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Would you like a game where walls & closed doors are not barriers to getting to your target? Download MetaFist now, drill walls, grapple enemies and drill them all!

Information of Metafist

Name Metafist
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.2.6
Size 98.89 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Gismart
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Metafist

Drill Punch 3D by Gismart is now MetaFist! Though the name has changed, no feature of the game has changed. In fact, the latest version has more features to offer as compared to the prior version. Having been downloaded by over 500, 000, it’s a clear indication that the game is popular and has exciting gameplay. It is compatible with Android 5.0 and above as well as iOS devices.

metafist apk latest version

In MetaFist, you play a first-person game as an awesome superhero with metallic tools as hands. Basically, you have a grapple fitted on the left hand while a drill is fixed in the right hand. You should use these two metal tools to defeat the enemies and win the game. The in-game challenges form the thrilling series of levels in the game. At some point, you will have to drill and go through walls and locked doors to get into various rooms. Download the MetaFist game now and enjoy the amazingly fun adventure!

Drill Everything – Put Down Walls, Tackle Guards, and Bosses

The setting of the game revolves around beating and defeating bosses of gangs. To get to the boss, you need to go through the gang members who are located at different locations guarding the premises of the boss. Apart from defeating the guards, you will also have to go through walls and locked doors to get to the boss. You eliminate the bad guys by drawing them closer with a grapple and drill into their skulls. The best thing about this game is that it does not have blood! Instead, you will see some very sparing pink stuff.

download metafist apk for android

Eliminate the enemies by capturing them with the grapple on the left hand and drill holes on their skull or any part of the body. Alternatively, you can pick and hurl any object inside the rooms to knock them off. The game has cool graphics that bring the best out of the vast game environment. Also, a player will also be stimulated by captivating music tracks during the entire gameplay. Get this game now and enjoy all the action it has to offer.


Metafist Features

This game offers lots of fantastic levels with exceptional action. Moreover, gamers are able to get rid of enemies with metallic tools fitted to both hands. Here are more features that are making players all over the world download this game.

metafist apk download 2021

Thrilling Gameplay – in this game, you will become a menacing superhero with metallic hand tools. Use them to put down your enemies, overcome obstacles and finish various game challenges to complete levels successfully. Immerse yourself in the incredibly fun adventure gameplay where the ultimate objective in every level fighting the boss. The boss is a gigantic man wearing an armor. You need to destroy the armor before manhandling him with the grapple and drilling through his skull.

You can draw enemies nearer with the grapple and hit them with the Drill Punch. Alternatively, you can also strongly hurl them away against walls or glass windows. Inside the rooms and hallways, you can hurl various objects towards enemies before they stride towards you. Each level has a series of events where you must compete and win.

metafist mod apk

Eliminate All Enemies – You need to beat the guards to get to the boss. Be keen not to be knocked off with a thorough beating or by the objects thrown at you. Enemies will become more as you advance in levels. Therefore, you need to be faster and improve your tactical skills. The game features a variety of objects that you can use to hit the enemies and immobilize them. That includes chairs, gas tanks, wooden boxes, etc. just use anything at your disposal to eliminate your enemies before they get hold of you. What’s even more interesting is that you can also catch the items thrown towards you and toss them back to destroy your enemies.


Earn Unlimited Coins – As you beat enemies and complete various levels of the game, you will earn unlimited coins. You can also watch videos to accumulate more coins. Interestingly, you can use the coins to purchase more skins, more tools like drills that will help you eliminate your enemies. With more coins, you can unlock items randomly and at any time.

metafist apk free download

Simple Controls – the interface display 2 hands of the warrior that is eliminating the bad guys. The left hand has a grapple fitted on it. You should tap on the left hand to hurl the grapple towards the enemy. The right hand has a drill that is used to dismantle the enemies and instantly kill them. As you advance, you will be able to unlock a super awesome grapple that is faster and stronger. Navigate the entire premise and get to the boss.

Electrifying Soundtracks – as you play this game, you are inspired by a cool soundtrack integrated into the gameplay.

Download Metafist Mod APK – Latest Version 

Download the Metafist Mod APK and experience the intriguing gameplay that the game has to offer. Eliminate your enemies and earn unlimited money. Unlock new grapples and drills too!

Download Metafist (98.89 Mb)


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