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Download Merge Master Rainbow Friends Mod APK Unlimited money and gems Latest version for intense fervid battles in an arena. Win to become the ultimate Merge Master champion.

Information of Merge Master Rainbow Friends

Name Merge Master Rainbow Friends
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.0
Size 74.19 Mb
Category Arcade
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money, gems


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited gold
  • No ads

About Merge Master Rainbow Friends

Merge Master Rainbow Friends is an arcade game offered by Falcon Global Limited. It challenges you to merge rainbow friends monsters and defeat your opponents in an arena. The game features uncomplicated controls and is suitable for all ages.

It features ragdoll physics, making the characters a sight to behold as they go about their fighting business. With every victory, you will merge your monsters and make them stronger. The game features several arenas where you can take on different opponents.

merge master rainbow friends mod apk

Overall, the game's graphics & sound systems are top-notch. The execution is quite precise, and the gameplay is engaging. Download Merge Master Rainbow Friends APK for Android and become the king of Merge Master.

An Incredibly Exciting Gaming Experience

This game takes the merging gameplay mechanic and turns it into an epic battle experience. You will control your monsters in real time as they face off against others in the arena. Always ensure you merge your monsters wisely to create the strongest creatures possible.

The stronger your creatures, the easier it will be to take down your opponents. As such, always be on the lookout for opportunities to merge. This will consistently improve your chances of winning.

Unique Merging System

When you start, you will find yourself in an arena with several other players. The objective is to be the last player standing by defeating all others. You can do this by consistently merging your creatures to create more powerful ones.

merge master rainbow friends mod apk download

You will start with lower-level creatures but can eventually end up with some of the strongest in the game. Once you have merged your creatures enough, you will take on anyone in the arena and emerge victorious.

To merge, just drag and drop one creature onto another of the same kind. This will cause them to combine and form a more powerful creature. The new creature will retain the best aspects of both parent creatures.


Even better, you can unlock allies along the way to help you in battle. These allies will give you a significant advantage and make it easier to defeat your enemies.

However, this evolution is not limited to your characters. The enemy is also becoming stronger as you progress with the gameplay. As such, you should always stay on your toes and be ready for anything.

Incredibly Simple Controls

This game's controls are child play. Just use your left thumb to control your character and your right thumb to aim. That’s all there is to it.

merge master rainbow friends mod apk unlimited money

Despite the simplicity, the controls are precise. This gives you a high degree of control over your characters and their movements. You can easily dodge enemy attacks and land some devastating blows of your own.

The controls are also quite intuitive. If you can master the controls, you will have a significant advantage over your opponents.

You must always use the right combination of monsters in battle. This way, you will yield the most powerful creatures possible. Always remember you are the boss in this game. You decide the monsters merge and when to do it.

The faster you merge your creatures, the easier you will take down your opponents. As such, there is no time to waste in battle. You must always act fast when opportunities present themselves.

Unique Features of Merge Master Rainbow Friends APK

  • One-Finger Controls. You can play this game with just one finger. This makes it ideal for playing on the go. Besides, they are super precise, and you will have highly accurate control of your characters.
  • Incredibly Bright Graphics & Smooth Animations. While the graphics appear simple at face value, they are quite detailed. Once you start playing, you will be amazed at the level of detail in this game. The animations are also smooth, and you will never experience lag.


merge master rainbow friends mod apk latest version
  • Endless Replayability. You can keep playing the game for a long time without boredom. This is because the gameplay is quite addictive.
  • Highly Competitive Gameplay. The Merge Master Rainbow Friends APK is perfect for those who like a challenge. There is a lot of competition, and you will always be striving to be the best. This is what makes the game so exciting.
  • Free to Download & Play. You don't have to spend a dime to download and play this game. However, you can interact with in-game purchases to buy items that will help you in battle.
  • Different Skins. This game gives you the option to change the skin of your creatures. This can be done by unlocking them with in-game purchases. There are many different skins to choose from, and you can even customize them further with color schemes.
  • Dumb Ways to Die. This game’s mechanic will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. The creatures in this game are quite silly, and they often die in hilarious ways.

Merge Master Rainbow Friends MOD APK Download 

If you want to experience all that this game has to offer, download the Merge Master Rainbow Friends MOD APK for Android. This game's version will give you access to all the features and items that are normally locked.

merge master rainbow friends mod apk for android

Additionally, Merge Master Rainbow Friends MOD APK unlimited money and gems will let you buy anything you want worry-free. This will unlock a new world of possibilities and make the game more enjoyable.


Merge Master Rainbow Friends APK allows you to merge your creatures to create new and powerful ones. Ensure you have the right combination of creatures to take down your opponents.

With its simple one-finger controls, you can play this game anywhere and anytime. Download it and start your quest to become the best merge master today.

Download Merge Master Rainbow Friends (74.19 Mb)


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