Stickman Legacy Giant War Mod APK 2.1.3 (Unlimited money and gems)

Icon Stickman Legacy Giant War Mod APK 2.1.3 (Unlimited money and gems)
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Are you a fan of stickman games? If yes, download Stickman Legacy Giant War Mod APK Unlimited money and gems Latest version. The exhilarating game features 2D graphics & fast-paced battles.

Information of Stickman Legacy Giant War

Name Stickman Legacy Giant War
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 2.1.3
Size 135.10 Mb
Category Action
Developer iStar Technology Investment Co Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money and gems


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MOD Features
  • Pass the game screen to receive money, diamonds
  • No ads

About Stickman Legacy Giant War

Stickman Legacy Giant War APK is an action-packed game offered by iStar Technology Investment Co Ltd. It challenges you to fight and defeat relentless enemies. 

You'll start as a stick warrior equipped with simple swords and batons. Ensure you unleash your fighting prowess to defeat waves of enemies hell-bent on destroying your territory.

stickman legacy giant war mod apk

Fortunately, you can join the giant stickman clan and fight alongside other clan members to annihilate formidable enemies. Ensure you are thoroughly equipped to face bosses with extreme fighting powers.

When you defeat them, you will earn archer master rewards. You can use them to better your gameplay via power-ups. These include unlocking special weapons, magic powers, and increased health. This will empower you to face even more dangerous enemies, making the gameplay more fulfilling.

Overall, Stickman Legacy Giant War APK for Android is your go-to game, especially if you are a stickman fan. It perfectly combines action, strategy, and RPG elements to provide an exciting gaming experience.

Stickman Legacy Giant War APK - Background Story 

This game takes you through a thrilling story set in a mythical land, where evil beasts have emerged to wreak havoc. Everything is falling apart, and it is up to you to restore order by fighting your way through a series of dangerous dungeons.

It lets you interact with various stickman legacy characters, ensuring you get the best of each world. You must use the limited resources available sparingly since it is the only way to ensure you succeed in your mission.

stickman legacy giant war mod apk download

That's not to say you cannot gather more resources! The game is rich in resources, enabling you to mine royale stick golds, gems, and much more. This way, you will always have everything you need to succeed.

Highly Immersive Gameplay/ Game Mechanics

Stickman Legacy Giant War offers an incredibly immersive game. Its fluid 2D graphics, easy controls, and fast-paced action ensure an unforgettable gaming experience. In the beginning, you will have easy-to-defeat adversaries.

However, the game progressively gets harder, requiring you to use more sophisticated strategies to win. Fortunately, you get increased power-ups as you advance, helping you survive lethal battles.

Additionally, the game has different game modes, each offering exceptional challenges. They include:

  • Survivor Mode. This game challenges you to control a stickman character in a non-stop battle with enemies. You will face ruthless enemies, and you must use everything in your arsenal to get through. The goal is to be the last man standing.
  • Boss Mode. This mode pits the Supremee Duelist/Supreme Stickman against the Stickman Boss. It is characterized by fierce and intense combat. Ensure you defeat all your adversaries to become the king of Inamorta.
  • Campaign Mode. This is stickman vs. craftsman legend stick campaigns in the magical and dangerous land of Inamorta. You must select your archer or royale stick warriors and take them to the campaign.


stickman legacy giant war mod apk unlimited money

Whichever mode you choose, you'll be guaranteed an incredibly fun and satisfying Heroo war of legend stick duel. It takes you through an incredible journey unlike any other, and you will get hooked! Whether you're a fan of stickman war sword fight, shadow fight, stick fight, or arena, Stickman Legacy Giant War is the game for you. 

