Hide and Seek Mod APK 1.0.36 (unlimited money)

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How would it look like if you were a tiny girl who’s chased by a cat? Download Hide and Seek: Cat Escape today and go for the goal without getting caught now!

Information of Hide and Seek

Name Hide and Seek
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0.36
Size 106.47 Mb
Category Casual
Developer JP Games Group APS
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD unlimited money


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About Hide and Seek

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. In fact, they’re the second most popular pet aside from the first one which is fish. But what would happen if our roles reversed? Instead of us chasing cats, what if we should hide from them? In the game Hide and Seek Cat Escape, you’ll be a tiny human who must do everything you can to go to your goal. But whatever you do, you shouldn’t be caught by the cat.

hide and seek mod apk

In this fun game by JP Games Group APS, you will play as a tiny human who needs to hide from the cat! You will be shrunk to a size of a mouse where you’ll need to go to your goal and collect coins along the way. Can you go for the goal without getting caught?

Play as a Tiny Human

Cats are among the most adorable pets to have aside from dogs. They don’t show much emotion but when they do, they can be so much fun to be around. But what would happen if you would shrink to a size of a mouse in front of your cat? Will you be able to go toward your goal without your cat noticing you prancing around the house? Download Hide and Seek Cat Escape now and experience this funny game.


hide and seek apk latest version

In this game, instead of a mouse, you’re going to play the role of a lady who has shrunk in the size of a mouse. Then, you’ will need to go to the goal by running around the different things. You must avoid the cat’s glance as much as possible. The way to do this is by stopping behind anything! It can be a vase, a mug, an eraser or more! There are a lot of cool outfits to unlock!

Features of Hide and Seek Cat Escape

Have you ever been scared by a cat? If you want to, download Hide and Seek Cat Escape. This game allows you to run around as a tiny human who needs to avoid a cat!

hide and seek apk free download

Challenging levels – A lot of people love cats! But would you still love them if you were to shrink in the size of a small mouse in front of them? In Hide and Seek Cat Escape, this is exactly the case! The roles have reversed and you must do everything you can to get to your precious goal – food. But while you’re going at it, you’ll need to avoid getting detected by the cat on the other side of the table. The way to do this is to stop and hide behind an object. Any object can do whether it be a kettle, an apple, a pancake, a cola or anything else! The goal is to not get caught as you sprint towards the food!


Unlock different outfits – This is a fun game where you can unlock many types of outfits! There are many dresses that you can unlock. Aside from that, there are glasses and hats as well. You can unlock them for free by watching video ads. Try to customize your outfit so you can look good.

Collect coins and avoid detection – In this game, there are also coins scattered around the table that you can collect. You must avoid detection while collecting them. But be careful, there are also other obstacles in the way such as oil, and empty bottles of cola.

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Unlock different cats – In Hide and Seek Cat Escape, you can unlock different types of cats. They have different colors and faces. But their goal is the same – to catch tiny little humans!

Fun and cool graphics – This game is a fun one where everything is in cartoon. This is a relaxing game to play when you’re bored!

Download Hide and Seek Cat Escape Mod APK – Unlimited money

Want to experience what its like as a tiny human? Download Hide and Seek Cat Escape now and avoid the cat!

Download Hide and Seek (106.47 Mb)


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