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Become a hunter or a runway in Hunt and Hide Mod APK game in various multiplayer game levels! Earn unlimited and unique in-game recourse in the 1 vs 4 matches!

Information of Hunt And Hide

Name Hunt And Hide
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.2.0
Size 149.43 Mb
Category Action
Developer Youth Games
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Hunt And Hide

The latest creation by Youth Games Studios is here with us. Hunt and Hide present an action and adventure game set in a series of a number of rooms. At each game level, you can play one of two available roles. That is hiding or seeking. More specifically, you're a thief if you're hiding, and you will be looking high and low for the masked characters if you're seeking.

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No matter the role you will be playing, the gameplay is very simple and enjoyable. The game comes with simple controls where you can use the virtual D-pad to move across each area of ​​the map. If you're searching for the thieves, the game will offer a van for transporting the ones you find to a cell! In the cell, you can make them use their skills to try to escape and return to the game.

Exciting 1v4 Gameplay

Hunt and hide is an exciting casual competitive game that provides a survival experience and action-packed escape in 5 minutes! It has a variety of agile characters who are ready to take on any challenge as fast as they can and defeat you! Ensure that you outwit them in the fast-paced and easy battles in this exciting 1v4 gameplay.

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Without a doubt, this game offers a unique concept. Here, players will be able to randomly play as a Runaway or a Hunter in 1 versus four matches. These are instantaneous battles, and each character has his roles to fulfill to win every game level. In the Hunter’s role, you need to shoot down the Runaways and restrain them in a room. Then, as a Runaway, you will try to escape from the hunters as they break safes using master keys.


Highlights of Hunt and Hide

You will play in many enjoyable multiplayer game levels available right now. Here are some of the features that bring you exciting gameplay in this game.

Addictive Gameplay – the Hunt and Hide game has two roles to play and plenty of levels. In each action-packed round, you'll have to think fast to either find your enemies or escape from them. You will enjoy a uniquely thrilling experience with fast matchmaking and 5-minute extreme battles.

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Immerse yourself in a fun new multiplayer game blended with a unique concept. This game only allows only one person to play as a Hunter per match, and his job is to search for the Runaways, shoot them and confine them in a room.

On the other hand, the Runaways roles involve 4 players, and their job is to open the safe boxes scattered around. Download this app now and enjoy this cat and mouse game today!

Intense 1v4 Battles – in this game, you will play as either a Hunter or a Runaway. If you love playing exclusive multiplayer games, then you’ll definitely love this one. This game follows a similar concept to various multiplayer games but with a unique twist.

As a runaway, escape from the hunter and make it hard for him to find him. Work together with teammates to get the keys, break safes, and run away through the door! As a hunter, aim and take down all the runaways using a destructive gun!


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Various In-Game Resources – the game comes with lots of fun items throughout the map. For example, runaways can use shapeshifter items to outsmart the hunter and obtain coins from supply crates.

The hunter can lay traps to catch runaways. There are also item card tricks that require players to master the use of different Item Cards to have an added advantage and run to victory! The game offers the player various rewards with which you can unlock tons of extra resources.

Stunning 3D Graphics and Sounds – the 3D graphics in this game bring out the best clarity and composition of the game environment. It brings out a vast and beautiful environment. The movement of the characters during gameplay is very realistic. An engaging game sound keeps on giving various instructions and prompts throughout the gameplay!

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Simple Game Interface – the bottom side of the screen has the direction controls while the right side features special in-game tools, other controls like jumping, and more. On the top left side of the game interface, there are characters participating in a specific game level. Enjoy the clarity of the game with the help of this simplistic interface.

Unlimited Money – as you make your way throughout the entire map, you'll find many boxes filled with money. Collect this money and use it in unlocking various necessary resources.

Download Hunt and Hide Mod APK – Unlimited money

Enjoy playing in a spectacular multiplayer game today with Hunt and Hide! Earn unlimited money with the Hunt and Hide Mod APK.

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