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Download Supremacy 1914 Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version and enjoy a unique strategy game. You'll have to manage resources, build your army, and form alliances.

Information of Supremacy 1914

Name Supremacy 1914
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 0.188
Size 60.15 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer Bytro Labs
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 APK is a browser-based strategy game where you take on the role of a leader in the early 1900s. It helps you relive history as you play out battles and political maneuverings.

You must manage your economy by gathering resources while building your army and forming alliances with other players. But watch out, as betrayal and backstabbing are always a possibility in Supremacy 1914 APK.

supremacy 1914 mod apk

You start by choosing a country to lead and then work on expanding your territory through diplomacy and military force. This way, you can become the dominant power globally and ultimately win the game.

Authentic WW1 Simulation

Supremacy 1914 APK offers an authentic simulation of World War 1. It includes various historical events and thousands of real cities and provinces as the battlefield for your strategic decisions.

You will become the president, king, or emperor of your chosen country and must use all the resources at your disposal to achieve dominance. This includes forming alliances, trading resources, and waging war against other players.

You must be strategic in your decisions since each action can have significant consequences in the game. Will you negotiate a peaceful resolution, or will you plunge the world into war?

Build Recruiting Offices

Recruit more soldiers for your army by constructing recruiting offices in your territories. This will give you a steady stream of troops to deploy in battles and defend against enemy attacks. But be careful since training recruits takes time and resources.

You can also train spies for espionage missions and diplomats for negotiation. This way, you will have an all-around and diverse army to conquer the world.

Lead Your Army to Victory

In Supremacy 1914 APK, you will manage and lead your army to victory through battles and sieges. You can deploy various units, including infantry, cavalry, artillery, and navy ships. All of these have unique strengths and weaknesses that you must carefully consider in battle.

supremacy 1914 mod apk download

The game also allows tactical decisions such as surprise attacks and defensive fortifications. You must also manage your resources and economy to support your military actions.


You can form alliances with other players to strategically expand your territory and dominate the world. However, be wary since these alliances can turn into betrayals.

You must carefully choose when to trust and when to betray to come out as the dominant power. Will you conquer the world and become the ultimate leader?

Boost Production

Your efforts will be futile if you do not have enough resources to support your army and actions. In Supremacy 1914 APK, you can boost production by constructing factories and investing in technology research.

This will give you a steady stream of resources such as steel, oil, and food that are essential for developing your army and maintaining control over territories. It also allows players to trade, giving you more options to expand your power.

But beware since other players may try to sabotage your production or steal resources through espionage and attacks. You must protect your economy while also finding ways to weaken your enemies.

Improve Your People's Welfare

In addition to military and economic strength, you must also consider your people's welfare. This can be achieved through investing in infrastructure and public services.

This will improve the productivity of your territories and make them more appealing for potential alliances. It will also increase the loyalty of your population, making it harder for enemies to overthrow you.

supremacy 1914 mod apk for android

Do you know what it takes to lead your country to domination in Supremacy 1914 APK? Will you bring peace through diplomacy or conquer it through war? The choice is yours. Download the game now and experience history in a whole new way.

Other Features of Supremacy 1914 APK

  • Train & Upgrade Your Military. You can recruit and train various units to join your army and upgrade their abilities through research and experience gained in battles. Ensure you level up their weaponry to stay ahead in combat.
  • Real-Time Chat. Communicate with other players through the in-game chat feature to negotiate alliances and plan strategies. But watch out for traitorous players who may use it to betray you.
  • 500+ Players per Session. Join games with up to 500 players for a truly intense and competitive experience. Can you outwit and outmaneuver your opponents to come out on top? This will only be possible if you unleash your true leadership potential.
  • Huge Maps. The game features massive maps based on real-world locations such as Europe and America. You must explore and conquer these territories to expand your power and influence.
  • Cross-Platform Play. Supremacy 1914 APK allows for cross-platform play, allowing you to continue your game on the go through mobile devices. You can use tablets & smartphones to complete your missions.
  • Lots of Experimental Weapons & Units. The game includes various experimental weapons and units, enabling you to surprise enemies with advanced technology. You must utilize them wisely to gain an edge in battles.
  • Form Coalitions & Alliances. Join or form coalitions with other players to increase your chances of dominance and protect against attacks from larger powers.


Supremacy 1914 MOD APK Download

Supremacy 1914 MOD APK Premium Unlocked version gives you access to all the premium features of the game for free. Train & upgrade your army without limits and dominate battles with experimental weapons.

supremacy 1914 apk

Besides, the Supremacy 1914 MOD APK unlimited money feature lets you boost productivity and improve your people's welfare without worrying about the cost. You can build the strongest power in the game with ease.

Additionally, this game is smooth since it eliminates all adverts. This gives you a better overall gaming experience. If you want to rule over Europe and beyond, download Supremacy 1914 MOD APK for Android. It will ease your journey to domination.


Supremacy 1914 APK is a unique strategy game that allows you to experience World War 1 in an authentic, nostalgic way. It challenges you to build and maintain a powerful economy, ensuring military dominance.

You must organize alliances, train and upgrade your army, and improve the welfare of your people to become the ultimate ruler. With the Supremacy 1914 MOD APK, you can access all premium features and unlimited money for a smoother gameplay experience. Download it and have unrivaled fun!

Download Supremacy 1914 (60.15 Mb)


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