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Download Haunt the House Mod APK Latest version and enjoy horror-themed gameplay. You'll use ghostly power to scare people in museums, hospitals, and other locations.

Information of Haunt the House

Name Haunt the House
Compatible with Android 4.0.3+
Last version 1.4.31
Size 58.1 MB
Category Action
Developer SFB Games
Price $1.99
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About Haunt the House

Haunt the House APK is a popular scary game offered by SFB Games. It involves scaring people into stupors using powers to summon objects. You can choose from different haunted settings and terrify your victims with sounds, lights, and other scary things.

The game has incredible visuals and sound effects to usher you in the spooky spirit. It'll teleport you to different locations, including cruise ships, hospitals, theaters, and museums. Here, you will unleash diverse powers to terrify those around you.

haunt the house mod apk

You can control and manipulate objects in the environment to create unique scares. Play with people's minds by making things disappear or reappear, or make them hear sounds that aren't there. The game is full of surprises and twists to keep you on your toes as you explore new locations and haunt your victims.

If you love horror games, Haunt the House APK for Android is for you! It is lightweight, guaranteeing a smooth and fast-paced gaming experience.

Haunt the House APK - Background Story

What comes to mind when you think of horror games? Frights, chills, and suspense? In most cases, these games are set to create an eerie atmosphere that will send cool shivers down your spine. You are forced to be cautious and avoid being caught, as these games often involve you trying to escape from scary situations.

But have you ever thought of a horror game where you are the monster, and you get to terrify people until they run away in fear? This setting is exactly what you'll find in Haunt the House APK for Android.

haunt the house mod apk download

This popular game was developed by SFB Games, known for its impressive collection of horror-themed games. Haunt the House APK puts you in the shoes of a ghost with incredible powers that allow you to manipulate objects and scare people out of their wits. It is full of surprises and twists that will keep you on your toes as you explore new areas and haunt innocent victims.

If you are looking for a scary adventure and don't mind getting your heart racing, this game is worth checking out! It will give you a mix of joy and fear as you explore different settings and unleash your ghostly powers.

In-Depth Look at the Gameplay/ Game Mechanics

This game challenges you to move from the dusty halls of a deserted clock tower to the cobblestone streets of a medieval village. From the surface, your character will look like an ordinary person.


However, deep down you will have incredible powers that allow you to transform your body into a ghost. This allows you to play with objects and scare people without being caught. You can make lights go out, doors slam shut, or even summon objects to appear out of thin air.

You must explore different settings and terrify your victims before they run away in fear. Some levels involve you scaring people at a museum, while others will take you to hospitals and theaters.

haunt the house mod apk latest version

Each set has unique challenges and surprises that will keep you on your toes as you explore new areas. To win the game, ensure you scare your victims and recover all your lost treasures. It will be an enthralling and thrilling experience.

Unique Features of Haunt the House APK

  • Recover Your Treasures. In this game, you will start with a few resources after you lost all of your treasures to criminals. Fortunately, you can use your powers to scare people and recover your treasures.
  • Side-Scrolling Game Setting. You can use the side-view camera angle to better see your surroundings and plan your strategy. This will allow you to move around the environment without distractions. The screen will follow you, ensuring you can see everything going on at all times.
  • Supports Android TV. It is compatible with Android TV, which means you can play it on your big screen to have an immersive gaming experience. Even better, you won't need a gamepad! Instead, you can use your remote to control the game's movements.
  • Cute Ghosts. Ordinarily, people expect horror games to be scary, dark, and dreary. However, in Haunt the House APK, the ghosts are cute and cartoony, making this game even more frightening! Never mistake their meekness for weakness, as they can still scare you off in a heartbeat.
haunt the house mod apk for android
  • Beautiful Graphics & Animations. The graphics in this game are crisp and immersive, while the animations come to life with each touch. With an engaging interface that immerses you in the gameplay, you won't be able to pull yourself away from your device.
  • Realistic Sound Effects. The sound effects in this game are spot-on, giving you a realistic gaming experience. You will hear the floorboards creaking, doors slamming shut, and windows opening and closing mysteriously. It is all very immersive.
  • Additional Locations. With every update, locations are added to the game. For example, you can now explore the icy cold North pole, a classical mansion, and a carnivore. This dynamism ensures you always have fresh challenges and never get bored.


System Requirements & Additional Information

Haunt the House APK requires Android 4.1 and up to run. It is compatible with devices such as Samsung S5, S6 Edge+, HTC M9, Sony Xperia Z2, LG G3, and similar models.

haunt the house mod apk 2022

Besides, the game is only 53MB, meaning you can easily download and install it on your device without worrying about storage space. To play the game, you will need an internet connection to access its online features, such as leaderboards and rankings.

Tips for Succeeding in Haunt the House APK

  • Use your surroundings to your advantage. Look for objects that can scare people, such as lights, phones, and doors.
  • Stay in the shadows and avoid drawing attention to yourself. This will help keep you safe while you complete your mission.
  • Use your power effectively to scare people and recover your lost treasures. Never waste it on simple targets since you must focus on your main objective.
  • Explore every nook and cranny to find hidden treasures or interact with objects in the environment that can help you complete your mission.
  • Stay calm & collected, even in the face of danger. This will help you maintain your focus and avoid panicking if things don't go according to plan.

Haunt the House MOD APK Download

You can download Haunt the House MOD APK for Android to improve your gaming experience. It incorporates many powerful features, including unlimited resources and free upgrades.

haunt the house apk

Additionally, the MOD APK removes all those pesky in-game ads that constantly pop up and disrupt your gameplay. This way, you can focus on the challenge without being distracted by ads or other outside elements.


If you are looking for a fun and engaging horror game, Haunt the House APK is worth checking out. With its cute ghost characters, immersive graphics, and realistic sound effects, it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Additionally, you can get its MOD APK for Android to enjoy all its features without restrictions, making it even more engaging and fun. Download Haunt the House APK MOD and explore its creepy world hassle-free.

Download Haunt the House (58.1 MB)


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