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If you love games where you eliminate bad guys and save the city from their evil actions, Hit Guys is the game you should download. Don’t fail to finish your target!

Information of Hit Guys

Name Hit Guys
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.9.0
Size 158.18 Mb
Category Role playing
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
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About Hit Guys

If you love hitman games, you should download Hit Guys games by Rollic Games. This thriller game has over 100,000 installations from Google Play Store. Of course, this implies that this game has been tested and verified as one the best in the action genre. During gameplay, bullets are flying all over and bad guys will not see the sunset.

hit guys mod apk

In the game, the character works as a hitman who is ready to eliminate bad guys from the city. The mains objective of the game is to save the city from bad people including cybercriminals, assassins, human traffickers, robbers, etc. Kill ‘em all and save the city from the agony of hosting such criminals. Download Hit Guys today and enjoy the thrilling action that the game has to offer.

Finish Your Target

The gameplay of this game involves eliminating evil people. You need to locate them on the streets of the city to finish them. However, you need to be keen not to hurt innocent people. Finfish your target only! At the beginning of the game, the character is involved in a series of levels with simple tasks of killing only one bad guy on the streets. In more advanced game levels, the player will be required to kill a number of people such as robbers in a banking hall or bad buys escaping on a rooftop!

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All you need is more guns and vehicles. Fortunately, the game offers the gamer a feature that allows the upgrading of vehicles. From the accumulated unlimited money, you can buy new motorbikes and cars or unlock a helicopter for your hitman. The drive-by concept of the game is interesting and with simple controls. All you need to do is aim the target, hold and release the screen to shoot! If you are locating a target aboard a vehicle, you need to steer it to either the right or left to avoid hitting other vehicles.


Hit Guys Features

Apart from the stunning action in the gameplay of Hit Guys, you can enjoy other exciting features. Below are some of the features that will make you want to download the game today.

hit guys apk free download

3D Simplistic Graphics – the game comes with minimalist yet smooth 3D graphics. The setting of the game is very stimulating. The movement of people and vehicles is very realistic. If the character is in a vehicle and has to eliminate the target with a gun, the movement of the bullet and breaking of the windscreen is made with smooth and realistic graphics. Download Hit Guys now and enjoy the adventure that the game has to offer.

Easy Controls – from the driving of the vehicle to shooting of the target, the game offers simple controls that do not take time for gamers to learn. The movement of the vehicle involves side-to-side steering that is performed by swapping the screen to either the right or left direction. When shooting your target, you need to drag the scope towards the target. What’s more interesting is that the details of the target are displayed on the interface. You read about them before killing about them!

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Unlock Everything – the game offer the gamer a chance to unlock everything from more weapons to motorbikes (Marley Kawasaki etc). You can get the sniper gun and eliminate your target from a distance. Besides, you can also get a helicopter fitted with a machine gun. You can also unlock a rocket launcher gun. All this is possible with the accumulated notes – unlimited money. You get 100 notes per successful mission. Players can also claim more money by watching ads. Also, note that you can unlock various items for free if you continue winning various game levels.


Thrilling Action – as you progress through the various levels, the action becomes more thrilling. You get to engage bank robbers outside and banking hall, on a rooftop from a helicopter fitted with a machine gun! The game features fuel tanks on the rooftop that you can shot to kill everyone with a single blast. You also get to eliminate the target with a Rocket launcher gun or hit targets using a sniper gun in a spine-chilling setting. In another level of the gameplay, you can eliminate the target from a speedboat. Get the game today and experience the vast action the Hit Guys have to offer.

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Kill Bad Guys – there is all sort of bad guys in the game from drug traffickers, human traffickers, robbers, assassins, cybercriminals. You should eliminate the target for a given payout. Hit them on their moving vehicles, from a helicopter, from a speedboat, run over them on the streets. The action is very realistic with gun sounds, firing, and other characters in the background running away. If you fail, the game starts over and allows you to complete the mission successfully.

Download Hit Guys Mod APK Unlock Everything 

If you want to enjoy more features of the Hit Guys game, download the Hit Guys Mod APK. The Hit Guys Mod APK Latest Version has everything unlocked.

Download Hit Guys (158.18 Mb)


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