Outstanding Features of the Game

  • Fight for the Crown of Inamorta! The satisfaction that comes with winning the crown is unmatched. However, the journey to getting it is brutal and filled with challenges. As such, you must brace yourself for the hardships you'll face as you battle hordes of enemies.
  • Supports Offline Gameplay. This game's offline mode is a perfect option for those who love playing on the go. It gives you 100% freedom to play regardless of where you are.
  • Numerous Legacy Evolution Characters. This game is rich in legacy characters, each with its unique fighting style and personality. All you must do is choose your favorite one and unleash the powers within! They include stick clans warriors, archer masters, heroo war swords, and giant stickmen.
  • Lots of Archer Legend Weapons. This game has dozens of powerful weapons you can use to defeat your enemies. They include swords, axes, daggers, and bows. Choose the one that best fits your playstyle and start crushing adversaries! You can even upgrade them to enhance your character's abilities.
stickman legacy giant war mod apk unlimited gems
  • Simple Controls. The game has simple controls that are easy to master, enabling you to focus on the action. It is optimized for touchscreen, ensuring you complete complex moves with simple taps & swipes.
  • Realistic Physics. Every game's element in Stickman Legacy Giant War is carefully crafted to give you the best experience possible. The game's physics, graphics, and animations are all perfectly simulated, resulting in a realistic and immersive universe.
  • Incredible Sound Effects. This game has incredible sound effects that will give you goosebumps. They perfectly complement the action, heightening your anticipation and excitement as you battle foes. You can be 100% sure you won't be bored with Stickman Legacy Giant War.

System Requirements & Additional Information

This game is approximately 121MB and works optimally with Android 6.0+. It is optimized for touchscreen and requires at least 1 GB of RAM.

Downloading it is free, but it does have in-app purchases ($0.99 – $94.99 per item) that enhance your gaming experience. You can opt out of these purchases by disabling them in your device's settings.


stickman legacy giant war mod apk versi terbaru

Even better, the developer updates this game regularly, and you can expect lots of new content, features, and challenges as you progress through the game. As such, you must always use the latest version to experience the most exciting game features.

Unique Tips for Playing Stickman Legacy Giant War APK

  • Choose Your Weapons Wisely. Each weapon in this game is unique, and some are more powerful than others. As such, you must always choose the ones that suit your playstyle and give you the best combat experience possible.
  • Start A Clan with Friends or Other Players. Joining a clan or creating one allows you to share strategies and resources with fellow players, resulting in more fun and excitement. You can also ally with other clans to help you defeat your enemies!
  • Decipher Enemy Patterns and Tactics. Each enemy in this game has their unique fighting style and moves, and you must study them closely to identify the best ways to defeat them. This will help you become an even more formidable warrior and improve your chances of winning.
  • Upgrade Your Character Regularly. Making upgrades is one of the best ways to enhance your fighting abilities in this game. As such, you should always focus on upgrading your character's skills and abilities, as well as enhancing its weapons and equipment.

Stickman Legacy Giant War MOD APK Download

The Stickman Legacy Giant War MOD APK for Android version has been improved to offer these unique features:

stickman legacy giant war mod apk di android
  • Stickman Legacy Giant War MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems. This MOD offers all the resources you need to upgrade your character and equipment, enabling you to crush your enemies in no time.
  • Stickman Legacy Giant War MOD APK Offline. You can play this game offline, regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not. This means you can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere, without worrying about data charges or network interruptions.
  • No Ads. This MOD removes all ads from the game, enabling you to focus on your gameplay without being interrupted.


If you are a fan of stickman action games, download Stickman Legacy Giant War! This game offers thrilling combat, immersive gameplay, and numerous other exciting features to keep you engaged for hours.

It challenges you to battle a variety of powerful foes, testing your combat skills and strategy. As such, you must always remain focused, constantly evolving your strategies and techniques to defeat even the most challenging enemies.

With its exciting features, immersive gameplay, and high-quality graphics and sound effects, Stickman Legacy Giant War is sure to be one of your new favorite games! Download it for a first-hand experience of the action and excitement.

Download Stickman Legacy Giant War (135.10 Mb)


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