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Do you love building games? If so, then you’ll love Lumbercraft Mod APK! Collect wood, build houses, erect towns and fight against enemies! There are many things to do!

Information of Lumbercraft

Name Lumbercraft
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 2.7
Size 174.57 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer VOODOO
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited wood
  • No ads

About Lumbercraft

Are you a huge fan of Minecraft and similar games? If so, you must love building and crafting things. Although there are a lot of crafting games right now, it never hurts to play one that features an incredible gameplay of it. In Lumbercraft, you’ll chop lots of wood that you will use to build different houses and towers. Ultimately, you’ll build a whole town!

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Aside from that, you’ll need to build different structures to create a wonderful town. This is all to protect yourself against cavemen who know nothing but to bring destruction. Create towers and fight enemies! There are also a lot of upgrades you can make such as making your character become stronger, buying lumber, buying gold and healing up. You’ll also earn more coins as you complete each wave! Can you survive in this game?

Build Structures to Survive

By now, you must have heard and played Minecraft, Roblox and a bunch of crafting games. If you’ve played Fortnite, then you must be a great crafter by now. But if you’re looking for a game that focuses of the crafting and surviving part more, try Lumbercraft! This game is published by VOODOO who have published some incredible games thus far. But this time, this game allows you to collect around lumber that you can use to build your houses and different structures!

lumbercraft mod apk

Here, you must try to collect as many as you can and build large structures. This is because there are a lot of enemies that are always coming to get you! Try to fight them using machines and your own strength! There are different zones that you’ll need to get into! Try to create cannon towers that can take out the enemies while you’re fighting with them as well. It will not be easy but through determination and Fever mode, you might just take them all out! Earn ridiculous coins and upgrade your strength too!


Lumbercraft Highlights

Do you love the process of crafting things and buildings? Can you survive a fight against crazy cavemen? If so, then you should try playing Lumbercraft today!

Collect wood – As you know, wood is used for a lot of different things. But it can be mainly used to create towers, buildings and even houses. In Lumbercraft, you’ll need to collect lumber from a bunch of trees scattered on the jungle. You’ll then use your wood to create cannon towers to protect yourself. This is because you’ll try to survive in each zone! There are numerous enemies that will be waiting to ambush you. So, in that time, you must collect all the wood you can and build a short or a long-range cannon tower to help you fight against the enemies. While you’re trying to survive, you can also help and fight the enemies yourself using your axe as a weapon. Try to strategically place the towers so that you can easily fight the enemies!

lumbercraft apk latest version

Create houses, and structures – Are you fond of creating different structures? Then, you’ll love Lumbercraft! Here, you can collect lots of woods so you can craft different towers. You can also create a yard to avoid enemies from coming in your towers. Then, you must do everything you can to survive which means eliminating all the enemies that come out of the cave. This is a fun game that forces you to think about how to collect and manage your resources so you can survive in fights. Aside from that, you’ll enjoy trying to fight against many enemies at once.


Upgrade – In this game, you’re going to be fighting a lot of enemies as you complete different levels. But to keep up with their strength and number, you’ll also need to upgrade yours. Thankfully, there’s a shop where you can upgrade your damage and armor. You’ll see the current level you’re in and the cost to go to the next one! The more coins you have, the stronger you can become. You can also sell wood for coins! This allows you to have more money at the end. Then, you can also have a lumber mill in which you’ll process all the raw wood that you get into wood that can easily be crafted!

lumbercraft apk free download

Complete different zones – This game introduces zones in a unique manner. Here, you can go to the next level by going to a cave to fight! Loot lumber and create weapon towers that will help you survive. That’s the mission in each zone but it gets difficult as you go through the next one. However, the rewards go up as well!

Lumbercraft Mod APK – Unlimited money

What would you do if you were forced to survive? You craft weapons and structures of course! Download Lumbercraft now and enjoy crafting.

Download Lumbercraft (174.57 Mb)


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