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Download Pro Cricket Mobile game APK and enjoy high-voltage cricket competitions. You’ll get handsome rewards for every win, which enables you to unlock pro players.

Information of Pro Cricket Mobile

Name Pro Cricket Mobile
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version 2.0.35
Size 25 MB
Category Sports
Developer India-games Ltd.
Price Free


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About Pro Cricket Mobile

Pro Cricket mobile game download features tournaments, quick matches, and premier leagues among other choices. It has outstanding graphics and superior sound systems to ensure that you enjoy every gaming moment.

The Pro Cricket Mobile 2021 version of the game comes with added features that make the gameplay more realistic. It has more thrilling competitions that involve customized teams. You can choose the members/team you want, which allows you to compose an award-winning squad.

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If you want to enjoy all the sporting action at the comfort of your seat, then you should get Pro Cricket mobile early access download. This will help you familiarize yourself with the new features before you get the full version.

Why Pro Cricket Mobile APK?

If you love cricket, you will love how real Pro Cricket mobile download for android is. This game has improved many of its facets to ensure that you get an outstanding cricketing experience. Some of the features of this mobile cricket pro application include:

  • Lightweight. If you’ve experienced problems with hanging applications, you’ll opine that that is not the best experience, especially when you’re almost winning a game. The new Pro Cricket mobile app latest version resolved the bug. It is lightweight and ideal for any android phone. When playing, you can be sure that you’ll not overwork your phone’s software/system.
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  • Better Quality Graphics. Pro Cricket Mobile APK was developed using 3-D graphics. The game gives you a near-real experience as you compete against your friends and online competitors. Additionally, it incorporates super cool sound systems that will keep you entertained throughout the gaming session.
  • Multiplayer Feature. This game comes with an online multiplayer feature. You will be able to play PvP matches against your friends or online gaming community. Interestingly, you’ll be playing real people selected randomly from all over the world.
  • Many Gaming Options. Pro Cricket Mobile is your ideal mobile game app if you love diversity. It allows you to explore many gaming options. Whether you want to play in tournaments or quick games, this app has everything you need. You can even work your way up to feature in the Hall of Fame – a status that comes with generous perks.
  • Real World Cup Matches. Pro Cricket Mobile offers a simulation of cricket world cups. You can choose the specific world cup match you want to play from the choices available. Some must-try world cup tournaments include World Cup 2014, World Cup 2016, and World Cup 2019.


pro cricket mobile game apk
  • Real Countries Participants. If you choose to compete in tournaments, you will get the chance to choose a country to represent. This enables you to pride in and represents a country you love. Some of the countries available include India, the US, and England among others.

Mobile Cricket Pro will leave you asking for more gaming time. It is highly engaging, well-organized, and it offers amazing rewards to winners.

Simple Controls

Playing cricket can be a daunting task. It becomes even tougher if your gaming app has complicated controls. Luckily, this Pro Cricket game android mobile version has straightforward controls. All the actions will be determined by pressing or releasing your mobile phone screen.

Batting involves picking the delivery angle then tapping on the screen at the right time. The angle you choose determines whether you perform a lofted shot or one along the ground. Either can work depending on the strategy you want to employ.

For easier decision-making, the Pro Cricket mobile game has a pitching circle that gives you an idea of where the ball will land. You should always aim at confusing the fielders to allow you more runs before they throw the ball back.


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On the other hand, bowling is more complex than batting. However, the controls remain the same. You need to decide the angle at which you will bowl the ball. Once you get the angle, you will press on the screen to throw it towards the batsman. It also has a pitching circle that guides you on the likely trajectory of the ball.

Tips on How to Win Pro Cricket Mobile

When you start playing the Pro Cricket mobile game, your goal will be to outshine your competitors, get more runs, and become the champion. However, you’ll be playing against equally good players. As such, you must be creative, use your skills well, and be witty to win any tournament. Here are a few tips you can employ:

  • Take Advantage of Every Delivery to Score Runs. You should aggressively look for runs from the first ball. Make sure that you are strategically positioned to protect your wicket and bat the ball at the most unexpected field positions. You should try to bat the ball low to ensure that it does not land on the fielders’ hands.
  • Avoid Missing Balls. How you bend your knee determines how well you bat off a ball. You should pick an angle that is ideal and then wait strategically before you kneel to get your shot time right. If you do it early, you will likely miss the ball!
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  • Make Use of Pitching Circle. The pitching circle is a great addition! It enables you to pre-determine where the ball will land. Make sure that it takes time before the fielders collect the ball. This way, you will have more time to complete runs.
  • Play Lofted Shots, But Be Careful. While a lofted shot guarantees six runs, it can be counterproductive if poorly implemented. If your timing is not right, you will likely lose the runs and the wicket!


Whatever you do when playing Pro Cricket Mobile, ensure that you learn which angles work best for you. You should make use of the pitching circle to get the best shots that will win you more runs.

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