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Download Naruto Senki V2 Susano War APK Mod Latest version and enjoy ferocious battles with no cool down. It offers infinite money and dynamic customization options.

Information of Naruto Senki V2 Susano War

Name Naruto Senki V2 Susano War
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v2
Size 68 MB
Category Action
Developer Naruto Senki
Price Free
Download Now
MOD Features
  • No ads

About Naruto Senki V2 Susano War

Naruto Senki V2 Susano War APK is an action game based on the popular anime Naruto. Its anime-themed gameplay is well-known for its intense battles, complete with special attacks and ultimate jutsus.

This version features the addition of Susano, a powerful entity that adds thrill to combat. It aids you in battle, ensuring victory against even the toughest opponents.

senki v2 susano war apk mod

Additionally, this game has beautiful graphics designed to bring out the full potential of each character. Every gaming element is well-highlighted, and you will enjoy every battle scene to the fullest.

Besides, the game is super optimized for smooth gameplay. You'll experience lag-free battles, ensuring you won't miss a single attack or defense.

Well-Thought-Out 2D Battles

This Japanese anime game offers dynamic battles that test your strategy and reflexes. Its smooth controls make every battle immersive, letting you perform epic attacks with ease.

It is an RPG game where you will interact with unique characters to build a strong team. Some exceptional characters in this game include Sasuke, Boruto, Tsunade, Hinata, Yujo, Itachi, Pain, Chonji, Obito, Kakashi, and Sugetsu.

Each character has their special attacks, jutsus, and ultimate strike. As such, you must carefully choose your team composition to emerge victorious in every battle. Ensure a balanced team to dominate the battlefield.

senki v2 susano war apk mod download

In addition, you can upgrade and customize your characters for maximum power. The game offers various ways for character optimization, including equipment and skills enhancement. This skill upgrade feature lets you play according to your preferred battle style.

Overall, Naruto Senki V2 Susano War APK is a highly recommended game for fans of the anime series and action RPG games alike. Download now and join epic battles as your favorite character. Start building the ultimate team and dominate every opponent that crosses your path.

Simple Gameplay

In this game, your primary goal will be to defeat enemies in exciting and intense battles. You must destroy 2 crystals & 1 main crystal fragment in several rounds to win a match.

However, this will not be child's play. Your enemies will be highly equipped with powerful attacks, and you must defend yourself accordingly. To achieve this, you can summon Sasuke's strength to support you in battle.

senki v2 susano war apk mod latest version

Additionally, you can also create clones & perform aerial attacks to turn the tides of war. These special attacks are game-changers, and you should save them for critical moments.

Throughout the battles, collect coins and rewards to upgrade your characters and equipment. This will significantly boost their strength, preparing them to face any challenge.

Upgrade & Unlock New Characters

Your success in this game is 100% dependent on your team composition. If you have a balanced team with high-level characters, you can easily dominate the battlefield.

To build a formidable squad, you must upgrade and unlock new characters. This game offers a diverse selection of Naruto characters. Naruto himself must be in your team, and you can also recruit Gaara, Kaguya, Hinata, Obito, Shikamaru, Nagato, Madara, Kinshiki, and many more.

senki v2 susano war apk mod for android

Unlocking these characters requires coins or fragments. Each character has their special attacks & powers, and you must carefully consider which ones to add to your team. The game also offers special character summons, which can provide a temporary boost in combat.

Other Unique Features of Naruto Senki V2 Susano War Game

  • Highly Intense Combat Sessions. This game offers intense combat sessions where every move counts. Prepare your strategy and reflexes for dynamic battles against skilled opponents. You must stretch your limits to become the ultimate ninja and conquer every battle.
  • Customizable Character Appearance. Customize your characters' looks with a wide selection of skins, including Naruto's Kyubi mode skin and Sasuke's Susano Mode skin. You can also enhance their powers through equipment upgrades. This way, you can show off your unique team composition in battle.
  • Accurate Game Mechanics. This game perfectly captures the characters' personalities and powers from the anime series. It also features a faithful recreation of iconic scenes, such as Naruto's fight with Pain.
senki v2 susano war apk mod 2022
  • Offline Fight. This game allows you to battle offline, and you can play without an internet connection. You can unlock & upgrade your characters even without an internet connection, allowing for a seamless gameplay experience. This way, you can train and prepare for online battles anytime, anywhere.
  • Lots of Special Skills. Characters in this game have their signature skills from the anime series, including Rasengan, Chidori, and Tailed Beast Bombs. These attacks can deal heavy damage to enemies and turn the tides of battle. Naruto is also capable of Wind Assaults, Clone Jutsu, Nine Tails attacks, and Sage Mode.
  • Super Responsive Controls. Experience smooth and responsive controls during battles. The game allows you to effortlessly unleash powerful attacks and make precise defensive maneuvers.
  • Superior Sound Systems & Fun-Themed Graphics. This game features high-quality sound systems and vibrant graphics that perfectly capture the essence of Naruto. Enjoy a truly immersive gameplay experience with this game's impressive audio-visual elements.

Naruto Senki V2 Susano War APK MOD Download

The Naruto Senki V2 Susano War APK MOD for Android is a modified version of the original game that offers improved features, including:

senki v2 susano war apk
  • Naruto Senki V2 Susano War APK MOD Unlimited Money. You will have unlimited coins to upgrade and unlock characters.
  • Unlock All Characters & Skins. Start the game with all characters and skins already unlocked. This allows you to immediately form a formidable team and dominate every battle.
  • No Ads. This game is free of annoying ads, allowing for a seamless fighting experience. You will be able to focus on building & strengthening your team for battles.


The Naruto Senki V2 Susano War APK is a must-have for fans of the Naruto series. It offers intense combat sessions and a wide selection of characters, skins, and abilities.

Additionally, the game boasts impressive graphics, sound systems, and controls. This guarantees a truly immersive gameplay experience.

Besides, the Naruto Senki V2 Susano War APK MOD improves the original game by offering unlimited money and unlocking all characters & skins. Download the MOD version now and become the ultimate ninja in this thrilling game.

Download Naruto Senki V2 Susano War (68 MB)

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