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Are you ready to mine for rare gems? Dig The Gemstone APK is your best bet! Purchase improved mining equipment, dig for ores, metals, and gems, and make a fortune!

Information of Dig The Gemstone

Name Dig The Gemstone
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version v1.0.2
Size 29 MB
Category Casual
Developer Pop Gamer
Price Free
MOD Unlimited gems, diamonds


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About Dig The Gemstone

Sell your discoveries to afford upgrades and dig even deeper into randomly generated mines. Take care not to be trapped in the mine, fall into chasms, or be crushed by falling rocks! Challenge levels assign your specific goals and award you with medals for completing them.

Dig the Gemstone APK Unlimited Diamonds Game Play

This game starts with an exciting storyline. The miners under the coal kiln worked hard, and suddenly a corner of the coal kiln collapsed one day, and it turned out to be priceless Gemstone inside. Here are some tips to help you play successfully.

dig the gemstone apk free download
  • There is a thick layer of rock around the Gemstone. If you wish to receive the precious Gemstone, you need to dig up the outer rock layer.
  • Touch the Gemstone with your finger and hold rubbing, and the friction will direct the hardworking miner to begin mining.
  • Because the rock layer is too thick and the progress of digging layer by layer is limited, we can use props to dig through quickly. There are a lot of territories where you can get props, and you can get them fast.
  • The ultimate goal, regardless of manual friction or props, is to receive the Gemstone in the rock formation. When you dig the rock formations, you'll get a lot of Gemstones.
  • Each item has solid functions and apparent effects, making it a premium item.
  • You have many options for controlling miners, and they're all waiting for you to unlock them.
  • Friends can help, so invite your friends to share in the joy of finding a Gemstone.
  • Dig the Gemstone invites you to keep more benefits and receive more Gemstone.
dig the gemstone apk mod
  • One of the best ways to get free props or coins is to enter the lucky draw. To access the lucky draw system, you must first watch an advertisement. In the lucky draw, you must spin the wheel to win various free prizes.

Dig the Gemstone APK Unlimited Coins Features

  • It is possible to download it for free.
  • Registration is not required.
  • There is no need to purchase a subscription in advance.
  • It's simple to use and fun to play Dig the Gemstone APK Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Has transparent goals.
  • There are several bonuses for completing the tasks.
  • Each item has a distinct impact.
  • Invite your friends and earn a variety of rewards.
  • More unique gemstones can be discovered by digging a little deeper.
  • Third-party advertisements are supported. However, it will only appear on the screen on rare occasions.
  • Dig the Gemstone APK Mod's interface is straightforward and mobile-friendly.


Can You Make Money Playing Dig The Gemstone Unlimited Coins?

You might come across information about earning services on some platforms. However, we were unable to locate any feature that allows users to make money. So, you can learn more about the app by exploring it and accessing all of its services.

dig the gemstone apk latest version

You do not need to make any investment if you find a way to earn money. Investing in such apps is not beneficial to anyone, which is why we advise you to use free services. So, avoid investing and have more fun playing Dig the Gemstones APK Mod.

Benefits of Playing Dig the Gemstone APK Latest Version

Strengthens Memory and Attention

Dig the Gemstones APK gameplay requires you to remember details to progress smoothly, with different sources such as texts, visuals, and audio all coming simultaneously. The game trains the mind and improves its ability to store and recall information in the short and long term.

Dig the Gemstones APK unlimited diamonds also aids in the sharpening of your attention and the reduction of impulsiveness. Because you work towards a specific goal throughout the game, you learn to focus and orient your actions toward that goal.

It helps improve your performance at work and School

Playing  Dig the Gemstone APK enhances work performance, particularly in tasks requiring quick and wise decision-making, good hand-eye coordination, and multi-tasking. Neurosurgery, aviation, and civil engineering are just a few of the fields that have been born. The excellent stuff inevitably spills over to real life.


Frustration Release

dig the gemstone apk unlimited diamonds

One of the many benefits of computer games is the emotional release they provide. Today's world is more complicated, and so are the challenges that teenagers face; Jealousy, disappointment, hatred, hardships, and a variety of other emotions. Mobile gaming allows people to express feelings that they might not be able to communicate to others.

Stimulates Curiosity

Playing mobile games stimulates curiosity towards the upcoming levels, scores and other relative components. Curiosity leads to discovery, and discovery is itself a solution. The interest generated here may not just remain limited to gaming. It may extend towards the hardware and software of the gaming devices. This curiosity can be inspiring towards one's answers to specific queries. Today's gamers may become future geologists, scientists, inventors etc.


Are you bored and looking for a simple way to spend your spare time? If this is the case, we have the best app available for all Android users. Download Dig the Gemstone for Android and start having fun!

dig the gemstone apk unlimited coins

Begin digging in the game to obtain gemstones, which you can easily trade in the market for various rewards. Playing Did the Gemstones APK is quite simple and straightforward, with players simply tapping on the screen. The taps represent the digging process that you must complete. You must make taps to dig each gem.

The platform offers quick social linking services, allowing you to connect your account to your email or Facebook. As a result, you can easily complete the registration process and gain access to all available features. You can have fun playing the most basic Dig the Gemstone APK free download.

Download Dig The Gemstone (29 MB)


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