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Download Squid Honey APK Mod Unlimited money Latest version and play Squid Game in a fun-filled environment. It features generous prize pool & horny points, making the game competitive.

Information of Squid Honey

Name Squid Honey
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0
Size 89 MB
Category Arcade
Developer Wayne
Price Free


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About Squid Honey

Squid Honey APK is a highly entertaining game inspired by the popular game, Squid Game. Its gaming mechanics mimic the Squid Game but with added features and bonuses.

Players will move on a gaming platform while avoiding elimination. Simple miscalculations or hesitation in decision-making can cause the player to be eliminated.

squid honey apk

As such, you must be keen to listen to the commands given by the game. This way, you will stop when necessary and avoid being shot down! This is the only way you can get your hands on the generous prize pool and earn those coveted horny points.

Intense Gameplay

In this game, your focus and quick thinking are put to the test. Will you be able to outwit and outmaneuver other players? Or will you stand with them and work as a team to survive?

Either way, the challenge is real and the stakes are high.

It starts with simple commands but as the game progresses, they become more complex. You must stay alert and think fast to avoid elimination and secure your spot in the prize pool.

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The game features beautiful women, which can be quite distracting. As such, players must constantly remind themselves to stay focused and not let their guard down.

However, these women can also help you earn horny points to boost your overall score. You must know the right strategy to get the best out of them without compromising your gaming performance.

Highly Detailed Environment

If you've ever played Squid Game before, you understand the importance of the environment in creating a thrilling gaming experience. This game does not disappoint as the environment is highly detailed and visually appealing.

The gaming platforms are dynamic & keep changing to keep players on their toes. This adds to the challenge and excitement of the game. Every level presents a new and unique setting for players to navigate through.


squid honey apk mod

Players also have the option to customize their avatars with various outfits and accessories. This adds a personal touch to the gaming experience and allows players to express themselves.

Follow Instructions

In front of the players is a woman giving instructions. These instructions must be followed to avoid elimination and secure your spot in the prize pool.

But don't let her distract you from the game! Stay focused and listen closely to her commands to ensure your victory.

This will call for discipline, focus, and quick thinking. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Download Squid Honey APK for Android now and prove your worth in this intense game!

Highly Immersive Sound Systems

This game is dependent on sound as it gives players crucial instructions and warnings. Any missed details can cost a player their spot in the game.

squid honey apk latest version

As such, Squid Honey Game APK offers highly immersive sound systems to ensure players do not miss any crucial information during gameplay. This adds to the overall gaming experience and immerses players in the intense world of Squid Game.

Besides, the hypnotic music and sound effects keep you hooked on the game and make it even more exciting. It adds a sense of thrill and urgency to every move you make.

Regular Updates

This game is constantly improving with regular updates. These updates introduce new features, bonuses, and gaming platforms for players to enjoy and keep the gameplay fresh. Other updates include:

  • UI Improvement. The user interface is constantly being improved to provide players with a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. This guarantees fewer technical difficulties and allows players to focus on the game.
squid honey apk for android
  • Bug Fixes. Any bugs or glitches in the game are quickly fixed to maintain its smooth gameplay. It offers a more enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience for players.
  • New Top Winner Animations/Character Customizations. The latest version even introduces new animations for the top winners and more options for character customization. This adds to the personal touch of the game and allows players to express themselves even more.


Besides, you can be sure the developers will continue to come up with exciting updates and features for Squid Honey. This will keep the game fresh and engaging for players.

Simple Controls

This game may seem intense and challenging, but it offers simple controls for players to navigate easily. The user-friendly interface allows players to focus on the game without getting overwhelmed by complicated commands.

squid honey apk 2022

Besides, tutorial levels are provided to guide new players and help them understand the gameplay. This ensures that all players have equal opportunities to succeed in the game.

Squid Honey APK MOD Version

For those looking for an extra edge in the game, the Squid Honey APK MOD version is available. This modified version offers perks to give players a boost in the competition.

Additionally, this MOD eliminates ads for a smoother gaming experience. This way, players can fully immerse themselves in the intense world of Squid Game without interruptions.


If you're ready to take on the challenge, download Squid Honey APK for Android now and prove your worth in this intense game. With its unique setting, customizable avatars, immersive sound systems, regular updates, simple controls, and even a MOD version – this game offers an exciting and thrilling gaming experience.

Are you ready to dominate the competition and be crowned the ultimate Squid Game champion? Download now and find out!

Download Squid Honey (89 MB)


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