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There are many minibuses in the real world today. If you want to drive one safely, try Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod APK now and drive passengers to their destinations!

Information of Minibus Simulator Vietnam

Name Minibus Simulator Vietnam
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 2.2.1
Size 129.50 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Web3o Technology
Price $5.99
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Minibus Simulator Vietnam

There’s just something about simulation games that are so satisfying to play even if they’re about mundane things. The Sims have managed to create games about living lives which people loved playing all these years! This is why the simulation genre has continued to grow over the years and it has come to the point where it’s a genre of its own. In Minibus Simulator Vietnam, you will enjoy the most satisfying game of driving minibuses today! Drive passengers to their destinations today.

minibus simulator vietnam mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

In this exciting game today, you will drive minibuses which includes the Toyota Hiace, Ford Transit, and the Hyundai County. Here, you’ll need to drive passengers to their destinations safely and while following the traffic rules. Here, there are street lights, street signs, bus stations, houses and plenty of cars on the street. You must do your best in driving a huge minibus in cramped spaces but there are so many beautiful places to see here in Vietnam! Enjoy a realistic stimulation today.

A Realistic Driving Game

You don’t need to know how to drive today to be able to enjoy driving and car games. There are so many racing games that has plenty of adrenaline-pumping scenes today. But if you don’t want to race and just want to experience a realistic driving game, then you should download Minibus Simulator Vietnam. This is a realistic simulation about minibuses where you can drive them and pick up passengers. In this simulation, you can get a good idea what it’s like to drive a minibus in Vietnam.

minibus simulator vietnam mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

Here, there are no races but you just need to pick up the passengers and drop them off in their destinations. You can enjoy the rural areas as well as the city side of Vietnam along with different types of road in this game. Plus, you can drive 3 different types of minibuses with different seating capacities and specs. You can truly enjoy a realistic experience today as you can drive with the full controls in here. There’s a steering wheel, horns, accelerators, brakes, gears, switches, and turn signals.


Moreover, you can earn EXP and rewards for dropping off passengers! Enjoy realistic weather systems today.

Highlights of Minibus Simulator Vietnam

Driving is something that’s normal for a lot of people today. If you want to experience the same thing, you should play Minibus Simulator Vietnam.

Enjoyable Riding Experience – Racing games are a popular choice regardless of age today. We see a lot of racing games today doing their thing and attracting plenty of people. But if you want to experience a relaxing car game, you should try simulation games. There are simulation games for trucks, buses, cars and even minibuses. In Minibus Simulator Vietnam, you will drive minibuses in the streets of Vietnam where there are different road conditions and traffic.

minibus simulator vietnam mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

Enjoy a realistic experience complete with the realistic designs of the minibuses themselves that looks like the real thing. Here, you will appreciate the realistic mirrors, mini map, license plate system, rain wipers, MP3 features and many more. There are also different road conditions and weather systems that will make the ride truly realistic today. Enjoy driving passengers to and from different places today and earn EXP and money from doing so.


Drive Unique Minibuses – As of today, there are currently 3 drivable minibuses in this game. This includes the Toyota Hiace, Hyundai County, and the Ford Transit. Each of these minibuses are equipped with their own specs and features as well as seating capacities. With that, you can enjoy a different driving experience every time you try a different vehicle. But what’s even more amazing is the fact that each of these buses can be customized further.

minibus simulator vietnam mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

You’re free to change the wheels, paint, and even add accessories to the bus such as decals, flags, stickers and more. Enjoy a realistic mirror, license plate, wipers and many more today.

Finish Quests – In this game, you will need to drive many passengers in their destinations to earn EXP and rewards. Treat this game as a real driving job and you’re in for a great time! But you need to be careful as there are challenging roads up ahead which are steep and full of obstacles. In this game, your rewards are also based on the quality of your driving service. Try not to break anything and damage other properties today.

Incredible Controls – This game boasts full controls for your enjoyment. Enjoy the steering wheel, horns, seats, light signals, brakes, gears, and many more!

Realistic Roads Minibuses – This game features unique road conditions and designs today. Enjoy the streets of Vietnam today which has diverse roads and designs. You’ll need to be alert every time you drive!

Download Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod APK - Unlimited Money

Try to become a driver in Minibus Simulator Vietnam now. Pick up and drop passengers in their respective destinations now.

Download Minibus Simulator Vietnam (129.50 Mb)


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