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Do you have ants as pets? In The Ants Underground Kingdom Mod APK - unlimited money, you can enjoy a fun game full of ants. Build your ant colony today and hatch different species.

Information of The Ants Underground Kingdom

Name The Ants Underground Kingdom
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 3.44.0
Size 133.40 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer Seven City
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money, gems


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About The Ants Underground Kingdom

Ants are some of the most incredible animals today as they have the largest number in the world. There are approximately trillions of these insects globally and there are 10,000 species around today. These insects are some of the most hard-working ones as we see them working all the time 24/7. They are always scavenging for food and increasing their population so they can survive. If you want the ultimate ant game, try The Ants: Underground Kingdom!

the ants underground kingdom mod apk (No ads) free download latest version

In this incredible strategy game published by Seven City, you get to see the ants in action in their natural habitat. The queen ant will lay her eggs on the soil underground and it’s your responsibility to build the nest. Here, you will make their shelter yourself as you build different areas for them. Then, you also need to collect many water, meat, plants, wet soil and many other resources for the ants to survive. You can also mutate the ants and create alliances.

Create an Ant Colony

We can see ants anywhere in the world. They are everywhere today – in the house, our workplace, schools, gyms, restaurants and below the soils. There are so many ants today that you can only estimate their true numbers as they grow rapidly as well. If you’re fascinated by these insects, then you will enjoy The Ants: Underground Kingdom today. This game is a strategy one in that your goal is to help the ants build their kingdom and to survive.

the ants underground kingdom mod apk (No ads) free download latest version

In order for the ants to survive, they need a safe shelter underground. First, you’ll need to provide them with Anthill that can safely accommodate them and the queen. Here, you’ll need to provide the ants with water and meat as you help them find them. You will need to build different areas and even a spring as you complete a variety of tasks. Moreover, you can improve the level of the queen so she can lay more eggs.


But you must take note of the number of resources as you need to produce a lot as you grow their numbers.

Highlights of The Ants: Underground Kingdom

Ants are some of the most fascinating species today. They are everywhere and we can learn a lot from how they live.

Build the Ant Colony – It’s impossible not to have seen ants before because they’re literally everywhere. You can see them in various places in the house, in the ground and even on different structures. Wherever there are resources, you can expect the ants to gather and work together to collect them. In The Ants: Underground Kingdom, you can build your ant colony from scratch! You’ll start with the queen ant hatching and then you will build a safe haven for them underground.

the ants underground kingdom mod apk (No ads) free download latest version

Here, you’ll be tasked to build different areas for breeding, dining, hatching and many other tasks. In this game, you’ll enjoy breeding different ants today such as worker ants, guardians and many more. Here, you will also need to mutate ants so you can build Ant troops. This game will let you plunder many resources today so you can successfully build a large and thriving colony. Enjoy exploring various areas today where you can get various resources like water, meat and many more.


Complete various quests – If you’re not familiar with how ants operate in real life, there are many things to know. First, ants need a viable place to set their base of operations. Here in The Ants: Underground Kingdom, you can build various places for them where they can dine, breed, rest and even loot. There are so many quests that you need to complete today and doing them will get you many rewards. You can enjoy a realistic ant game today!

the ants underground kingdom mod apk (No ads) free download latest version

Hatch many ants – You can also hatch many ants today as you level up the queen and expand your anthill. The game lets you gradually improve your numbers so you can hatch different types of ants today that do different things. There are cultivators, raiders, and herders and you can select the class that you want the queen to hatch. Each of these classes have unique stats and they provide different benefits.

Mutate ants – Have fun mutating ants today so you can fight against many predators and get loots. In this game, you can build the ultimate ant troop today so you can enjoy a fun game.

Forge alliances – You can also forge alliances today so you can protect your colony today. You can enjoy a fun game today about ants in which you can forge alliances with different species. Enjoy sharing resources today and protect your ants!

Download The Ants Underground Kingdom Mod APK – Unlimited money and gems

Are you fascinated by ants? In The Ants: Underground Kingdom, you get to build an ant colony!

Download The Ants Underground Kingdom (133.40 Mb)


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