Infinity Clan Mod APK 2.5.71 (Unlimited money, gems)

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Download Infinity Clan Mod APK Unlimited money and gems Latest version and save your village from endless clan fights. It has numerous heroes to help you in your intense missions.

Information of Infinity Clan

Name Infinity Clan
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.5.71
Size 864.27 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer TG Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money, gems


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MOD Features
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About Infinity Clan

Infinity Clan APK is a real-time strategy game offered by TG Inc. You will be the leader of a small village, and your mission will be to build it into a strong clan. You will achieve this by fighting off other clans, collecting resources, and recruiting powerful heroes.

When you join in, your clan is weak and vulnerable. You must inject new life into it by upgrading your buildings, training your warriors, and recruiting heroes to join your cause. Each hero has unique skills and abilities that can be used in battles or missions.

infinity clan mod apk

Besides, the graphics are charming, making the whole experience magical. It features an island characterized by castle-like buildings and rolling hills, adding to its appeal. Download it to test your strategy skills and become the strongest clan leader.

Recruit Unique Heroes

Heroes are essential to the success of your clan as they bring unique skills and abilities to battles or missions. Each hero has a distinct look, ranging from fantasy creatures such as elves and dwarves to historical warriors like knights and samurai.

You can recruit them through the recruitment center or earn them as rewards. As you progress in the game, more powerful heroes will become available for recruitment.

Additionally, you should ensure you become the best commander. Lead your heroes in battles and missions, using their unique skills to your advantage. With a strong team of heroes, you can become the strongest clan leader on the island.

Restore Your Clan's Glory

Your village is weak and surrounded by powerful enemies. Warriors are struggling, and resources are scarce. It's up to you to turn things around and restore your clan's glory.

infinity clan mod apk download

Immediately after joining the clan, your work will be cut out for you. You must defeat rival clans, capture their land, and expand your territory. However, your enemies are also ambitious & determined to conquer you.

As such, you shouldn't expect a smooth journey. You'll need to continually upgrade your buildings, train your warriors, and recruit powerful heroes to stand a chance against your enemies.


Build Your Home Base

Aside from fighting off rival clans, you must focus on building up your home base. This is a critical aspect of the game as it can influence the strength and success of your clan.

Your home must be strategically built and fortified to defend against enemy attacks. Additionally, you must include a training ground for your warriors and a recruitment center to attract heroes to join your cause.

infinity clan mod apk unlimited money

How well you plan and build your home base can make or break your clan's success. Ensure it has all the necessary elements to withstand attacks and support your warriors.

Instant Upgrades

If you want to expedite your gameplay progress, you can utilize the instant upgrades feature. The game allows you to start leveling up from the start. For example, you can merge warriors to create formidable warriors with exceptional abilities.

Additionally, you will regularly earn rewards and bonuses as you progress in the game. You can use them to upgrade your buildings or recruit powerful heroes. This way, you can quickly turn your clan into a formidable force and dominate the battlefield.

Unique Features of Infinity Clan

  • Global PvP Battles. Are you ready to prove your worth as a clan leader? Battle against players from all around the world in real-time PvP battles. Show off your strategic skills and dominance on the battlefield.
  • Island Exploration. The game features an intriguing island filled with resources, enemies, and allies to discover. Explore it to expand your territory and collect valuable resources to strengthen your clan.
infinity clan mod apk for android
  • Unique Weapons and Equipment. In this battle, you will use weapons, skills, and magical powers unique to each hero. As you progress in the game, more powerful equipment and weapons will become available for your heroes. For example, you can use a suction cup to suck the energy out of your enemy or summon a tornado to damage your opponents.
  • Beautiful Graphics. This game features stunning graphics that bring the island and its characters to life. The floating villages are well-detailed, and the battles are intense and realistic. Ensure you conquer all villages to build one powerful and beautiful home base for your clan.
  • Exciting Sound Systems. The game also features a fantastic sound system that immerses you in battles and fights. Experience the clash of swords and the adrenaline-pumping music as you lead your clan to victory.
  • Facile Controls. In this game, controls are easy to use and navigate. It allows for smooth and seamless gameplay as you strategize and lead your clan on the battlefield. The animations are fluid, and the interface is user-friendly.


Infinity Clan MOD APK Download

The Infinity Clan MOD APK for Android is tailor-made for players who want a more thrilling and action-packed gaming experience. With the MOD, you will access unique features, including:

infinity clan apk
  • Infinity Clan MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems. This MOD provides limitless resources, allowing you to upgrade your home base and recruit powerful heroes without limitations.
  • All Heroes Unlocked. The MOD allows you to instantly access and uses all available heroes in battles, making it easier to conquer your enemies and dominate the battlefield.
  • No Ads. The Infinity Clan MOD APK 2023 version ensures an ad-free gaming experience. This allows you to focus on strategizing and leading your clan to victory.


Infinity Clan is an exciting and strategic game that allows you to lead a clan on the battlefield. Plan and build your home base wisely, upgrade it, and recruit powerful heroes to become a dominant force.

You can enhance your gaming experience by downloading the Infinity Clan MOD APK for Android. With this version, you will access unique features, including unlimited resources and all heroes unlocked.

Download Infinity Clan (864.27 Mb)


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