamic and unpredictable landscape keeps you on your toes and never lets you get bored.


  • There can be some difficulty in dealing with certain obstacles, such as moving platforms or traps.

Proven Tips for Getting the Most out of Typoman Remastered APK

  • Spend time exploring the early levels to fathom the gameplay mechanics and learn how to best navigate through each level.
  • Use hints or check online walkthroughs if you get stuck on a particular puzzle or obstacle. This can help you overcome challenges more efficiently, without wasting time and resources on trial and error.
  • Pay close attention to the story and the world around you since each level contains hidden clues.
typoman remastered apk
  • Use your word-crafting abilities whenever possible since this can give you an edge against enemies or help you traverse difficult terrain. For example, you can drain a dam by creating the word DRAIN.

Typoman Remastered MOD APK Download

The original game is premium and requires you to subscribe or use in-app purchases ($7.49 per item) to unlock full functionality. However, you can download the Typoman Remastered MOD APK latest version to enjoy all these benefits 100% free of charge. 

Besides, the Typoman Remastered MOD APK for Android is ad-free. It provides a clutter-free gaming experience, allowing you to focus on the puzzles without being distracted by promotional messages.


Typoman Remastered is a fun and challenging word puzzle game that lets you navigate dark and mysterious worlds. It comes with a unique twist on the traditional gameplay, giving you more control over your surroundings and offering endless opportunities for exploration. Download it and craft words to overcome obstacles and progress through the game!

Download Typoman Remastered (1.15 Gb)


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