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Don’t only watch the Squid Game 3D live or die Mod APK series on Netflix. Play in the amazing Squid game for Android now and enjoy a thrilling Red Light Green Light action!

Information of Squid Game 3D

Name Squid Game 3D
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 0.8
Size 158.48 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Click Game Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Squid Game 3D

If you have been religiously following the Squid Game series, you should not hesitate to download Squid Game Mod APK now! You will definitely have fun in this Red Light Green Light game where you need to survive!

squid game 3d mod apk

In this breathtaking game by Click Game Studio, the gamers need to race to the finish line, but there’s a huge challenge you should overcome! You only run when the green light goes on and must stop when the red light is on! Otherwise, your chances of being eliminated will be very high.

If you enjoy watching movies and shows, you might have come across the Squid game show on Netflix. This game is entirely based on this game. Try it today and you will immerse yourself in exciting gameplay that you will want o t play for many hours.

Game-Based from a TV Show

With so many amazing shows to watch today, people can freely enjoy so many of them! That includes the all-time interesting Squid Game. In the recent past few days, this Netflix action game has generated millions of views. The best thing is that you can now enjoy a game based on the show, right on your mobile device!

download squid game 3d latest version

In many countries, this has turned into the most renowned kids’ game with mind-provoking gameplay that keeps children excited! Even for adults, this game can be a way for training the brain to pay attention to the prevailing occurrences.

This game requires the player to race against others in a field where you should move only when the green light is on. Anyone who dares to move when the red light goes on will be eliminated! This simple yet thrilling game will make you excited all day!


Squid Game 3D Features

If you have watched and enjoyed the Squid Game on Netflix, you can now play it as a game on your mobile phone! Download the game now and attempt to survive in a game of life and death. here are some of the features that make the game stand out!

squid game 3d mod apk 2021

TV Show Based Gameplay – Today, people around the world enjoy watching content from many streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, and many more. On Netflix, there has been a show people all over the world have watched! That is the Squid Game!

So, this awesome game follows the storyline of a poor man who is enticed to participate in a life and death game where he can scoop big rewards. This action game offers an exciting gameplay where you have to control the man to the finish line!

On many occasions, this game has been called Green Light Red Light. Players should race to the finish line only when the green light is on. Then, you must stop when the red light is on. Otherwise, you’ll be eliminated and the game will abruptly end. If you want to enjoy this game now, download Squid Game today!

squid game 3d mod apk latest version

Watch Out For the Lights – the twist in this game is the change of lights that controls the movement o of the character. There is the green light that gives a player the right to move and a red light that tells the player to stop!

Be keen to watch the lights change color. You will not like the consequences of defying the red light! That is because you will be instantly be eliminated if you move when the red light goes on. You should move when the green light is on, little by little up to the finish line!


Simple Controls – in the Squid Game, you can move the character to the left, right, backward, and forward! You can move in any direction freely using the available direction buttons. Overall, this game comes with simple controls where you can play and win the game in minutes.

squid game 3d mod apk unlimited money

When the lights are green, don’t be afraid to cross the field. The faster you cross, the higher your chance of getting to the finish line faster! In fact, your ability to cross the field decides whether you win or not. Download the game now, play a thrilling game, and outsmart everyone!

Realistic 3D Graphics – Squid Game features highly realistic 3D graphics that comes with complete with unique settings from the show. The creepy doll in the game has realistic reflexes as it recites famous Korean and scary sentences from the show. The movement of the characters as they run across the field is also very realistic. Overall, you’re able to appreciate the quality of 3D graphics and in-game elements that are featured here.

squid game 3d mod apk free download

Unlimited Money – you will be motivated by the huge amount of unlimited money that you can earn as you win every game level.

Download Squid Game 3D Live or Die Mod APK – Unlimited money

Download the Squid Game 3D Mod APK now and enjoy action-packed gameplay. With the Squid Game APK Premium unlocked, you can earn unlimited money and unlock various in-game items now!

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