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Love slicing things? In Slice it All, you can play a fun knife game where you need to slice everything in your path! The more you slice, the more money you can earn!

Information of Slice It All

Name Slice It All
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.9.11
Size 179.18 Mb
Category Action
Developer VOODOO
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Slice It All

Knives are dangerous things that we use regularly in the kitchen and among many jobs. Without knives, cutting vegetables, fruits, meat, and other things remain impossible. For this reason, we do everything to get the best knives so that we can cut various items easily today. In the game Slice it All, you’ll fully enjoy the full strength of a knife as you’ll cut various items to go to the finish line. Here, you’ll need to tap the screen so you can make the knife walk and cut things.

slice it all mod apk

When we think of knives, we usually think of them in the kitchen where they’re used extensively to cut things. But other than that, it’s hard to think them in a race in the real world. But in this game, you’ll enjoy a unique and fun race that lets you race through the track as a knife and cut through various things. These includes pencils, bricks, tubes, and various objects!

Cut Everything

Do you love knives and cutting things? There’s something so satisfying about cutting various things using knives since they’re so easy to cut. In reality, we can’t cut everything especially hard objects unless we use chainsaws and other blades. But even then, we require the assistance of many other tools and machines just to cut through different objects. But in the game Slice it All, you can enjoy cutting through even the toughest of objects just to get through the finish line!

slice it all apk latest version

In this game published by VOODOO, you’ll get to experience a different type of racing game wherein you’re a knife. Enjoy cutting through various objects such as pencils, bricks, fruits, LEGOs, smileys and many more! The more you cut, the more rewards you can earn in this game. This game tests your cutting skills to the max as you cut as many objects as you can. Here, you also need to move around by rotating the knife.


If you want to collect as many knives as possible, there are many of them in the shop today! Unlock as many knives as you can and cut many objects.

Slice it All Features

Knives are essential in our daily lives. We use them to cut fruits, food and other things inside the house. In Slice it All, you can enjoy cutting everything!

Cut Everything ­– Knives are dangerous objects when left at the hands of an incapable person. But on the right hands, it can cut through fruits, vegetables, meat and other objects that need cutting. Even though it’s dangerous, almost every household today has at least one knife in the kitchen to make things easier. But if you want to experience what knives can truly offer, then try playing Slice it All and enjoy. Experience a unique knife race today where you’ll need to cut everything to get to the finish line.

slice it all apk free download

In this game, you’ll go through many levels of varying difficulties filled with various objects. Cut through different objects like pencils, bricks, smileys, fruits, tubes and many more! Then at the finish line, try to get as high as possible to get as many rewards as you can. This is a game that lets you unlock many types of knives that you can use.


Go Through Many Levels – In this game, you can unlock various levels today. Play them one by one so you can go on to the next. Here, the levels will start off relatively easy to warm you up. But as you go further, you’ll face many more obstacles that you can cut with your knife. This is a fun game to play to relieve your stress as there’s nothing more satisfying than getting a clean cut! That’s if you’re not stressed about not getting it.

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Unlock Powerful Knives – In this game, you can also unlock many powerful knives that you can use today. You’ll start with a standard knife with a red handle that can cut a lot of things. But as you earn more money, you can then buy many more impressive knives with different colors and styles. The more expensive the knife is, the sharper it is and it can cut through many objects at once! Collect them all today.

Cut Many Objects – Here in this game, you’re given various objects to cut in each level. There are brown bricks, oranges, smileys, pencils, tubes, and many more! Enjoy cutting each one of them as they give out different vibes and feelings when cutting.

Easy Controls and Cool Graphics – You just need to tap on the screen to rotate the knife so you can move forward and cut objects here. The graphics are in 3D so you can get that satisfying feeling of cutting.

Download Slice it All Mod APK – Latest version

Cut your way through victory right now with Slice it All! Enjoy slicing various objects now.

Download Slice It All (179.18 Mb)


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