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Download Legend Fighter Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version for classic fighting gameplay that'll keep you on your toes. The gamer has 4 game modes and 10+ maps to explore.

Information of Legend Fighter

Name Legend Fighter
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 2.9.5
Size 64.38 Mb
Category Action
Developer OneStick
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Legend Fighter

Legend Fighter is a fighting game offered by OneStick. It is a modern game that lets you face diverse warriors in epic battles. The warriors come from different universes, and they have different skills and powers.

legend fighter mod apk

The game is all about picking the right fighter and winning the battle. It challenges you to be the best and to top the leaderboards.

The environment is minimalistic, allowing you to concentrate on the fighting. The controls are easy to use, and you can perform special moves with simple control combinations. Download it now and enjoy the brawling!

Interesting & Action-Packed Gameplay

This game was designed to offer intense gameplay that will offset your boredom. It features simple controls and easy-to-learn moves that won't require a tutorial. You can quickly get into the heat of the battle and start enjoying the action-packed fighting.

The game is set in an open world, and you can explore different maps. Each map has unique features that will affect your gameplay. For instance, some maps have traps that can be used to your advantage.

Additionally, you can gather treasures and power-ups to boost your chances of winning. These will help you to level up quickly and become the ultimate legend fighter!

4 Unique Game Modes

Fighting games are usually repetitive and lack diversity. However, Legend Fighter offers 4 distinct game modes to keep you entertained. These are:

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  • Versus Mode. This is the classic fighting game mode where you can face off against another player in an epic battle. The first person to deplete the other's health bar wins. It is a great way to test your skills and see who the better fighter is.
  • 1 vs 1 Tournament Mode. This game pits you against the strongest warriors in the game. You have to defeat them all to become the tournament champion. It is a great way to prove your worth and earn respect from the other fighters.
  • Story Mode. This mode lets you experience the different fighting styles of the warriors. You will also get to know their backstories and motivations. You will be transformed into Z Warriors to fight for the survival of the universe.
  • Survival Mode. You must fight against an endless stream of opponents and see how long you can last. The goal is to get the highest score and be the top fighter in the world.


All these modes are designed to offer different challenges, enabling you to switch things up and keep the gameplay fresh. You can also invite your friends to play with you and see who the better fighter is.

Fight against Dragon Bosses

Dragon Bosses are the ultimate challenge in this game. They are massive and powerful, and they will test your skills to the limit. You have to defeat them to progress through the different levels.

download legend fighter mod apk

The Dragon Bosses have different abilities, and you have to find their weak points. It is a great way to practice your fighting skills and learn how to counter different attacks.

Once you defeat a Dragon Boss, you will be awarded treasures and power-ups. These will help you to become stronger and progress through the game.

Other Outstanding Features of Legend Fighter APK

  • Take the Wish of the Dragon God. This game gives you all the power to fight until you become the legendary Warrior. This way, you will take the wish of the Dragon God and have the power to restore peace in the universes.
  • Be the Savior of All Universes. In this game, you will be the one to save all universes from destruction. Choose your fighter and fight against different opponents to become the ultimate legend.
  • Earn Rewards. This fighting game offers lots of rewards after completing missions. You can use these rewards to upgrade your fighters and make them stronger. With each victory, you will earn different rewards that will help you progress through the game.
  • 29+ Z Warriors Transform. In this game, transformation into Z Warriors is possible. You can transform into different characters with unique abilities. Each character has its fighting style, and you can use them to your advantage in battle.


legend fighter mod apk 2022
  • 10+ Unique Maps. Legend Fighter offers 10+ outstanding maps. Each map has its features and obstacles that will affect your gameplay.
  • Simple Controls. This game offers simple and easy-to-use controls. You can easily execute different moves and combos with just a few taps. The controls are designed to be user-friendly, so you can focus on the action.

HD Graphics & Sound Effects

Everything in this game is well-designed, from the characters to the backgrounds. The graphics are high definition, so you can enjoy the action and the visuals.

The character models are meticulously rendered, and the animations are super smooth. The environments are also attractive, and they offer a great backdrop for the action.

Additionally, the sounds are optimized to offer an intensively immersive experience. From the crowd noise to the music, everything works together to create a realistic and engaging atmosphere.

Legend Fighter MOD APK for Android

The Legend Fighter MOD APK 2022 is a modded version that offers a lot of benefits, including:

legend fighter mod apk for android
  • Legend Fighter MOD APK Unlimited Money. This modded version gives you unlimited money to spend on upgrading your fighters and purchasing power-ups. This way, you can progress through the game quickly and become the ultimate legend.
  • Legend Fighter MOD APK Unlock All Characters. This modded version also unlocks all the characters in the game. You can choose any fighter you want and use them in battle.
  • No Ads. It can be annoying to have ads pop up in the middle of the fighting action. With this modded version, you will not experience any disruption since there are no ads.


The Legend Fighter APK is an intense fight game with great graphics, simple controls, and a lot of content. You can become the ultimate legend by fighting through different levels and defeating powerful opponents. Download it and explore the 10+ maps!

Download Legend Fighter (64.38 Mb)


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