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Download Ide Maggots Mod APK now and create an army of maggots to destroy carcasses. Use normal maggots, supper mad maggots, ninja maggots to deplete all the flesh on corpses!

Information of Idle Maggots

Name Idle Maggots
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 5.0
Size 194.17 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Funcell Games Pvt Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Idle Maggots

It is a disgusting fact but we all know that maggots are destructive animals that help in the decomposition of corpses of humans and other animals. However, chances are that you have ever wondered how maggots destroy their prey. Here, we present to you Idle Maggots, a fascinating game by Funcell Games Pvt Ltd that offers you the firsthand experience of how maggots destroy their targets! Download this simulation game on your Android device and enjoy maggots in action!

download idle maggots apk for android

Well, the maggots will eat every ounce of the flesh and leave a carcass behind. The most exciting thing about this game is that you will be the one to help the maggots to finish off their eating spree. That is because you will be the one to increase the number of maggots, boost their eating speed, and even make their hugger worse! That is the only way they will eat everything within a very short time. To do all that, this game gives you easy-to-use and effective management of the maggots with easy controls.

Make The Biggest Army of Maggots!

Eat away carcasses of animals with an army of maggots and make unlimited money! You will only start with one or two maggots but you can increase them limitlessly using unlimited cash! With features that make the maggots increase the number, become hungrier, or eat with speed, be certain that the game will be exciting and engaging. The game comes with stunning graphics that make every action in the game realistic including the movement of the maggots and the slow destruction effects.

idle maggots apk free download

The game is free and offers other in-game items free of charge. A player can earn unlimited cash, unlock other animals, and make a feast for the maggots. In addition, you can also unlock special maggots such as the supper mad maggots, ninja maggots, and others that have unique powers like fast destruction. Idle Maggots is one of the latest simulation games that you should have on your device and satisfy your curiosity!


Features of the Idle Maggots Game

This game has unique graphics that make the entire game environment intriguing. More so, the game also has a simple interface as well as thrilling gameplay. Read on to see what the game has to offer in full!

Exciting Gameplay – this game offers electrifying gameplay where you will control maggots to eat everything on carcasses. Witness lots of maggots eating away carcasses of different animals. They will finish everything and leave the bones to the sun! The maggots don’t care whether the animals are huge or small. You will witness them eating anything that gets in their way including birds, elephants, whales.

idle maggots mod apk

Maggots work by just walking up to a body, eats until they are full, and then they wander off. What you could do to fix this is to keep on increasing the number of maggots to get new ones. In other game levels, the maggots will hatch into a fly and fly away. They will later come back and lay some eggs for new maggots. With the cool graphics of this game, you will witness all the beautiful and natural activities in a lifelike manner.

Easy Controls – the Idle Maggots game has the easiest game controls that you have ever seen. Here, you only need to ensure that you increase the number of maggots, increase their ravaging speed, or increase their hunger. You will do all this by taping on any of the three buttons at the bottom of the game interface labeled speed, number, and hunger! Each tap on either of these functions will cost you some money. The speed button will increase the eating speed of the maggots, the number button will increase the number of the maggots in action, while the hunger button increases the hunger of the maggots.


Simple Game Interface – the interface of the game is simple and vividly displays every feature of the game on the screen. For instance, the control buttons are on the bottom side of the UI. Besides, the amount of money available is visible on the top side while the game level and the progress to completion of the level are displayed on the top of the UI too. The store, where you can purchase more game items, is at the bottom left of the UI.

idle maggots apk latest version

Cool Graphics & Sound Tracks – animations in this game are adorable and relaxing. Even though maggots are horrible creatures to some people, the action here is not gross or violent. Players who grew up curious about the natural things that maggots can do can now quench their curiosity here with realistic gameplay. All thanks to the cool graphics, you will be able to see the eaten flesh depleting with realistic animation. As you watch the maggots erode the flesh from dead animals, you will enjoy the stimulating sound effects.

Unlimited Money – as much as you have the chance to create unlimited maggots, you will also immerse yourself into gameplay where you can make unlimited money. You can make this money to increase the number of maggots, their eating speed, and their hunger. Moreover, you will be able to buy literally anything your want by visiting the store. While at it, you can unlock more animals for the maggots to feast. The most sensational this is that you will be able to unlock special maggots that destroy their prey like they are crazy in a feature dubbed ‘maggot madness’!

Download Idle Maggots Mod APK Unlimited Money

With the Idle Maggots Mod APK, you can make unlimited money and unlock various game items.

Download Idle Maggots (194.17 Mb)


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