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If you’re someone who enjoyed the Squid Game show, then you will love Fish Game APK! This is a mini-game created through Roblox inspired by the show. 

Information of Fish Game

Name Fish Game
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version 2.496.343
Size 74 MB
Category Casual
Price Free


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About Fish Game

There are plenty of shows and movies we’re able to watch today. Thanks to Netflix and other streaming apps, we can watch masterpieces like the Squid Game.

This show has been trending worldwide ever since it was released on September 17, 2021! In this show, hundreds of players with debts were forced to participate in games of life and death. If you want to play this game, download Fish Game now, competition for Roblox.

fish game roblox squid game apk

As you know, Roblox is a fun sandbox platform game that allows many users to create and play mini-games. Some content creators decided to make a Roblox game inspired by the successful series, which is why Fish Game is here.

This is a fun game that’s highly realistic, and it faithfully recreates the showdown to the last details. From the character’s uniforms to the gams, there are tons of things to enjoy here. Best of all, you can play it with friends and family!

A Game of Life and Death

If you’re a fan of watching movies and series, then you’re able to do so thanks to streaming platforms. These platforms allow people to stream different movies and shows that are available worldwide today.

Recently, Netflix produced an original series called Squid Game which is about hundreds of players forced to play in death games. These are games where you can get killed quickly, but the rewards are great as well if you want to play these games, download Fish Game now!

fish game squid game download

Thanks to the creators called Sketch and Bandirue, this game for Roblox was created. Out of all the Squid Game remakes out there, this one is the closest to the series, which is why it’s popular now. This game lets you enjoy the green uniform that the characters used in the series.


Then, you’ll play different games, such as the Red Light Green Light, a kids’ game in many regions. Players will run through the finish line in this game, and anyone caught moving during Red Light will be eliminated.

Fish Game Highlights

If you’re a massive fan of Squid Game, you can download Fish Game, a mini-game for Roblox.

Faithfully recreated from Squid Game – There have been so many enjoyable movies and shows that were aired over the past years. Today, thanks to many streaming apps like Netflix, we can enjoy watching so many original ones. One of the most successful original series recently aired on Netflix is Squid Game.

fish game android

It featured life and death games played by a character who had no choice but the play since they were knee-deep in debt. The player who wins the games wins a lot of cash!

In the series, they introduced a lot of popular games across many countries but with a twist. The people who don’t win the games are killed, which is why this series was so intriguing. If you want to play the games, too, then download Fish Game now.

This is a Roblox game that lets you play the game Red Light, Green Light today. Here, players will race through the finish line, but there’s a twist as you should only move during the green light. Those who are caught moving during the red light are eliminated.


fish game roblox apk

Red Light, Green Light – In the Squid Game series, there were six games played successively by the characters. In Fish Game, you can only play the first game, which is called Red Light, Green Light.

This is a popular children’s game in many countries, but it has a twist in this game. Here, players will need to race against each other through a field, but they can only move during the green light. If they’re caught moving during the red light, they’re automatically eliminated.

Insane graphics – The creators of this Roblox game spared no expense in creating this incredibly gripping game. From the green uniforms to the location designs, the game has been played more than 17 million times since its creation.

This is thanks to the fact that it’s one of the best remakes of the series in Roblox today. The graphics are highly realistic, the animations are smooth, and best of all, it’s like the real thing!

fish game apk

Play with others – In Fish Game, you’re able to play with hundreds of other players in different matches!

The game lets you enjoy playing the game with other real players in real life. Thus, you can enjoy chatting with others and enjoying it with friends.

Download Fish Game APK – Latest version

If you love Squid Games, then Fish Game is the best game to play. Play in a life and death game today!

Download Fish Game (74 MB)


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