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Download the Keppo Farm APK Mod Latest version and earn profits from your virtual farm. It provides detailed reports, enabling you to track your performance hassle-free.

Information of Keppo Farm

Name Keppo Farm
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0
Size 19 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Keppo Farm INC
Price Free


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About Keppo Farm

When you first see its name, you can assume it is a farm-themed game. But in reality, Keppo Farm APK has nothing to do with gaming. Instead, it is an investment-management app that requires you to choose an investment package & expect return on it.

It has several packages for investors, and each comes with an individual risk level. This allows you to tailor your investment according to the desired return and associated risk. We advise you to keep the risk level low to avoid disappointments.

keppo farm apk

The app's interface is quite simple, making it easier to decipher its features. It provides detailed reports & graphs of your investments to enable you to track your performance hassle-free. 

Overall, Keppo Farm APK is an ideal investment-management app to earn extra income. However, you must remember that higher returns come with greater risk. As such, choose your investment package wisely and ensure you stay within your capacity limit.

What is Keppo Farm APK for Android?

Whenever a web-based investment app is developed, its potential users research it thoroughly before investing. This explains the mad rush for the Keppo Farm APK, a mobile-based investment app.

The first point of confusion is its name. At first sight, most people assume it is a farm-themed game. However, there is very little farming involved. As such, do not expect to harvest crops or collect eggs from chickens.

Instead, this application will introduce you to a risky world of investments. You will have to put in capital to earn returns on your investments. This means you can make money even while you are sleeping.

Do not mistake this simplicity for a foolproof investment. The app is still new, and you must always remain careful when investing. Always evaluate the risk associated with each investment before investing.

Fortunately, beginners can start with in-game bonuses before they fathom the risk involved. This is an excellent measure to get acquainted with the app & its features. If you realize the risk is much more than you expected, then you can quit without losses.

Overall, you can be 100% sure you will earn profits from your investments. All it takes is patience to get the best out of Keppo Farm APK for Android. Try it and get an income hassle-free.

Why Download Keppo Farm APK 2023?

This application offers sign-up bonuses designed specifically for beginners. Once you download it, you will get approximately 25,000 rupiahs (non-withdrawable) to test the waters. While this is meant to entice non-users to join, it comes in handy for beginners to experiment without fear of losses.

keppo farm apk download

You should note that investing more increases your chances of earning higher returns. However, it is not mandatory to make a high-value investment at first. In fact, we recommend starting with small investments as you familiarize yourself with the app's features.


Additionally, the app has many investment packages represented by different livestock (which could be the source of the name). Once you have chosen a package, you deposit the initial capital and wait for commissions. This way, you can earn passive income without lifting a finger.

Exceptional Features of Keppo Farm APK 

  • Free to Download. While this application is not available on the Google Play Store, you can get it from many third-party sources. The good news is that the download is free of charge, and you can install it on almost any device.
  • Input Your Preferred Capital. You will not be coerced to invest the same amount as everyone else. If you do not want to spend too much, you can opt for investments with lower capital. This flexibility is priceless when it comes to taking risks.
  • Personal Risk Level. You are free to choose a package that comforts your risk level. Before investing, you can research each package to understand its potential returns and associated risks.
  • Detailed Reports & Graphs. The app provides detailed reports and graphs of your investments to enable you to track your performance hassle-free. Furthermore, it will notify you when a commission is due or when you need to top up your capital.
  • Affordable Commission Fees. Every investor is charged a commission fee when they profit from their investments. Fortunately, Keppo Farm APK has relatively low fees compared to its competitors in the market.
  • Simple User Interface. This application has a simple user interface to make it easy for users to navigate through. All the features are comprehensively arranged, and you will not experience any difficulties while using this app.
  • Secure and Reliable. Keppo Farm APK is as secure as you can get. It utilizes the latest encryption technologies to ensure all your data and investments are safe from malicious actors.
  • Professional Advice. The app has a team of professionals to help you understand the investment packages and make well-informed decisions. You can contact them whenever you doubt or need clarification on the features offered.

Additional Information about Keppo Farm APK

This application is approximately 19MB and works optimally with Android 6.0 (Android 9.0 is preferred). It requires you to enable "downloads from unknown sources) in settings. This way, you can download the APK without experiencing difficulties.

keppo farm apk mod

Additionally, this application will require you to create an account. You can provide a unique mobile number and your ideal username/nickname. Ensure you pick a catchy name for your username. Also, use a strong password for added security.


Other critical details include:

  • The minimum deposit is 500PHP.
  • The minimum withdrawal is 300PHP.

The withdrawal process is seamless, and it is likely to take less than 24 hours. Fortunately, the app does not have any hidden charges or commissions. This way, you can get the most out of your investments.

Besides, the app has free and paid versions. The free version can be used by traders and non-traders to learn the ropes. However, the premium one is ideal for profit-oriented users.

Other ways of earning profits include:

  • Referral. You can link your friends to this app and get a commission for every successful referral.
  • Sharing Withdrawal Certificates. You can share this certificate via the app's telegram group to earn a 20PHP reward.

Overall, this application is lightweight, secure, and user-friendly. It is the perfect option if you are looking to invest with minimal risks.

Proven Tips for Using Keppo Farm APK

  • Start investing with a small amount of capital. This way, you will get a feel for the investment process and its returns before increasing your capital.
  • Always keep track of your investments and portfolio performance so that you can make necessary adjustments when needed.
  • Invest in packages and plans that are within your risk level. Do not be tempted to go for high-risk packages if you are a beginner as this may lead to losses.
  • Use professional advice when in doubt and take full advantage of the tutorials offered by the app.
keppo farm apk 2023
  • Withdraw your profits regularly and reinvest them using appropriate strategies. This will ensure you get the most out of your investments.
  • Ensure you use a strong password and enable two-factor authentication for added security. Also, ensure all your devices are up to date and that the app is updated regularly.

Keppo Farm APK MOD

The app's version offers increased benefits. It allows you to access premium features and make more profits without spending extra cash. This version is optimized to load faster, allowing you to make quick decisions that can bring in high returns.

Overall, you will have a more enhanced experience if you opt for this version. Try it and enjoy increased profits & better performance.


Keppo Farm APK is a reliable and secure mobile application for trading, investments, and profits. It provides the perfect platform for users of all levels to increase their earnings with minimal risks.

You will choose a livestock package and earn profits. You can also share withdrawal certificates and refer friends to the app, earning additional rewards.

Even better, the application is lightweight and user-friendly. It is also free but has a premium version with enhanced features. This way, you can customize your experience and get better returns.

Download Keppo Farm (19 MB)


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